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  1. I love these! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I love all the color options! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Nice work MM as always! It makes me so happy to see how far you have come and what wonderful work you are doing. Thank you!
  4. Beautiful recolors MM, as always you always make things so beautiful. Thank you!
  5. Thanks so much for creating and sharing your wonderful work MM!
  6. Love your textures! Thank you!
  7. I like the longer version better too! Thank you!
  8. I am so amazed at how much you are able to get done in such a short time and such lovely textures. Thank you!
  9. This is one of my favorite outfits by EA, I am so grateful that you give us so many new textures to choose from...thank you so much MM!
  10. Wow, I really love these, you did a superb job with your textures. Thank you!
  11. You do have really great taste MM, thank you so much for another lovely dress!
  12. I agree with everyone these are really cute. Thanks for sharing them MM.
  13. Love all the colors options, thank you so much!
  14. These are really cute! Thank you!
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