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  1. Dave has today off so he went to his new job to put in some more hours and to get to know what to do. Jake sat at the gate by the side door and whined and whined. He wanted to go with Dave. Poor sad pup.
  2. I'm not used to him being home every night, he's going to make me go bonkers! He already put in 3 hours at this job to see if he'd enjoy it and he did really like it. When the owner asked one of his other employees who they would recommend as an additional driver, he wanted Dave. So long story short, Dave agreed. All that is left for Dave to do is to give his 2 weeks notice which I think he plans to do tomorrow. He has been so frustrated with the transition at his former job because the people who do dispatch now have not been fully or properly trained. Some paperwork that the drivers need is
  3. Davey is starting a new job in a couple of weeks and I am going to need everyone to pray for me. You see he is going to be home EVERY SINGLE NIGHT....hence why I need halp!
  4. I can't get in to do this upgrade

  5. I've watched a few more YouTube videos and none I watched were going to buy it. I know I'm not buying it because it's a total waste of my money.
  6. It doesn't appear that many Simmers are happy with this new release. Makes me wonder what EA is thinking.
  7. Well I'm going to try then because I am getting confused with all my folders. Edit-that's not happening. No links seem to be working for me.
  8. Can I just put my stuff back and give the new link? Are we also still able to continue to use SFS and upload new stuffs?
  9. I know that there a lot of Stars Wars fans out there but I find this release quite disappointing.
  10. I have never even seen any Star Wars movie.
  11. Just a peek at a girl's dress I am working on.
  12. My uploads will be a few more days away as I have fallen twice and injured my right leg. Walking and sitting are a tad bit too painful. I am deeply sorry for those who have been waiting so patiently.
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