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  1. 2 downloads

    A wonderful creator *vulrien* converted Rusty's Princess of Suit from Sims 4 to Sims 2. She has a lot of gorgeous content on her site. Go HERE and have a look and possibly download what you love. I have The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection installed and these recolours were made using that version of Bodyshop. As I did with all my previous Sims 2 adult female files, these outfits have been elder enabled. That means they will also show up in your female elder content. Grandma looks HOT and Grandpa gets a mischievous twinkle in his eye! I forgot to tell you all that these outfits show up in the
  2. If your spirits need a boost tT-ZCUy8LEqvNtOk_B-w3A2.mp4
  3. Today I have NO pain at all and I even ate real food without any problems, I'm still on antibiotics so I figure I'm good to go. I feel for Melissa, my dentist gave me some 4x4's to put in the extraction site cause she knows I'll smoke no matter what they tell me. A sneak peek at a Sims 2 outfit....
  4. 5 downloads

    You will need the MESH It is from TSR. I think it is a very pretty blouse, kinda classy and it looks quite pretty. I have all the game and expansion packs installed with the exception of *Star Wars*. I also keep my game updated.
  5. 3 downloads

    These are just recolours of the Base Game *Gathered Sleeve* top. Happily you don't need a mesh. I thought it would be good to have more options for this top as I rather like it. I have all the game and expansion packs installed and I keep my game updated. Oh wait I don't have the *Star Wars* pack and have no intention of buying that one.
  6. OUCHIE!!! I got a upper back molar pulled out yesterday. I've been on antibiotics for 9 days now and that was supposed to clear up the massive infection I had in that tooth. I dunno, maybe it did, maybe it didn't, all I do know is that when the dentist put in the freezing needle, the pain was incredible. The area around the tooth was inflamed and so very tender that I thought they might reschedule the extraction. Nope, they went ahead and yanked the tooth out. I admit, without any shame that I cried. I couldn't even talk yesterday and Dave thought that was great.....if he didn't already h
  7. I am hoping to have some uploads ready in the next 2 or 3 days. I am going back and forth between Sims 2 and Sims 4 but since I have the logos for the games, the uploads will be clearly identifiable. Since I learned how to do the swatches for Sims 2, those take a tad bit longer because it's a lot more work. I do actually prefer the swatches, I may look into doing the same thing for Sims 4. The bonus is that I don't have to take as many pictures and since I HATE taking pictures it's a win-win for me. There is just one major problem that is causing me to take so long---Jake now sleep
  8. yay! congratulations!

    1. Mission Mouse
    2. gayars


      I think it was for the simpe reinstalled and recolors. I can't remember 😂 (I forget so easily sometimes like you say, covid brain)

  9. I got a Sims 2 upload happening! Once I had SimPE installed and re-learned how to use it, I recoloured a furniture set. I am bursting with joy
  10. 4 downloads

    Finally, my first upload for Sims 2 after a long time. I found these wonderful patterns and just couldn't wait to use them but I wanted to use them on SPX's wicker patio set. I really like how the multi coloured rattan patterns look on this set. Rebecah for the proper SimPe tool as mine was borked. to gayars who helped me fix my Sims2 game after it wouldn't load and even got me the correct information that fixed my CAS screen and helped me to now play the game off-line. to the amazing friends I have here at Affinity who prayed for and encouraged me while I had a melt-down w
  11. I have to be honest, while recolouring some new colours for SPX wicker set, I had to have a tutorial to refer to because I forgot a couple of steps. I got so caught up in recolouring for Sims4, I kinda set Sims2 on the back burner, I wrote down all the steps I may need if this laptop ever crashes so that I can have all the information at hand without having a meltdown. Everything I now have, and I do mean EVERYTHING is backed up on an external hard drive. I am determined to never lose anything again because when I went looking for some stuff, it wasn't available any more.
  12. Rebecah, your SimPe WORKED, it solved my problem
  13. My bad---the beige wicker was already uploaded however if you don't have it, it's in this upload.
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