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  1. 827 downloads

    I created this several years ago, and now that I have learned a lot more about coding, and because LilSister brought it to my attention, that there were issues with the original version. I have done a major overhaul on it. The sing along option has been totally redone and checks to be sure you have Free Time installed before you are allowed to use that option. The dance option should work for any expansion combination you might have. The turn on/off options are no longer autonomous. Sims are able to turn it on no matter where they are on the lot. In other words they don't have to walk over the the bear to turn it on/off. I test to be sure it is turned on, before the sing along and/or dance options become available options. The sound volume for the nursery rhyme music is lower, I found it overshadowed the toddler's singing. Toddlers are able to select an option of gaining 90% of their singing skill learned, but only if they do not already have 90% or above of the skill. Toddler without the skill: Toddler with the skill: Toddlers gain fun, social, learn Charisma and Enthusiasm for Music with the sing along option. I also, fixed up some issues with the mesh. The mesh was an EA sculpture, that I reduced in size, moved it's arms, added joints and assigned sections to those joints. To make it animatable. Textures are pulled from the EA sculpture. This is found with other radios, under electronics, for $99. Credits' To LilSister for telling me about the issues and for testing. Note: Be sure you remove any older version of this bear from your downloads folder, and both files found in the folder are needed for this to work properly.
  2. 480 downloads

    Updated July 7, 2014: I found the sofa guids did not all get changed, please redownload. Two new meshes and 4 new textures, plus all of the Nofowle chair will work for these new meshes. To recolor you only need to recolor the Nofowle Chair. These were created in response to a private request from BBdoll. Thanks for the request BBdoll! Sofa is found with sofas for $1450, loveseat is $220.
  3. Version - Sims 2


    I added two more shorter buildings. I wanted a shorter office building for a neighborhood deco item. This is found under decorations/misc for neighborhood deco, for $0. I'm really not sure if this would require any expansions, but I have all expansions installed including the store edition. I added 2 more shorter buildings; Shorter building 2 Shorter building 3 ,
  4. 1,309 downloads

    I created this per a request from Broomhilda61. Thanks for the request Broomhilda! It works quite similar to a regular car and is found with cars for $20,000. It does require a driveway...sorry I could not get it to work without one. I did incorporate the spaceship sounds, but some of the car sounds still exist. I did remove the blue lighting looking portion so that you are able to see the sims sitting in it.
  5. Version - Sims 2


    While testing LilSister's recent post, I found the outfit her Sims was wearing was flawed. I felt is was worth fixing and creating some new recolors, 6 textures total. The original was by hnote, who is apparently a retired creator. I found other items by him/her on the graveyard. The mesh is included, which is by JuBeos (I believe). I don't use the hair that was included with LilSister's post, because it has 32,000 faces, which is an extreme number of faces for Sims 2 one tile item, and makes ones game run choppy. Credits to: LilSister for her very handsome Sims, hnote for his original recolor and JuBeos for his mesh.
  6. 1,228 downloads

    Updated June 22, 2014 I found some issues that generated an error, which may not have been seen if your don't play with testingcheats enabled. I also, tested this with an infant and it is in fact usable by infants too. It's been so many years since I created the first version, it's hard to remember things. I had a request to have my swing use the textures from the crib. It works the same as my older version, only the textures are pulled from the cheap crib. I didn't create images of all of the textures, but any recolors you have of the crib will also work for this swing. If is found with the child items for $50. Known issue: If the adult sims removes the child autonomously, the swing does not stop. There is however, an option to stop it manually.
  7. 1,075 downloads

    I have converted many of the items from the TS3 Provence Set. No expansions should be required. TS3 to TS2 conversion. Bread Box - $25 found under sculptures Ceiling Light - $65 Dining Chair 1 - $350 Dining Chair 2 - $350 Dining Table - $690 Table Sculpture - $350 found under sculptures Sink - $355 Stove - $1000 Wall Basket - $145 wall hangings Wall Shelf - $300 wall hangings Wash Basins - $50 found under sculptures I have not converted the mirror, living chair, sofa nor coffee table.
  8. 317 downloads

    Digi-Sims Necklace requested by Amelie. These are found with glasses and should work for all game combinations. You may also, use glasses along with these necklaces. There are several recolors which I did not make images of. Thanks to Amelie for the request.
  9. 1,059 downloads

