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  1. Mission Mouse

    A First for Me

    You made me so loud, I woke up Jake. Things have been so busy here, been trying some new recipes and I am actually going to a party tomorrow with Dave. I have to make honey-garlic meatballs and I also want to make my tuna-macaroni salad and deviled eggs. Dave's friend Paul was in a horrible accident and for a few days it was touch and go. He's recovering but it's going to be a long process and the party is for him and his wife. When Dave had his accident with his bike, Paul came to his rescue. I kinda want to also make some lasagna for them to take home so one day when Sandy is not wanting to cook, they have a home-cooked meal.
  2. Mission Mouse

    Beck's [JA]Amelia Crib - Converted to a Toddler Bed

    This is totally awesome, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!
  3. Mission Mouse

    New Expansion

    Has anyone else got the new expansion pack yet? I'm still exploring it. It does have some rather interesting clothing, but I am not a fan of gold gilded furniture.
  4. Mission Mouse

    A First for Me

    I have never ever blown up anything in my microwave......until tonight. The honey had hardened in it's container and I had made cornbread and wanted some to drizzle on it. So I got Michael to put the honey in the microwave and told him 2 minutes instead of the usual 20 seconds. Then we heard this weird bang, lo and behold the container of honey SPLODED! Michael and I cleaned up the mess and I am still laughing about it.
  5. Mission Mouse


    Version - Sims 2


    Another lovely dress from WitheredLilies This is a beautiful halter style dress but a bit longer in length than the Rock-a-Billy dress I uploaded a while back. It's a perfect addition to your Sims ladies summer wardrobe. This dress is elder enabled, meaning it will show up in both the adult and elder files of your game. I have all the stuff and expansion packs and these dresses were made using Mansion & Garden's Body Shop. Happy Simming!
  6. Mission Mouse


    Version - Sims 2


    *IMPORTANT NOTICE* These files have been changed to also be elder enabled. This outfit will now show in both adult and elder categories. Please redownload if you want this outfit for your elders as well. Continuing on with that lovely 1930 Project, today I have some recolours of what is called *Simple Dress*. I have included the mesh for convenience, but please do go HERE and get the originals. They are absolutely divine. Annie is back in all her Maxis glory with the exception of her outfits, as usual. I have all EP's and Stuff Packs and these recolours were made using Mansion and Garden's Body Shop. I hope your Sims enjoy these new recolours as much as my Annie does.
  7. Mission Mouse


    Version - Sims 2


    *IMPORTANT NOTICE* These files have been changed to also be elder enabled. This outfit will now show in both the adult and elder categories. Please redownlaod if you want thhis outfit in both categories. This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Clothing Recolour. Continuing on with the lovely 1930 Project, here are some recolours of the Saddle Shoes and Skirt. Once again Annie is modeling my recolours and she is all Maxis content with the exception of her outfits. I have all EP's and Stuff Packs and these recolours were made using Mansion and Garden's Body Shop. Please go HERE for the creators original recolours of this wonderful skirt. I hope you Sims like these skirts as much as my Annie does.
  8. I did kind of find out that you can't add colours. You can play around with the gradient tool and add a shade, but then when you play around some more and add another shade, it replaces the first shade. It's not the best paint for making bedding because you just can't get a proper contrast or match to patterns you get from the net. I love that I know how to make bedding, but I can't honestly say that the bedding I created is something I am completely happy with., I'd love to have more colour options. But if that's not possible, oh well. I'd like to learn how to make layers on the bed, like a real quilt with a border. I did find this wonderful site for raiding for pictures, and I also found the site I was looking for that features a local artist. Then I found Norman Rockwell's posters and paintings. I still want to find some Currier and Ives, I love those. I do have a question, how difficult is it to learn how to recolour curtains? I want to learn how to make a particular curtain pick up the bedding textures, and then Inge made this curtain I really like. She made the regular one and then the diagonal one, but only the regular one has ever had any recolours done. I'd like to learn how to make the diagonal curtain pick up the colours I have for the regular curtain. Oh, I almost forgot, I played around in Jasc and I learned how to make the pictures I saved from my raiding quest have sharper details and look clearer. Wow, what a difference that makes.
  9. I poked around in it for a bit cause I was curious. Can you add colours to mspaint? If you can, how do you do that?
  10. I seem to have Jasc paint.. (for free, I think) I had to laugh earlier, I was emptying out my recycle bin on the laptop and when I clicked on it, it asked if I wanted to scan it with Jasc paint. I just sat there for a minute and asked, "Now why would I want to do that?" I still haven't figured that one out, but it made me
  11. For me as a beginner, I will be removing my downloads folder. It would be way too overwhelming for me to try and figure out what is what in SimPE with all my downloads. Rebeca, I just love you so much. (I'm kissing up because I know I'm gonna be a pain)