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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Here we are with yet another cardigan. YAY! I have a very large collection of knit fabrics and this gives me an excuse to make lots and lots of recolours. I have always been in love with cowl neck sweaters. Your Sim can wear this anywhere and look very fashionable and yet very comfortable at the same time. Seriously sweaters are so versatile, and one can never have too many. I am very thankful to Birkshire for making such a lovely sweater for all of us to enjoy. You will need this MESH in order for this sweater to show up in your game. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed as well as the latest patch from Origin.
  2. The snow on our deck is now about 3 inches deep and it's still snowing. Jake has gone out numerous times, buried his ball in the snow, then dived for it. He's rolled all over the deck and gotten himself covered with snow. When he finally came in he was covered with snow and even managed to bring a good amount of snow inside with him. Naturally it melted and Jake was very disappointed. I doubt that this snow will stay, it never does this early. I tried putting dog boots on Jake, yeah that was fun, not for him, for me. He wouldn't move at all until I took them off.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    At times when I am running amok on the Internet I find an outfit that just grabs my attention. This outfit literally made me stop in my tracks and spoke to me! All I could do was envision all the patterns I wanted to use on this outfit. So I made 164 recolours. I blame this number of recolours on "5soonsims" the creator for making such a magnificent outfit. I did contact Osoon and obtained her permission to post these recolours as per her TOU. You will need the MESH in order for this outfit to show up in your game. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed as well as the latest update from Origin. Happy Simming Everyone
  4. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    https://prideprejudicesims.tumblr.com/ *I needed something cute and nerdy for a sim of mine.* You will NEED Get Famous and this *MESH* Cute? Nerdy? I beg to differ, this outfit is all kinds of awesomeness. A cardigan paired with a skirt---a CARDIGAN!!! Anyone who is familiar with my recolours knows I have a gigantic weakness for cardigans. I cannot resist any kind of cardigan and I always make way too may recolours. I do this especially when I find an outfit that I just LOVE! I also always blame the creator for the number of recolours, in this case *prideprejudicesims* for making such an amazing outfit. I made 187 recolours in case you all were wondering. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs, as well as the latest update from Origin. Happy Simming Everyone.
  5. To be rather specific, I live in South-Western Ontario, Canada. We do not live in what is referred to here as a snow-belt area. Consequently we do not get as much snow, which is why I moved from my home-town to the city I now reside in. I don't do winter sports because I actually LOATHE snow. For whatever reason, Jake's left back foot is very cold sensitive and he limps if he is outside too long. Now that's kinda sad because Jake LOVES snow. Dave used to do winter sports, but now that he is getting older, he is also sensitive to the cold and doesn't like the cold weather anymore. When he is chilly, he get's Jake and they curl up on the sofa underneath a blanket. This is why Jake is referred to as Dave's binky. When Dave is on the road, I get the house binky. Michael doesn't want Jake in his room so he never gets the house binky. We've been getting snow on and off for a couple of weeks now and usually we don't get snow until almost the middle of December. I've lived in this area for close to 40 years now and we have had 2 bad snow storms that closed schools and businesses. Yep, in 40 years only 2 snow storms! Where I lived as a kid, we'd get snowstorms on a weekly basis. But an actual snow-day was practically unheard of, one way or another we made it to school. From kindergarten to Grade 3, my cousin and I walked to school, sometimes snagging a ride with the road grader operator or the snow-plow operator. That was when I lived with my Aunt and Uncle. When my adoptive mother died in a car crash, I went back to live with my adoptive father. When he married for the third time, that wife would drive us to school when the buses were cancelled. My brother and I were the only country kids in school on those day because she couldn't stand having us at home. The thing was that because of so few kids at school, we didn't have lessons. The teachers always organized a bunch of movies for us and that's what we did on snow days. Anyways I digress, getting back to the weird weather, Jake is mighty confused. He gets all excited in the morning to see the snow, but by the afternoon the snow is gone and he just can't figure out where it went. He goes from one place to another and looks back at me with this confused look in his eyes. Meanwhile I am standing outside, shivering and wanting him to hurry up and all he wants to do is find out where the snow went. He also has the kind of fur where the snow sticks and he looks like he has a million wee snowballs stuck to his belly and legs. I just hate that, it's so hard to get all the snow off of him and keep him warm at the same time. I guess because of global warming, this kind of weather is going to be our new normal and I was curious, is anyone else experiencing similar weird weather conditions, or possibly very different from what you were used to?
  6. I went looking at Sims4 Downloads and you can find it using Affinity Sims as the search name. Took me a few minutes to figure that one out, I wasn't expecting the site name to be the key.
