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  1. You have done another lovely group of colors MM Thanks!
  2. I love all the color options MM thanks for sharing.
  3. These are really cute MM, thank you!
  4. Beautiful, I love how the boots match the coat! Thank you!
  5. I love all of the color options you give us Karen, it's really great that you like doing clothing as we haven't had a clothing creator for a few years. Thank you so much for creating and sharing these.
  6. Thank you for so many lovely dresses!
  7. Wow you are doing such a fantastic job MM! Thank you!
  8. I totally agree too! Lovely!
  9. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these MM! Great work!
  10. I agree with Alet...Wow, amazing dress recolors. You are really doing a superb job MM! Thank you!
  11. This is really cute, thank you MM and Nix!
  12. I really like the shoes with this one, and love your great textures! Thank you so much MM!
  13. I'm not crazy about the shoes but I love your textures! Thank you!
  14. Love this one too! Thank you!
  15. Very nice recolors MM! Thank you!
  16. Thank you MM and Nix! Karen you really did a fantastic job on the textures, and I love the shoes...thank you Nix!
  17. You do have a flair for textures, and I just love your work MM. I agree with Nonni you have great taste, and your recolors are lovely and exciting. Thank you!
  18. I love the sandals and the skirts, thank you so very much for sharing your fantastic creations with us.
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