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  1. That's the thing, each of us is better at one thing or another, so why not enlist those to do the things we are not so good at.  You are a fantastic mesher, and it is sad that you have to spend time doing the parts that are not fun for you.  


    Most of us don't really care who created what part, we just want to create things for everyone to enjoy, and to make them the safes and best they can be.  We let go of our egos, and some people have a problem with that.  I think you will be a great addition to our team.

  2. You are very welcome Rubberman, what we do here is try to work together to create the best items we can as a team.  I used to have a test area to allow for input on how things worked etc.  Which helped me to have a better creation.  That was more for things that had different function etc.  I haven't really made any of those types of things lately.  We do have a pretty cool team of members and I feel we all compliment each other.  

  3. I'm sure I could do that for you guys, no problem.  Just wanted you to be aware of it.


    Now back to the bookshelf, have you tried to delete it or move it?  It was set too far to the left, which made it almost impossible to grab ahold of it.  The reason is it wasn't centered.  I have fixed it up, and I did add the bird to it which could actually be changed to anything.   Please remember, I'm only trying to help.  


    I did clean up the file and removed the unnecessary parts.  I checked to see if a recolor would work.











  4. You are very welcome!  I know texturing isn't your thing and I do hope to help you in that area.


    It is really more about using your texture to get the best results, it's sort of like trying to keep the poly count low.  It could really be done better than what I had done, but I was trying to get it done quickly.


    Sofas, chairs and loveseats have morphs which to my knowledge can only be done in milkshape.  Although you can mesh them with wings3d, you'd need to complete them in milkshape.  Unless you leave out the morphs.

  5. You did a very nice job on the mesh!  The uvmapping will work, but has a lot of waste.  This is just a suggestion and you may do it however you like, but if you want people to recolor your meshes, it is best to keep all sections going in the same direction for wood textures.  When things are the same overlay them for the texturing.  This will give you a bit better looking item in game.


    Just to show you and example:  post-12-0-05027500-1414283356_thumb.png

  6. The last thing I did in part one was change the subset from wood to fabric.  What this is is the name of your mesh.  This was an edit to my part 1 post.  Always remember to commit and save your changes.  I had forgotten to commit my changes when changing the word cherry to fabric, this could have potentially caused all of my work not to function.




    Next we go to the SHPE section to add the texture.


    Select the wood texture and then click the add option.




    Now change the wood to fabric in the copy of the wood reference.  Then change the wood_cherry to fabric.




    Be sure to commit your changes and save your file.




    If you properly set your clone to a stand alone item you may want to make this recolorable.

    Note:  You are only allowed to have 2 textures be recolorable, you may have several textures and meshes, but only two of them will work to be recolorable.


    To do so we must add the fabric mesh name to the GMND section under tsDesignModeEnabled




    We need to add an array (array is the default option) click the add option.




    Select the new array and add fabric for the name, commit and save your file.




    Now to see if all this worked we go back to the gmdc and click the preview button.




    Be sure to go back an get a new guid select the update all MMATs .




    Now fix the integrity of your file, and save it.


  7. I will use a dining chair and add a cushion to it, then add a new texture.


    I imported a mesh that is named cushion.




    This is just to show where the mesh file names may be changed, I want to change the cushion name to fabric, click the groups tab within the gmdc section.




    I selected the cushion group and renamed it fabric.



    First let's clone the texture for the wood section in the TXTR section.




    I am going to change the word cherry to fabric then commit my changes




    Now that my name has changed I must click the fix TGI and commit my changes.  I would also suggest you save your file at this point.




    I will import my new texture at this point.
    Once you have your new texture in place, be sure to commit your changes and save your file.




    Now we need to go to the material sections to the file.  Let's start with the TXMT section and duplicate the txmt for the wood section.




    Change the name wood_cherry to fabric and click the fix TGI then commit your changes




    Select the link named stdMatBaseTexture Name then change the word cherry to fabric.




    Commit your changes and save your file




    Now we will clone the MMAT 




    Change wood_cherry to fabric commit changes and save your file




    Click the resource tab and change the instance number from 5000 to 5001 commit your changes and save your file




    Go back to plugin view and we need to get a new family number.  Click Tools/Object Tools/Hash Generator. 




    Select the GUID type, then select and copy this number.




    Use shift + insert to paste this number in the family value box, commit changes and save your file.




    I almost forgot this one:  Change the subsetName from wood to fabric.




    To be continued in part 2






  8. I seriously did not have as much trouble with the full version, but I figured it would be best to transfer to this darn Ultimate version.  


    Yes, my graphics card is too new for the game, so I had to set it up myself.  Marbi has had the same problems, but we finally got that worked out for her too.  I have Windows 8.1, it really does not seem to like Sims 2.

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