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    My family, pets, music, reading, cinema and ... of course the SIMS 2

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  1. wow! Very nice cabinet. Thank you!
  2. maryann

    The Castle

    What a great work! Thanks a lot Marbi.
  3. Great lot! Thank you Marbi!
  4. maryann

    60s Retro A

    Thank you Marbi! This house is wonderful. I love the living room.
  5. maryann

    The Capricia

    Gorgeous home! Thank you Marbi! I don't play with sims 3 but I really love this house
  6. maryann

    The Dublin

    Thank you Marbi for this great lot
  7. maryann

    Nexus Remake

    Oooh Marbi, I'm sorry, I had not seen your offer. It's very nice of you and I would be very happy to have this house for my sims 2. Thank you so much!
  8. maryann

    The Dunland

    This beautiful little house is just perfect for one of my sims. Thank you so much Marbi!
  9. maryann

    Nexus Remake

    wow, this house looks great Marbi, but ... what a pity for me, I don't play with the sims 3
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