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  1. Awesome, as usual! Thank you, Rebecah!
  2. This is wonderful! Thank you! I will certainly make use of this!
  3. Sweet! I remember loving my footie pajamas! And really loved getting new and special jammies each year for Christmas Eve...even now, I sometimes feel just a little bit cheated not to have new ones each year. Or maybe it's just the visions of sugarplums they evoke...
    So cute! I actually had a couple dresses like this as a kid back in nineteen-seventy- -- What? I didn't say anything... Thank you; my sims will get plenty of use from these. Lisa CH
    Ohwowohwow!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how tickled silly I am over this! I've always grabbed this set for my game, but the dark colors often didn't work for my homes. Disappointing, as it's a wonderful set...AND NOW...NOW... I can use it whenever and wherever I wish!! You have done a magnificent job and your color choices are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing this. Lisa (the Giddy)
    It's a favorite of mine as well, and your recolors are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Lisa CH
  4. Back in the '80s I rode a Greyhound to NYC with a seatmate from London. She wore this lovely, sassy over-sized blazer that I immediately adopted as my own look on returning home again. It is such a classic, timeless look, which you have captured so very well. My current game plan is to take my neighborhood from early America to now (or beyond), so I've been collecting clothing and other items from all different time periods. Your clothing always reminds me of the way styles fade only to return again and again. Thank you very much for this and for all your work!
  5. Another irresistible dress! Thanks much!
  6. Well, this is terribly cute! Thank you for sharing it.
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