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    Bible study, nature, hiking, blogging, dogs, playing 'The Sims 2', interior decorating, writing, & hanging out with my dear husband.

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  1. I've never been successful with wild baby bunnies. I heard they have heart attacks very easily. So sad. Everytime Oliver runs outside he barks before he even touches his paws to the porch as if to alert anything that might be out there ahead of time, so hopefully he won't catch anything..He failed to do that last winter and came face to face with an opossum that was on the porch when I opened the door, but I did not notice it until Oliver was already out and standing inches from it. He growled, I scooped him up, and it ran.
  2. Shreddies? Shredded wheat? We are so serious with our food here in the US.. Would love to call my cereal 'Shreddies'! But then, where I live we call soda 'POP', so that's fun. Right?
  3. Oh my..As I was reading this, all I could think of was how much cabbage must make him fart as well as his eating so fast makes him burp loudly! Also, my little Oliver does a good imitation of "Oliver" too!
  4. Version - Sims 2


    HavenHouse 195,404 simoleans 5x5 ********************** Haven House Landscaped 228,078 simoleans ********************** Large decadent lot. No CC. Second and third floors are ready for your own special touch...Lots of room to grow a family or a small village! This house holds a secret...Can you find it? This lot was a joint project with Nonni, who did the landscaping.
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