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  1. I really like this one MM! Congrads on learning Sims 4 creations.
  2. They look nice MM, I can't try them out as I don't have EP2, but you are doing great!
  3. 1,503 downloads

    Another useful creation by Katy, that I have fixed and updated. Stove no longer bleeds into other objects, and is placed on two tile instead of one. I also, added a dirty state. I did rename to files to remove all blank spaces, so please be sure to remove any items you may already have in your download folder. Stove is found under stoves for $2000. Credits to Katy for the original creation and to LilSister for finding this creation.
  4. Version - Sims 2


    I created these in response to a request from NeverForsaken, Thank NeverForsaken for the request! The cage is from Sim 3 converted to work for these dragons, I have set the food to cost a lot less and filling is not needed as often. Dragon cost $200 to stock. Dragons do not die. Very Low chance your sims will be bit. You find the cage under Misc/Pets for $500. I added 3 deco slots on the bottom shelf of the cage. Credits to NeverForsaken for the idea and everyone who helped with testing and support.
  5. Version - Sims 2


    December 20, 2014 - Added end table to the set. Another beautiful set by SPX - Xiomara, that Mission Mouse plans to recolor, and it needed several repairs. I also fixed the Armoire doors to include the handles when the doors open. Curtain sells for $195 and is found with curtains. Armoire is found with dressers for $250. Double bed is found with beds for $2600. Day Bed is found with sofas for $1250. Hat Box is found with sculptures for $40. Vanity is found with misc/surfaces for $1200. End Table found with end tables for $430. Credits to Mission Mouse for finding this lovely set.
  6. Version - Sims 2


    I created this in response to a request from LilSister. Thanks LilSis for the request. It is found under party items for $350. It is a fully working toasting tray.
  7. Version - Sims 2


    These curtains were originally converted from Sims 3 to Sims 2 by Huge Lunatic, I have repaired some issues with the files and added the bump map to the texture, which does not make a huge difference, but I did add it. All existing recolors will still work with this version, but you must be sure to remove the copies you may have by HL. Issues fixed: The global setting was incorrect in the main curtain file, which is a bug in simpe, unnecessary sound files were included in both files, and some empty pie menus, were removed. I have created 4 recolors to go with
  8. Version - Sims 2


    I have created this in response to a request from Sunnyblue. Thank you for your request Sunnyblue! The original was created by Inge Jones, a fantastic creator, who has contributed many great things to the Sims community. The original was not pulling the bedding textures, and needed to be updated, and due to it's popularity I felt it was something worthy of the update. Credits to Inge Jones for the coding and the original idea, and to Sunnyblue for her request.
  9. 1,261 downloads

    I created these in response to a request from Karen in our request area, I wanted to separate the frame from the picture to give everyone more color options. I also, located a couple of more images. Images are drawing by Jean Keaton - Click here to view her site. I have created templates for the simpe Photo Studio, so that these are easy to recolor. Templates must be placed in your simpe folder under the Data folder. Mine are located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\SimPE\Data You would need to have the mesh files in your download folder to use them in
  10. 1,363 downloads

    I created this in response to a request from LilSister. I felt it was a great idea, and had a lot of fun creating it, with LilSister's help and input. I cloned the Chef's Salad, but have made several coding changes. It is available anytime of the day, but Sims must have at least a level 3 cooking skill. If your Sims has a food processor they will use that, but are able to make it without one also. Mixing bowl and processed in food processor. Once completed Sims will set the bowl on the floor, at this point
  11. 875 downloads

    I created this several years ago, and now that I have learned a lot more about coding, and because LilSister brought it to my attention, that there were issues with the original version. I have done a major overhaul on it. The sing along option has been totally redone and checks to be sure you have Free Time installed before you are allowed to use that option. The dance option should work for any expansion combination you might have. The turn on/off options are no longer autonomous. Sims are able to turn it on no matter where they are on the lot. In ot
  12. 538 downloads

    Updated July 7, 2014: I found the sofa guids did not all get changed, please redownload. Two new meshes and 4 new textures, plus all of the Nofowle chair will work for these new meshes. To recolor you only need to recolor the Nofowle Chair. These were created in response to a private request from BBdoll. Thanks for the request BBdoll! Sofa is found with sofas for $1450, loveseat is $220.
  13. Version - Sims 2


    I added two more shorter buildings. I wanted a shorter office building for a neighborhood deco item. This is found under decorations/misc for neighborhood deco, for $0. I'm really not sure if this would require any expansions, but I have all expansions installed including the store edition. I added 2 more shorter buildings; Shorter building 2 Shorter building 3 ,
  14. You are very welcome LilSister! I don't recall seeing one from you before Nonni! Sorry!
  15. I was afraid it was too fast now. I didn't see any coding to increase the speed for "in the zone", but I might have missed it. The sewing machine has a lot of coding.
  16. 1,379 downloads

    I created this per a request from Broomhilda61. Thanks for the request Broomhilda! It works quite similar to a regular car and is found with cars for $20,000. It does require a driveway...sorry I could not get it to work without one. I did incorporate the spaceship sounds, but some of the car sounds still exist. I did remove the blue lighting looking portion so that you are able to see the sims sitting in it.
  17. Thanks for making me aware of this, I did some more testing and the items you mentioned were taking too long. I tested one Sims using the EA machine and another using this one. They took the same amount of time to complete a quilt. So I made some more changes and posted a new one. Now I may have them completing a bit too fast. I know you hadn't said anything about the time in your request and hope you don't mind that I did reduce it, it is one reason I hardly used the EA version. I felt the time it took was extreme.
  18. Thanks LilSister for letting me know, I do appreciate it. I'm so happy you like it too!
  19. 1,676 downloads

    Updated June 29, 2014; to reduce the sewing time, for all items. Thanks to LilSister's post. July 2, 2014: Added Medium Speed which takes the Sims about an hour to complete the larger items. File name BecksSewingMachineFT-MediumSpeed.zip. The file BecksSewingMachineFT.zip is a very fast mode. I created this in response to a request from LilSister. The mesh is by cokenasmile and is posted here. I have cut in half, the length of time it takes for Sims to earn the sewing badges, and the time it takes to create the items they sew. I did make changes to the original mesh an
  20. Version - Sims 2


    While testing LilSister's recent post, I found the outfit her Sims was wearing was flawed. I felt is was worth fixing and creating some new recolors, 6 textures total. The original was by hnote, who is apparently a retired creator. I found other items by him/her on the graveyard. The mesh is included, which is by JuBeos (I believe). I don't use the hair that was included with LilSister's post, because it has 32,000 faces, which is an extreme number of faces for Sims 2 one tile item, and makes ones game run choppy. Credits to: LilSister for her very hand
  21. 1,292 downloads

    Updated June 22, 2014 I found some issues that generated an error, which may not have been seen if your don't play with testingcheats enabled. I also, tested this with an infant and it is in fact usable by infants too. It's been so many years since I created the first version, it's hard to remember things. I had a request to have my swing use the textures from the crib. It works the same as my older version, only the textures are pulled from the cheap crib. I didn't create images of all of the textures, but any recolors you have of the crib will also work for this swin
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