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  1. With all the stress and chaos going on at home right now, I am kind of putting uploading on the back burner. I will eventually get back to uploading but right now there is just too much happening and Dave and I are dealing with some difficult family health issues concerning his Dad,
  2. 7 downloads

    I was kinda goofing around and then it hit me! Just for fun I decided to recolour these pants I like in Houndstooth, Plaid, and Thin Stripes--BUT--I also decided they would need some kind of top that matched. The Blazer and Top are both Base Game items so they don' require a mesh!! The pants require this MESH. This was a really fun project for me and I hope your Simmies like them a lot. I do admit that this has got me thinking about doing something similar with a skirt. I have all the expansion and stuff packs installed and I keep my game up to date.
  3. I tried for 6 hours over the last 2 days to upload a new outfit I had recoloured. Nope. SFS kept giving me a *server 0 code* I got so frustrated I scrapped that project. I picked entirely new patterns, am going to put less in a package and give it one last try. On a funny covid update--it's been over 1 year since I have been to a hair cutting salon. Now with this new variant of Covid occuring in my area, the hair salon is still out of the question. My bangs are now slightly below my chin, and the rest of my hair is slightly below my collarbone. I have not had hair this long si
  4. This is not a regular update, this is a new version of Windows 10, that will replace the current one. I didn't make that properly clear.
  5. I got a notification that there is a new windows 10 that I need to download in order to have my old version supported by Microsoft. Has anyone else downloaded it? If so does it mess with the Sims 2 and 4? I have moved ALL my files to my external hard drive, just in case. I do not want to lose anything important to me again.
  6. I forgot to tell you all, these are reading glasses you can buy at a drugstore. I haven't yet made an eye Dr appointment to get the proper ones. They actually cost all of $25.00
  7. Dave got me new glasses. They are the blue light filter kind that are especially made for computer use. They are amazing, I compared them with my old ones and the screen is so much clearer and sharper. I wasn't sure if it would make a difference and I am just amazed at how much of a difference they do make.
  8. I got them all but haven't installed them. I really just wanted to see the stuff and I'm kinda thinking about recolouring the kitchen one.
  9. This got me to thinking and I honestly cannot remember the last time I left the house. I go out on the back deck, but other than that I don't go anywhere. The picture of Jake is on Dave's cell phone so I'll get him to put it in an e-mail to me. I read somewhere that wearing masks is going to last well into 2021 and that there will be some people who wear them from now on. You do all realize that this is really the only time it is acceptable to wear a mask in a bank?
  10. 9 downloads

    You will need this MESH from TSR. I had a blast recolouring this dress. I think it's so cute and versatile for the ladies. I did some Christmas patterns as well. For patterns where I had a matching contrasting pattern, I used the darker one for the collar and cuffs. For the plain colours I replaced the lace collar with a lace pattern I have in my collection of lace. Your ladies can wear this dress to so many functions and look very classy.
  11. I only recoloured the longest length. It's the mesh *V2*, I should have that in the post. I'll fix it right now.
  12. 14 downloads

    Finally, my biggest project is here. This is a multi-generational dress. Toddlers, Child, Teen, Adult and Elder females. Simple Simmer converted the Child dress for Toddlers and Adults. I LOVE her for doing that! Warning: I made a LOT of recolours and there are Christmas patterns in this project as well. You don't need the Child mesh but you do need the ADULT MESH and the TODDLER MESH. You should also look at Simple Simmer's other stuff, she has some wonderful stuff on her site. ***The adult mesh you need is called V2.*****
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