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  1. *The grouch* has been fed and he even played with Jake for a bit. There is currently Lambchop foam stuffing spread about the living room. Poor thing is going to need some surgery to close the huge rip in her back. She's kinda like a Timex watch, she takes a beating and keeps on getting repaired only to repeat the scenario over and over. She is most definitely Jake's favourite toy. I'm plugging away on new clothing for Sims 4.
  2. Here when you sign up for unemployment insurance to cover your time unemployed, they automatically sign you up for this service called *Job Alerts* Due to Dave's history the only alerts he gets is for long haul trucking and he doesn't want to do that. The problem with him turning down an offer could disqualify him from getting any monies. Yep, this is gonna be very interesting and hugely stressful. I did find some Sims 4 clothing I never got around to uploading to SFS, if I can stay focused I can get them uploaded. Thing is, I can only upload when Dave is sleeping and not on
  3. That is a lot of snow! We have only had 2 snowfalls like that in all the years I have lived in Kitchener.
  4. It will be wonky and have problems, but a lot of fans will buy it anyway. It depends on what stuff they have, but I rather doubt I'll buy this one.
  5. They are for Sims 4 and I just love this outfit. Hopefully in the next few days I can get them finished and then uploaded. It depends on the grouch who is currently impersonating the man formerly known as Dave.
  6. It's been a scary few days here because we found some weird bumps on Jake. I called the vet to get an appointment and Dave and Jake just got back. Jake's weird bumps are just a minor skin irritation. I have been so stressed and worried because Jake is getting older, he's now 11. Thankfully he is a pretty spirited wee fella for his age. Still doing completely nutty stuff that has us in stitches. His latest goofy move is to go over to the baby gate and let out an extremely loud burp. The look of pride on his face when this feat is accomplished is hilarious to us. He is so proud to be able
  7. As you can see, my hope to upload some Christmas content went and disappeared. I have this stupid cough that feels like a cold but it didn't go into a full blown cold. Nope, just possibly 50 loud sneezes daily, with so many coughs I couldn't keep count. Then I'm suddenly quite hot which changes rapidly to really, really cold. I feel like I'm back in menopause but this time I have company--Jake has had a very upset tummy and I have banned Dave from sharing food with Jake. Dave forgets that the meat he shares with Jake cannot have spices, not even salt and pepper. I fed Jake some plain sweet pot
  8. A very Blessed Happy New year to Everyone. As I look back at 2020 I have come to the conclusions that it was a time of trials and testing for the entire world and those things have followed this world into 2021. All of us are suffering from Covid fatigue but we must soldier on and pray for this troubled world. The sheer number of people who have lost a loved one to this terrible virus is staggering and we must remember those people in our prayers. As difficult as it will be, I will pray for Donald Trump, who I now see as a very troubled and lost soul. Time passes quicker it se
  9. Yep, I made some cookies....3 dishwasher loads later..... The worst part, I tried using my new cookie press. Final Score: Cookie Press 10 Karen- BIG FAT ZERO! Giving it to our friend Sandy. My next baking attempt will be----NEVER!!!
  10. My family also wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. It is our prayer that all continue to be blessed by our beloved Father with good health, enough to eat and a place to call home that is safe and warm. We also pray for those who do not yet know the joy and love of God, that they may come to accept Him and join all who believe in the hope of salvation. As we share our hopes for Christmas and the New Year, let us be as we are at Christmas, the rest of the year.
  11. All this time I have thought I have led a very boring life I am hoping to upload some Christmas content foe Sims 2 and Sims 4, but I'm not sure if I can get them both finished in time. This Christmas Dave and I will be on our own for the first time in all our 27 years together. Oh wait 3 or 4 years ago we were both quite sick and we stayed home then and basically slept through Christmas. That one was weird because it was the first time we were sick at the same time. We are just baking a ham this year because there would be way too much leftover if I made a turkey with the stuff
  12. The former Grouch has been replaced with Houdini. Dave got the OK to go back to work and now he just keeps mysteriously disappearing. I mean I know he goes to work now, it's when he gets home that he vanishes. One minute he is in the living room and I am talking to him from the kitchen and I go into the livingroom and he's not even there anymore. When did he get to be so quiet going upstairs and downstairs? Plus why isn't Jake either sitting at the baby gate, or sitting facing the upstairs? The least Jake could do is let me know where Dave went. Nope, Jake is far too busy napping!
  13. 19 downloads

    Quite a long time ago I did recolours for this dress and somehow in all my searching, I couldn't find them. So I made new recolours. This dress comes in 4 parts because of the sizes of the rars. The mesh is also in that folder and you have to download it for these dresses to show up in your game. All of the dresses are also *Elder* enabled, meaning they show up in your elder game content. These dresses are in the *Formal* category because I think the jacket makes them look like an outfit you'd wear for an evening out. There are some Christmas designs as well as other patterns. I have The
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