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  1. Thanks so much for fixing the it so we didn't have an adfly mesh, I really appreciate that! I agree with Alet it is a Beautiful dress!
  2. I love the dress, wish she'd put her meshes of simsfile share. Adfly scares me. Great job as always MM! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very pretty! I can't wait to check it out. Thanks
  4. Well the Sims community is very lucky to have your wonderful creations MM! You are doing a fantastic job!
  5. I don't understand why adfly does the things it does either. Thanks for fixing the link.
  6. Wouldn't it be best to give a direct download link to the mesh so people don't have to go through all that ad fly junk? You could also put a link to her post too. I had a terrible time finding the actual download on her site as well.
  7. I tried this one in game and you have so many beautiful bedding textures. 79 of them! Wow! The in game images truely do not do justice to your beautiful colors.
  8. Lovely recolors MM! Thanks for creating and sharing them. I will try to check these out in my game.
  9. Wow, you've really been a very busy lady MM! I am so proud of you. I agree with you on recolors of CC, unless the meshes are posted on Sims File Share. I don't have the Cat and Dog expansion so I can't check them out, but they really look beautiful and very well done.
  10. It doesn't seem like there is ever as much for the males as the females. Thanks for sharing these great recolors!
  11. Thanks for sharing with us! You find the coolest items to share!
  12. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful recolors!
  13. Version - Sims 2


    I have checked all of these files and tested them with Sims Ultimate Collection. There are a few files of her original set that are missing but I do not feel they are very important. I removed one item which you could have your sims hang a purse on, it didn't work properly and looked silly. I have upgraded and fixed all the files included. You are no longer able to send a friend money via the Credit Card but you can still do that going to the bank and doing so at the terminal. The image is of the Fully Functional Bank found on MTS Click Here to download. I could not find a copy of Katy's oversized shopping bag, but the other items needed for the bank were still available. Thanks to Rizo for requesting these, and Thanks so much to LilSister for providing the files.
  14. 1,448 downloads

    Another useful creation by Katy, that I have fixed and updated. Stove no longer bleeds into other objects, and is placed on two tile instead of one. I also, added a dirty state. I did rename to files to remove all blank spaces, so please be sure to remove any items you may already have in your download folder. Stove is found under stoves for $2000. Credits to Katy for the original creation and to LilSister for finding this creation.
  15. Version - Sims 2


    I created these in response to a request from NeverForsaken, Thank NeverForsaken for the request! The cage is from Sim 3 converted to work for these dragons, I have set the food to cost a lot less and filling is not needed as often. Dragon cost $200 to stock. Dragons do not die. Very Low chance your sims will be bit. You find the cage under Misc/Pets for $500. I added 3 deco slots on the bottom shelf of the cage. Credits to NeverForsaken for the idea and everyone who helped with testing and support.
  16. Version - Sims 2


    December 20, 2014 - Added end table to the set. Another beautiful set by SPX - Xiomara, that Mission Mouse plans to recolor, and it needed several repairs. I also fixed the Armoire doors to include the handles when the doors open. Curtain sells for $195 and is found with curtains. Armoire is found with dressers for $250. Double bed is found with beds for $2600. Day Bed is found with sofas for $1250. Hat Box is found with sculptures for $40. Vanity is found with misc/surfaces for $1200. End Table found with end tables for $430. Credits to Mission Mouse for finding this lovely set.
  17. Version - Sims 2


    I created this in response to a request from LilSister. Thanks LilSis for the request. It is found under party items for $350. It is a fully working toasting tray.
  18. Version - Sims 2


    These curtains were originally converted from Sims 3 to Sims 2 by Huge Lunatic, I have repaired some issues with the files and added the bump map to the texture, which does not make a huge difference, but I did add it. All existing recolors will still work with this version, but you must be sure to remove the copies you may have by HL. Issues fixed: The global setting was incorrect in the main curtain file, which is a bug in simpe, unnecessary sound files were included in both files, and some empty pie menus, were removed. I have created 4 recolors to go with my fixed Holy Simoley Bette Sofa Set, which maybe downloaded These curtains are found under Deco/Curtain for $400.
  19. Version - Sims 2


    I have created this in response to a request from Sunnyblue. Thank you for your request Sunnyblue! The original was created by Inge Jones, a fantastic creator, who has contributed many great things to the Sims community. The original was not pulling the bedding textures, and needed to be updated, and due to it's popularity I felt it was something worthy of the update. Credits to Inge Jones for the coding and the original idea, and to Sunnyblue for her request.
  20. 1,232 downloads

    I created these in response to a request from Karen in our request area, I wanted to separate the frame from the picture to give everyone more color options. I also, located a couple of more images. Images are drawing by Jean Keaton - Click here to view her site. I have created templates for the simpe Photo Studio, so that these are easy to recolor. Templates must be placed in your simpe folder under the Data folder. Mine are located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\SimPE\Data You would need to have the mesh files in your download folder to use them in Photo Studio. These are found under wall hangings for $150. The colored recolors are recolors, I created to test my templates. Credits and thanks to Karen for the request and for finding the images.
  21. Rebecah

    Gourmet Pet Food


    I created this in response to a request from LilSister. I felt it was a great idea, and had a lot of fun creating it, with LilSister's help and input. I cloned the Chef's Salad, but have made several coding changes. It is available anytime of the day, but Sims must have at least a level 3 cooking skill. If your Sims has a food processor they will use that, but are able to make it without one also. Mixing bowl and processed in food processor. Once completed Sims will set the bowl on the floor, at this point the bowl becomes a pet food dish. Which changes how the food works a bit. I believe the food stay permanently, but will spoil if you download the spoils version. I have made two version as I felt the food spoiled to fast. The file that does not end in spoils will never spoil, which I know is unrealistic, but I wanted to give everyone a choice. You must only use one of the other do not try to use both versions in your game. Pets who are hungry will be attracted to eat it, as long as they have not be trained to only eat pet food. Sim may call their pet to eat too, there is also an option to clean up and an option for the Sims to eat it. Some Sims will have a want eat the gourmet pet food, so I felt I had to add this option, as I was not able to remove the want trigger. Sims eating. Pets don't need to eat very much of this to fill their hunger needs, and they also gain comfort and social. Credits and thanks to LilSister for the idea and for helping with testing and additional options.
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