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  1. Ok we had problems with our downloads here while back. It probably got something wrong with the download then. I will see if I can take care of it. If not, it will be passed to someone who can.  I know it did work, because I downloaded it :D 

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    2. MissionMouse


      And now I have no idea what you mean?  :ROLF:

    3. gayars


      Oh. well, evidently att throttles internet. It is an internet provider thing.  I have uverse, which is also att, and it does the same thing.  Not generally here, but my area's provider primarily targets box. Which was a problem when every simmer practically was using box. 

    4. MissionMouse


      But we don't Box files and now she is having another problem with one of Beck's files. Is she downloading from a phone or tablet or what?

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