    This is a joint project between myself and FracturedMoonlight at PBK Mesh and textures are by FracturedMoonlight the rest is by myself. This lamp is found under table lamps for $50. Sims will max comfort when using this lamp and they have a view option, that works similar to the painting view option. I have included a pink recolor of the fairy. Lamp Off: Note: If you do not have Apartment Life you will not have the glowing effect. FracturedMoonlight has created some beautiful recolors that may be seen and downloaded here: mustluvcats created another version with a little fairy which can be found: Here:
  10. 2,003 downloads

    I created these in response to a request from FractureMoonlight. Sims gain enthusiasm for Music and Creativity skills, they also have an option to play for money sitting or standing. They earn $20 each time they use this option. I want to thank everyone who helped make these pretty cool items, with their suggestions and help. Sims also are able to dance to the music. (Custom sounds included). There are two different flutes, but they both do pretty much the same thing. They are found under Knowledge/Creativity for $50 each. Mesh and textures are by Sandy at http://sims2.aroundthesims3.com/ Please note these are my custom animations and they are not perfect, if you are unhappy with them please don't use the item. I do the best I can.
  11. 2,112 downloads

    Updated July 14, 2014: Thanks to LilSister finding that the craftable items were also, showing up for the pottery wheel I have made changes to the 4 craftable items. Please be sure to remove your older copies and replace them with the new upload. This is something I started creating over 2 years ago and it's finally finished. I started this as a project with G-Knee at PBK for a contest, but was unable to get it working until recently. The meshes are mostly by G-Knee and the coding and effects are by myself. (The fire effect requires the AL expansion.) Thanks to pykkadilly for requesting and testing this! Sims gain creativity and are able to make one or many of the 4 items pictured below. Once completed the item will go into your sims inventory which can then be placed within the lot and the candles do light except for the hanging candle.
  12. Rebecah

    Darleen Hair


    I created this per a request from frogz. I have all ages and several recolors.
  13. 1,473 downloads

    Thanks to frogz for finding this lost hair mesh, I have converted it to work for all age groups and given them 5 textures. Black, Brown, Red, Blond and Grey. This hair style was originally Mortimer's hair style.
  14. 4,396 downloads

    I have added some features to my sheep along with 2 new mesh types and new textures. I have reduced the number of times the sheep baa and reduced the sound level. You must purchase the sign under Miscellaneous/Pets then purchase the sheep that you want from the sign. Type one is my original sheep mesh: Type two uses the same textures as type one: Type three is my favorite of the three: New feature is shearing with produces a basket of wool, which you may sell, or purchase a ball of yarn and or a new outfit. (you must have my yarn ball in your downloads for the yarn purchase. Known Issues: Sometimes the sheep walk away while being sheared and/or petting. <iframe width="960" height="720" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/_1IrWePIz1w" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. 1,518 downloads

    I believe I have fixed all of the issues my former version had. Toddlers now ride this in the proper direction no matter how you place it on the lot, the duck no longer disappears if you leave the toddler riding it when you save and leave your game, texture stays to what you have it set at, and no errors happen if you cancel the toddlers ride. I have also added two new textures. Duck sound and toddler laughter have been reduced. Toddlers gain fun, physical fitness, body skills and enthusiasm for nature. The main file the duck is white and I've included three recolors. You find it under Knowledge/Exercise for $250. Enjoy!
  16. 2,153 downloads

    This is an updated version of my Childs Bike, I have not found any issues with this version, the child will get on properly no matter what direction the bike is in, and when left riding it when you leave your lot, the child will still be riding when you return to the lot. (At least in all of my testing.) Children gain body skills, fitness and fun with this bike. The free time version gives enthusiasm for exercise. Found under Knowledge/Fitness for $250. Enjoy!
  17. 1,743 downloads

    Another of my animated items updated with new animations, trike no longer disappears when you leave toddler on it when leaving your game. (there is an issue though - see video below). Textures no longer revert to the main texture. I was not successful in getting the wheels to go around, but I do think the animations give the illusion of the toddler actually riding. (Custom animations are really not easy). Found under Knowledge/Exercise for $50, with 5 different texture options. Rusted:
  18. Version - Sims 2


