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  1. Good improvement! I love redoing the existing houses too...Sometimes it's a challenge. Maxis actually has lots of nice things, but for some reason the creators of the lots failed to use the best stuff most of the time to decorate them inside and out. I guess they figured if they made them ugly it would make the players want to do it for themselves more, lol!
  2. Love this one...and I agree with the comments about downloading houses with cc...it is not something I do any longer because of the problems I've experienced in the past! And I no longer upload anything with CC either unless it is a recolor of a painting or something simple that won't impact the game. Maybe I'm weird, but I feel that there is already so much great content in this game that cc is not really necessary much of the time. But it is FUN to use sometimes, especially when you are creating a story or taking pictures in game. :-)
  3. This looks like my dream house, Marbi!
  4. This looks so nice...and without cc too! You did a great job once again, Marbi. Thank you!
  5. I just love the rich colors in the living room rug and sofa! Very warm and just in time for the autumn season. Thank you, Marbi!
  6. I am looking forward to playing this lot today...It's so adorable! Thanks, Marbi!
  7. This looks so comfy and homey...It's my first sims 4 download...Thanks for explaining how to do this in the description!
  8. Calm and serene. I think this might be one of my favorites.
  9. NeverForsaken

    Winter Haven

    I am so happy that I finally have all the EPs so that I can now download more of your houses! And I am thankful for your willingness to share your talent, Marbi.
  10. This is so nice...I love the colors you used...so festive and pretty!
  11. NeverForsaken

    Skyborough Blvd

    I love the color pallet and clean look of the interior...Can't wait to see it in game! Thanks Marbi.
  12. This looks great Marbi...I love the colors...Thank you!
  13. 529 downloads

    I present you with an early gift to commemorate this most holy of seasons...Easter! I placed this lot where the Wolf's property is in Sunset Valley. I have the Seasons & Pets expansions. CC is the stained glass windows, wall crosses, calla lilies (recolorable), the indoor flowers, the painting over the fireplace in the parsonage, the Bible, and the menorah from the store (free) I changed the baptismal from what you see in the picture...It was a bathtub, but who wants their simmies stripping down in the middle of church! It is now a fountain area instead... Enjoy!
  14. NeverForsaken

    The Castle

    It looks great in game (I placed it in 'Moonlight Falls')...now I just need to find the right family for it. I have a pot on every burner when it comes to my Sims 3 game...I really must decide which story to play for a while!
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