  7. Tonight when he was laying in his bed, that is under my desk, he was dreaming. I can sort of handle the little yelps but when they get loud or he sounds scared, I have to reach under my desk, pick him up and comfort him. For the life of me I cannot figure out what could possibly give him bad dreams. It really bothers me when he has them. Then again, I cannot go with Jake and Dave to the vet's office. When Jake gets his shots and lets out that tiny squeak, I fall apart, seriously I 😭 What is absolutely adorable is the look he gets on his face when I talk to him. His eyes get big and he smiles and he leans into me while making sure he can still see my face. His teeny tail wags furiously when I smile at him which makes me laugh, and that makes him so happy. He turned 10 this year and his eyes are getting a bit cloudy and he sometimes needs help to get up on the sofa and the bed. Outside in the backyard you would never know he is 10. He rips around the backyard at full speed. He dives into the grass and rolls around like crazy. Tonight we had chicken and naturally Jake had his own bowl of chicken. He ate half of it and then decided that getting hand-fed by daddy was preferable to eating from his bowl. There is absolutely nothing spoiled about our Jake. To think back when we first got him, this fluffy, tiny thing that had to be carried up and down the steps and insisted that he sleep ON my head.....to say he has enriched our lives beyond measure would be an understatement. To watch Dave with Jake is an incredible experience, the two of them love each other so much. My best friend Pauline, recently lost her dog, Frankie and it was very difficult to not wonder how much time we have left with Jake. Pauline is having a very rough time dealing with losing Frankie, much like I had when Bailey passed. We mostly talk on Facebook and we cry together on it as well. She is planning on coming back here at some point to spread Frankie's ashes in the dog park he loved so well. That is going to be one difficult day.
  8. Oh My Gosh! I've made it to both sites that I submitted my recolours to. https://thesimscatalog.com/sims4/ http://sims4downloads.net/ All you have to do is search *MissionMouse* I am so hoping this increases the traffic to our site. They have to come here if they want my stuff.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is a cardigan for men that came with *CITY LIVING*so you need that pack, but not a mesh. I did make mine a wee bit different, only the front has a design, the back and sleeves are the same pattern. I think this is a very sharp looking cardigan, then again I am a huge lover of cardigans I have all of the expansion and stuff packs as well as the latest update from Origin installed. I hope you have fun with my designs. Happy Simming Everyone
  10. It's fixed now. Sorry about that.
  11. My dog is Every morning after he goes outside, if he pees, he gets a weiner as a treat. Lately Dave has been home every night because his work has him training new drivers. He doesn't like it very much and when he gets home his mood changes when he sees how excited Jake is to see him. The problem I am having is I never know if Jake has already gone outside and then gotten his treat because Dave leaves at weird times. Mostly when I am not awake. So it turns out Jake has been scamming me for a second weiner Yesterday morning I got scammed, wanna know how I know? He didn't gobble the weiner down like he does normally. Nope, my funny little scammer decided to traumatize his treat instead of hovering it. He dropped it by the patio door, on the mat and stared at it for a few seconds. Then the crazies struck, with NO warning at all. He grabbed that weiner and raced into the living room, jumped on the couch, then back onto the floor where he barked and barked at it. Then he did the zoomies all around the kitchen and living room. When he'd get to where the weiner was laying, he'd either bark at it or attack it. It's already dead, but he seemed to think he had to kill it. This went on for 20 minutes and when he was finally finished with all that nuttiness he was too tired to actually eat the weiner. He had a nap for a couple of hours and when he woke up he casually walked over and ate it. Me? I was It was terrific morning entertainment. It reminded me of the Road Runner and Wylie Coyote. It was the *Jake cartoons* time I think. He also does this thing when he is getting snuggled, he dips his head and tucks it under my chin and lets out this lovely little sigh. He'll stay like that for a while and then he moves his head to rest on my shoulder and goes to sleep. It almost reduces me to tears of happiness when he does that. At bedtime he either lays on my pillow or gets under the covers as close to me as possible without getting inside my skin. Usually he is under my chin, on his back and he gets tummy scritches and falls asleep. When he does things like that, it is impossible not to fall in love with him, over and over.
  12. I've actually been tweaking it for a few days now but I am pleased with the results so far.
  13. I tried something this morning at 6:00AM! Every so often I find an outfit that I just want to recolour so badly, but then the mesh turns out to be 2048 X 4096 😡 I do not want to have to resize the patterns that I think would look great. I have my pattern files in folders for the correct size I am working with---like 512 X 512 and 1024 X 1024 and 1024 X 2048. That took me a long time to do and I did that because when I am doing recolours, I am the kind of person who needs to see what I am working with. Besides I have no idea how to add my patterns to Paint Shop. My skills are somewhat limited but I manage! I came across this skirt and top and I want to redo it so much but the mesh was size 2048 X 4096 and that ticked me off. So I resized the outfit to 1024 X 2048, and went ahead and did my thing. I fully expected it to look like a frankenrecolour, to my absolute delight; it worked! I get way to excited when I find an outfit that I can use with all the coordinating patterns I have.
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