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  1. 0 downloads

    You will need this MESH and this MESH for the pants and blouse to show up in your game. The pants are from [SIMSTEFANI] and the blouse is from TSR. These pants are high waisted pants and work well with most crop tops. Any type of top that is not tucked in will have clipping issues but I don't know how to fix that problem. I found that a lace top turned out beautifully and I think it looks so classy. I have all of the game and stuff packs installed with the exception of *Star Wars* and *The Occult* and I keep my game updated and patched.
  2. 0 downloads

    You will need this MESH from Qvoix. This lovely dress needs *Get Together* to show up in your game. I really like this creator as she has so many lovely outfits. This is such a pretty dress for everyday wear for your ladies. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed with the exception of *Star Wars* and *The Occult* and I keep my game up tp date and patched.
  3. 0 downloads

    You will need this MESH What can I say, it's a skirt. It's from EP06 (Get Famous)and has been edited to make it longer in length and a higher waist which means it's a *MUST HAVE* for me There are lots of recolours and patterns but I was too lazy to take a bunch of pictures of the skirt over and over. I have all of the expansion packs and stuff packs installed with the exception of *Star Wars* and *The Occult* and I keep my game updated and patched. The blouse is from TSR and I've included my recolours with this skirt.
  4. 1 download

    You will need this MESH Sifix at TSR does have some lovely dresses. I decided to use patterns for the top and I think by doing that, my recolours are more suited to an everyday situation. However this outfit is found in everyday and formal and I did not change those settings for my recolours. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs with the exception of Star Wars and the latest one. (I can't even remember what it is called) I do keep my game updated and patched.
  5. I got the best tutorial I could find. If you want to remove some recolours, go HERE
  6. I never ever thought I would say this about a dress I found and love----but the layout is unreal. The skirt part is laid out horizontal, but the top part is laid out vertical. What this means for me is that I have to turn 99% of my patterns sideways in order for the pattern to show up correctly in the final product. Everyone here knows me, I am a typical Virgo. Challenge Accepted!
  7. I'll get to work on that but it will have to be a picture tutorial because I got the computer store to disable my camera. I even have a piece of paper stuck in front of the camera on my laptop. Funny fact, Mark Zuckerberg has one as well, a piece of paper stuck over top of his camera. I've seen pictures of it. I think I remember reading somewhere that Bill Gates does this too.
  8. I actually went ahead and renamed my recolours as numbers and it is awesome! Plus I learned something new with S4S and it's wonderful. It is by far the easiest way to delete unwanted recolours. Since I make way too many, it would be great for those who download my stuff. I'd probably have to make some kind of tutorial so if someone doesn't have S4S, they could download and install it and then use that one section to get rid of recolours they don't want.
  9. I went ahead and registered. The secret to not getting SFS to time out is to upload stuff between 1AM and 5AM. I think that too many creators are uploading during the day and that is probably why SFS times out.
  10. Well I learned something new! I back up my stuff on an external hard drive. I have way too much stuff I think to use anything else.
  11. For those people who have S4S, these files can be merged and put in their game. It was with SFS that gave me problems with the file sizes.
  12. I have no idea what you mean by Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. All I know is that I pay for high-speed internet that is provided by Bell Canada. The western area of Canada is pretty much controlled by Shaw which is an awesome company to deal with. The eastern part of Canada is controlled by either Bell or Rogers cable and both of these are quite pricey. I am in an area in my city that just happens to have the TV provided by Shaw, Bell and Rogers and Shaw is by far the best company to deal with. I would have my internet provided by Shaw if it was possible, but both Bell and Rog
  13. 8 downloads

    I love this dress but it was a pain to upload. SFS kept timing out on me so I had to take 2 files and divide them in half. I apologize for having so many files (5) for you all to download. Nothing else would work. I think this will be a lovely addition to your Sims ladies wardrobe for every day. As per my usual problem, I make way too many recolours, but one I start I go a tad bit bananas. You will need this MESH in order for this dress to show up in your game I have all of the game and stuff packs, with the exception of *Star Wars* and *The Occult* installed.
  14. I went ahead and divided the files and guess what? SFS STILL times out. I so love this dress and I am determined to get it uploaded.
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