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  1. Sorry to take so long to respond, plaid patterns went quite wonky. It was funny, but not something I would upload. I got my second Covid vaccination yesterday and it's been nothing like the first one. The first one, I never even felt the needle go in, this time around, YIPES! Last time only my upper arm was sore, this time, my entire arm throbs. I am happy though to be fully vacinated. I'm still not going to rush out to eat at a restaurant, or be a social bunny. I have to redo the dining chair, living room chair loveseat and sofa that I had already finished for my Get Together collection. The dining chair is 256X512 and all the rest of the seatings are 512X512. What that meant was the loveseat and sofa was laid out oddly and the pattern reversed itself at the halfway point. I did not like the way that made things look. Stripes are pretty much the best option of having the pattern be continous and not chopped in half. Jake got a new stuffed toy because I had to leave him alone when I went for my shot. As hard as he has been trying he just canot shake the stuffing out of this one. Plus this toy goes where Jake goes, outside, upstairs, everywhere! It is hilarious to watch him struggle to get the toy up the steps. He's not always successful and I have to go and get it for him because he whines when he can't get it all the way upstairs. We had a long play session with the new toy so he is now napping.
  2. I learned something new and boy was it an eye opener. Just because I can only work in SFS for a bit at a time, due to the fact I get bored.....I thought I would attempt to recolour that Hipster Set. DO NOT and I cannot stress this strongly enough, DO NOT use plaids! One of my worst ideas ever.
  3. While I should be doing some housework, here I am on the laptop working away at my latest project. Dave is visiting a friend in the hospital, so I almost have perfect peace and quiet. Yep--ALMOST!! One of Jake's dogbeds is under my desk and he is there right now, SNORING!! Then he also has these sighs and squeaks mixed in with the snoring. Eventually he starts dreaming and that is when all heck breaks out. He barks, yips and cries. I have to stop what I am doing and gently wake him up and cuddle him to get him to calm down. Jake doesn't dream about chasing rabbits or squirrels, nope he dreams about confronting that dreaded axe murderer. How do I know this? I can tell by his barks, he has happy barks, bossy barks, scared barks and very angry barks. When he barks in his sleep, he is always barking angrily. I've learned over time the best way to handle this situation is to very gently wake him and then cuddle him until he calms enough to go back to sleep. AND that is sort of the problem, it's not possible to work on the laptop while holding the world's cutest sleeping dog. I look at his adorable face, feel his warm breath on my neck and I'm just gone. I have no idea what it feels like to own the world's cutest dog, BUT I do know what it feels like to be owned BY the world's cutest dog. For now he is just snoring, and I have to keep peeking at him cause his wee squeaks mixed with the snoring makes me giggle.
  4. I have been goofing around with curtains. I wasn't planning on ding another big project--*FAMOUS LAST WORDS* but I was goofing around with some items from Get Together and decided to do a Livingroom. Then I thought it should also have a Dining Room and then naturally it needed a Bedroom. That just wasn't quite enough so I am working on redoing the Mission Bedrooms as well. It's slow going because Dave is only working every other day and when he is home he is a bit of a pest. On the days he is working, he works a 15- 16 hour day. On the days he is home, he requires a morning nap and an afternoon nap. Poor Jake is Dave's binky and both of them nap on the sofa and they both snore---LOUDLY! That necessitates me having to have an afternoon nap just so I can have some peace and quiet.
  5. I have been slowly recolouring some more furniture. Every so often a memory of Toni comes through my mind and I have to take a break. I lean back in my chair and let the memory replay in my mind. They are happy memories but they do make me sad that there will not be times to create more memories. Jake seems to sense my sadness and we have a long cuddle, which helps. I know that eventually time, the love of friends and our Lord will ease the pain. For now just geting by day by day works. I remember when my friend Pauline lost her dog. Frankie and how the pain of that loss affected her. I also remember asking her if she would trade that pain for a life that never had Frankie in it........she took a few days to mull that over and then caled me back and said she would accept the pain just to keep her memories of Frankie. I still cry when I think of my beloved Bailey, but I treasure the memories I have of him and I am gratefu to God for putting he and I together. I use that method to handle the grief I have when I remember anyone I loved that is now with our Lord.
  6. We have had a death in our family, so it will be a while before I am up to creating anything.
  7. 31 downloads

    Finally finished this HUGE project. some items are Base Game Items, but you will need *Outdoor Retreat* and *Pets* and *University* and *KniftyKnitting* and this LINK for the crib. You will need the Invisible Baby Mod from MTS and to place the baby matress you will need to turn on bb.moveobjects. The child bed and the crib have matching curtains-Peek-a-Boo. The furniture and double beds all have matching Curtains from *Pets*. The Easy Chair and the curtain files for both adult and child have their own files. The other files are *CopperBeech*. *Mahogany*. WildCherry*. and *Wood39*. Choose which Woods you want or choose them all. I tried to make furniture for a complete household. This did turn out to be a much bigger project than I inatially imagined and I am sorry for the long wait. I also take awful pictures for projects like this, again I am sorry.
  8. The peroxide and Listerine mouthwash are healing the infection. I'm still a wee bit grouchy because it still has a wee bit of tenderness, but the swelling is almost completely gone. I am trying to take pictures of the Rustic set that is finally finished, but seriously I am horrible at it. Anyone want the files and is willing to take the pictures for me? Mine are truly terrible! I am almost at the point of going into S4S and taking pictures from there.
  9. No worries. I went through all the single beds in S4S and found 2, and then didn't like one of them and finally decided on the other one. It needs Pets, but I am happy wth the way it has turned out. I picked the Peek-a-Boo curtains to match with the toddler bed and the CC Crib. Health wise things have not really improved and I now have an added complication, my mouth has some kind of infection and it's making eating too painful. Not really the diet plan I wanted to follow, but it is what it is. I'm using peroxide as a rinse and hot compressesto try and draw the infection out. If that doesn't work then my last resort is actually going to the dentist, something we all know is terrifying for me.
  10. That is for Sims 2 and the one I shared was for Sims 4.
  11. Sorry, I junked it. If you open S4S, click on *overide* and then click on *object* the bassinette will show up and you can export those files to a folder on your computer. A long time ago I shared a CC baby room file on here, but I can't find it. Did anyone download it? That is the one I'd like to use for the baby, instead of the bassinette. Eventually I will attempt the bassinette again, but for now it's too frustrating. The *invisible baby mod* lets you pretty much put the baby in any CC crib.
  12. Yes, Origin released a Beta Version to use to play Sims 4. I was curious which is why I downloaded and installed it. The thing is, the Beta Version doesn't have all of the files that the original Origin version has. Don't waste your time getting the Beta version. There are too many things you simply cannot do with it.
  13. Mostly I just want that farm to use to display the furniture I make, but it is still a strong temptation to actually play the game.
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