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  1. Thank you for creating farm animals! I still love my farmer sims and chickens after playing for years. i forgot how to get a basket/carton to collect the eggs that appear underneath the sleeping post. I don’t see it in inventory and when I click on the post or sign, there isn’t an option to ‘gather’ them in a basket. When I click on the egg, the pop up tells me I need to get a carton. How do I do this? thank you rizo
  2. rizo

    Katy76 Bank Items

    Hi, I want to thank Rebecah and LilSister for answering my request post! Rebecah, you are awesome, thank you thank you for updating the banking system and LilSister for locating all the files. I'm sorry that it's been months since it's been done and I never set up alerts to receive notification for this post. (I posted this message in the wrong forum (Requests), oops! but, I wanted to say thank you 😀🙏 --Rizo 
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