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  1. No feedback on the Aframe and how it works now?  Has the interest in these been lost?  


    I have been working on changes and added a perform option, and changed how the motives increase or decrease at so much per hour.  


    I have however, found a flaw in canceling the train or perform option, and I'm not sure I can get around it.  Canceling the action sometimes makes the pet unselectable, if you need to cancel the option be sure to cancel it just as it ends the action.


    New version of Aframe attached.


  2. I found the setting to change it to only dogs, and I was able to change the pie to attract for fun.  I used the mouse toy for cats, but changed all the settings.  


    I do appreciate your input thanks so much!  I was lucky that you had a cat on your lot, as I never would have thought of that.


    This is why I really like to have people test my creations, as there are many things I just don't think of, or notice about the object etc.

  3. Ah, I don't have a cat on my lot and had not thought about that.  I use a call pets to object so I suppose cats would be a part of that, I'll have to think about that.


    The train is a random setting, the dog could use the success, moderate of poor animation.  I feel that is sufficient for training.


    Simpe does not work properly for setting the fun ads for pets, I maybe able to clone another item to add the fun advertising.  I will look into this, I had tried to add this at one point then I forgot about it.

  4. I have the Aframe ready for testing the adult train option, and I included the collapsible tunnel (without the train option).  Please let me know if you have any issues with either item.  I also, included the animation files as I did make some changes to that too. 


    Removed file new version posted, see latest post.

  5. If your texture was flashing blue, please redownload.  I'm really not sure this is going to work, as the blanket does not have a clean and dirty texture,like the highchair.  It seems the game changed my texture settings in the text area, but I'm not sure.  I may have to recode the item and I won't have the time for that until I finish my PS items.

  6. I'm sharing a request that I received by private message, so that I may upload a test version.


    So I'm really in love with your booster seat, I use it in all my houses. (Thank you!) I was wondering if you'd be willing to take a request? I'd love to have a version slaved to Jonesi's bed blanket (I've seen that you posted fixes) as the high chair has a limited amount of recolors and Jonesi's bed blanket has a ton.

    If you're too busy that's ok, thanks for reading regardless smile.gif


    I wasn't happy with my original mesh so I created a new one and it is slaved to Jonesi's bed blanket which I have a fix for posted here.




    I have added a base game version of my original mesh, with Jonesi's blanket textures.




    These will not conflict with each other so you may add both versions to your game.


    Updated Files will be posted in the download section.  I found I had forgot to fix the integrity on the version of my old mesh.  I've also updated the catalog info and made some small changes.

  7. Sometimes I actually amaze myself, I was sure I could never get the dogs to come to the object and have the Sims train them.  I have so much trouble using multiple stack items, but by the grace of God, and many hours later, I have some hope.



    The main problem is this will require a lot of coding for each item and could take me quite sometime to complete.

  8. I only reduce it a small amount, so it's okay.  I agree it should tire them out.


    Is the collapsible tunnel different?  I will look into it.   It is very different and I have created one for Sims 2.


    I may look at the Sims animations, but I'm not sure I can use them.  

  9. Thanks Alet for letting me know about the community lots.  


    I did find the cause of the error, I had a line of code that was suppose to be an object animation with is a 69 in the high jump item, I had a 169 which was something to do with relationships.  I also, found that I had some lines of code for the start position snapping to the slot before I had them walk to the routing slot, so I have fixed all of the, (snapping from from far away, into the slot) issues.  


    I also, changed the energy and comfort to be reduced a small amount instead of increasing them.


    I am still having problems with the tunnel item and the fail option, once I figure that out I will post the new version.


    Thanks so much for all your help ladies!

  10. Thanks for the comments, I can slow down the animation speed a bit.  Some of the animations are the same, EA did not create different animations mainly for the small dog, I just used them as they were in PS.  I maybe able to use a line of code to bring the dog closer to the item, before it does the snap option (snaps the dog to the slot).  When I started on these the dogs were doing the animations several tiles away from the object.  Then I researched the coding of the PS item, and found a Snap block of code.  Oddly I found that the fail option snaps to a different slot than the other animations.
    Image from a video I had made of what was happening:
    The snap block of code, snaps the animal to a specific place.  I had used the "Snap Into" code block before, for like my horse and rideable items, which snaps the Sims into the slot that I have setup for the Sims to sit at.  I had not, however, come across the use of the snap in my previous research of the coding blocks.  It seems to snap them to the position for the starting point of the object.  To end that snap it uses a snap away (flip sims around).  
    I can't control the dog walking through the items.  I set a setting to not allow intersection, but they will still go through it.  I don't have any other options that I am aware of.
    These may only work on residential lots, I did not test for other lots, I used the dog house as my base item.  
    I do increase the energy and comfort, I was thinking these items would energize the dogs.  I suppose I could reduce those needs, if you think that is better.
    I did notice there are errors if the dog does not have sufficient room to use the item, but I will look at your log Charity and get back to you on that.  I do have the coding to keep the placement from not allowing a wall behind or in front of, but I can't code it to make placement have a few tiles in front of and behind.  I did look at your error logs and these are the errors I got when there were not a few tiles in front of and behind the item.

  11. Unfortunately something came up, so I wasn't able to do the testing I had planned to do.  Would anyone like to test these before I post them, and maybe that would help to get me some input...please!


    I am attaching what I do have done so far, to this post.  I am debating making them recolorable, and whatever else I maybe able to add to them.  The sounds are not workable from PS, so I am also, debating doing raw edits to add different sounds.  


    Any suggestions would be much appreciated, but please do realized I may not be able to do what you might like to have done.  


    I removed the file as I will be posting a new version soon.

  12. I did figure out what I had done wrong with the tire jump.  I only needed 3 tiles where I was using 4, from the dog house I cloned.  I have all of the items extracted and am working to test them.  I set the needs to fun, energy and comfort.  Maybe that's not realistic but I can't come up with any other idea.  I suppose fun would be enough.  




    I have them coded to just go through each action once and am thinking maybe I should make something repetitious.  All actions are set to autonomous.  



  13. Thanks, I am pleased it is working out, but I haven't played with the pets much, so I don't have ideas on what else to have them do.  I have set up the 4 animations that each items has as a separate option for them to do.  They are quite cute, but other than to give fun for the pets I just don't have any ideas.

  14. Fun is the motive I would think they would increase too. Maybe social if the sim/dog interaction is doable. They shouldn't be increasing chew unless they're doing it wrong lol.


    I know chew isn't really anything to really do with this, but I wanted to give them something, besides fun.  At this time there isn't any Sims interaction, maybe in the future.  


    Thanks everyone for your kind comments and encouragement!

  15. I have set up the tire jump, to use the 4 different animations.  I only have the large dog set up so far, but would like some input please.

    When placing I can't seem to have it centered, to get the animations to work properly. I don't think this is a
    major issue, but would like to know your opinions.



    I give the pet fun and chew motives when they use it, I'm not sure what other motives would be good for it.


  16. They aren't cloneable to use in Sims 2, but I think I could create a whole new item, and use the meshes and animations.  They will take a lot of work, it hard to explain.  


    The main problem is that pets in Sims 2 do not have the skills that Sims Pets have.  (like mechanical etc).

  17. Thank you for taking the time to explain this Rubberman.  I do appreciate it!


    Just in case others do not find the Normals Map where yours is.  I did find it under the plugin option.




    There are some scripts that are also needed, and I believe you tried to add them to your rar file. but the folders were empty.  If you would like to add this info to your post I will then delete my response.


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