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    This is lovely! Thank you so much! It really captures the spirit of the other house. My sims (and I) love a cozy country house and this is a really sweet one. I am already thinking about who the lucky sims will be... Lisa CH
  1. lach61

    The Magpie Nest

    I love custom content. When I see something I don't have, I get...well, far too excited about it. Especially if it is clutter.
  2. lach61

    The Magpie Nest

    Marbi, that would be awesome! Thank you!
  3. lach61

    The Magpie Nest

    I just saw the thumbnail for this and said, "Oh, please let this be for Two." Alas...<heavy sigh> It's so home-y and beautiful, inside and out.
  4. I just deleted my comment. I didn't really I was in Sims 3. However, it is still a gorgeous house.
  5. lach61

    Colonial Charm

    Beautiful house - already looks very home-y!
  6. Really adorable! I look forward to playing it.
  7. I had an issue with my game recently and have to re-download pretty much all the cc I want again. So much comes from this site and all the wonderful creators here. I love this bear and so do my toddlers - thanks!
  8. I have the perfect place for this. Thank you!
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