    Updated May 30, 2014. Thanks to Nonni finding an error in the Call Over option, I have updated the file. If you have had issues with this goat please redownload. I have been working on these goats on and off for over a year. I believe I have them working better than any of my other animated animals. The milking animation is a bit quirky, and the pail does not always land in the correct position, but I did not want to remove this option. To purchase a goat you must place the goat sign on your lot (found under misc/pets for $1). Once you purchase one, you may retexture them in buy mode with the recolor tool. (I include 4 textures in all.) The pet action is non autonomous, for the adult goats. (Be sure to have your sims pet them once in awhile.) Milking is also, non autonomous. If you have room in your fridge you will have the option to put the milk away, or sell it for $25. If your fridge is full you only have the option to sell the milk. These goats do not bleat very often, I found that to get on my nerves after awhile. They will bleat when a Sims is petting them. Be sure to give your goats water and feed, or they will die. The feed and water are found under misc/pets. A new kidd will be born if you have a Nanny and a Billy Goat on your lot, but you may also purchase the Kidds. Known Issues: When first purchased the goats do not seem to know their head from their behind, that seems to resolve itself after saving and returning to the game, and/or after they have been on your lot for awhile. Thanks to Karen and Nonni for testing these, and the many others who tested them in the past. The male goat mesh I had before was not a good mesh, so I took the female mesh and converted it, to look more like a male, and added some horns and beard.
  19. 545 downloads

    This new version pulls textures from EA Bedding and any recolors you might have for the EA Bedding. This is found under Decorative/Misc for 10 simoleons.
  20. 2,326 downloads

    December 13, 2013 Added taller pipe version. and changed the smaller pipe version to no longer have the heavy smoke effect, and added a bump file to both versions. Thanks to Nonni for the purchase of this mesh by by kostula @turbosquid.com. I have coded this stove to only allows Sims to cook items that may be cooked on the top of the stove, as there isn't an oven. I have added an outside pipe and the plate around the pipe, but the majority of the mesh is Kostula's, I have also, added smoke effects. I have also, added a warm self option, which does give the Sims some warmth, for ages child and up. It is found under the stove category for 350 simoleons. There is one texture recolor included, but they are really quite similar. Credits to: Nonni, Kostula, and Sophi-David for his effect found on MTS, which gave me some ideas.
  21. 649 downloads

    I happen to find some of the patterns I had used in some of my earlier creations on an external drive, and decided to make them into more recolors for my driftwood set. 15 more recolors for my Driftwood set with matching beddings. You will need to download the main meshes here: http://www.affinitysims.com/index.php?/file/1997-driftwood-set-fixed-and-updated/ Additional Meshes are found here: http://www.affinitysims.com/index.php?/file/2005-additional-meshes-driftwood-relaxation-set/ Note: If you use any of these on lots you wish to post, you must include the living room chair somewhere on your lot, or it will cause flashing blue for the textures.
  22. 474 downloads

    This is found under landmarks in the neighborhood section. Thanks to Nonni for the request.
  23. 4,704 downloads

    Both meshes are from TS3 and converted to work with TS2. Animated versions of the windmills require Mansions and Gardens, as they also reduce the utility bills for Sims. The tractor and decorative version of the windmill should not require any expansions. Animated Windmills are found under Decorative/Miscellaneous Small Version is priced at 1200. Medium Version is priced at 1750. Large version is priced at 2000. The decorative items are found under Decorative Sculpture. Tractor is priced at 4750. Deco Windmill is priced at 2000. All items are recolorable.
  24. 1,528 downloads

    I have created 16 new meshes(6 different curtain models), plus a seat slot, to go with the Driftwood Relaxation Set that I recently updated and fixed. You must have the living room chair mesh in your download folder for these items to use the textures, all recolors for the Driftwood set will work with these as they are all slaves of that chair. The set is found here: http://www.affinitysims.com/index.php?/file/1997-driftwood-set-fixed-and-updated/ New meshes include the following. Double Bed 1864 Faces 950 simoleons under Seating/Beds Single Bed 1228 Faces 800 simoleons under Seating/Beds Child/Toddler 2 tile Bed 1068 Faces 175 simoleons under Seating/Beds with working bedding Toddler Bed 672 Faces 250 simoleons under Misc/Children toddlers may put themselves to bed and get themselves up Crib 627 Faces 250 simoleons under Misc/Children Changing Table 1548 Faces 400 simoleons under Misc/Children Desk 406 Faces 450 simoleons under Seating/Beds 4 extra slots and main slot moved back and over Highchair 692 Faces 45 simoleons under Misc/Children Potty Chair 511 Faces 45 simoleons under Misc/Children never empty potty Toy box 1053 Faces 25 simoleons under Misc/Children Chair Slot 180 Faces 0 simoleons under Misc/Children - slot to make toybox a seat with invisible recolor No cheat is needed to place the top of the cushion seat over the toybox, once placed recolor with invisible recolor. I believe some of these items do need at least one expansion installed. Credits to Nonni for the curtains, there are a few options with separate valance or bottom and a double set.
  25. 908 downloads

    Thanks to a request from Nonni I am posting all 29 of my "Driftwood Set" textures as bedding textures. I will have more meshes to add to my "Driftwood Set" soon..
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