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  1. David and I did discuss going to his friend's restaurant and then David decided it just wasn't safe for me. Here in Ontario there is talk of a resurgence of the virus in the fall. The worst thing for me right now is my hair----it so badly needs cutting. My bangs are past my nose and if I comb my hair straight, all the way across I could be mistaken for a distant relative of Cousin IT from the Addam's Family.
  2. Ok, so I am nosy. I am wondering since the rules around Covid 19 are starting to relax, has anyone here gone out to an outdoor patio, a bar, or a restaurant or even the beach? I admit that I am still too concerned and so I have not done any of those things. When I did go to the clinic for my knee, I wore my mask and the seating was 6 feet apart. Also had to answer this questionnaire and all my answers were No. As soon as we got home I tossed the clothes I was wearing into the laundry and got in the shower. I've been chatting with my one cousin and we discovered we both have the same blood type so we decided that if either of us ever needs blood, the other will come and give their blood. *J* wants to keep it in the family as she has some serious health issues. Jake just snorted at me I don't even know what I did to deserve that! ( I snorted back)
  3. My uploads will be a few more days away as I have fallen twice and injured my right leg. Walking and sitting are a tad bit too painful. I am deeply sorry for those who have been waiting so patiently.
  4. Rebecah you and I should move in together. We could take turns with pain.
  5. What to do, what to do?? I have this one girl's dress that is pretty much my all time favourite and I kinda went a tad bit overboard with the recolours.
  6. My one Grandmother was Mennonite which is self-explanatory, and my other Grandmother, well when they were in fashion she wore hot pants. She looked awesome but I daresay she would not dress like one of the Kardashions. Maybe it's just my family, but I do know that none of the female cousins or female cousins by marriage dress in skimpy clothing. Perhaps my family is just very old fashioned. The church we all attended believed our bodies were temples from God and so we were taught to treat them as such and the emphasis was on modesty and self-respect. I don't think that is the way that church still preaches as we all know times change and to keep attendance up, the church does try and change to keep up. The Mennonite girls I grew up with for example, all wore both make-up and jewelry, while their mothers never did. My Mennonite Grandparents did not wear wedding bands, but when my dad married their daughter, both her and my dad wore wedding bands. I once cross-stitched a picture for my Mennonite Grandma, it said: *Some Grandmas ride in limousines Some Grandma's live in house fit for Queens But my Grandma is best by far Because she fills her cookie jar.* Yep, that was my Mennonite granny to a *T*. Nothing store bought, everything home made. They even made home made root beer and ice cream. Oh those were the best days of summer back then.
  7. Well we got the rain but Jake didn't seem to hear the thunder very well. It wasn't the big booming kind just rumbles occasionally. He'd lift his head, look around and then tuck himself back in my arms and go back to sleep. I know the rumblies did bother him but not like booming thunder does. The first sound of the rumblies and he was begging to be held. So no screenshots got done because it was more important to hold my wee dog. Cuddles come before anything else!
  8. Yeah, 110F is a wee bit too hot! My heart goes out to anyone who doesn't have access to some kind of air conditioning. So I got all the recolours finished in S4S and now all that's left for me to do is load them into my game and take screenshots. That is actually my least favourite thing to do. I've heard some thunder in the background and it's possible we may get a storm. I know there are severe storm warnings for my area. If we do happen to get one, Jake will need his *thundershirt* put on. Those things actually do work wonders for Jake. Now if they just made the same thing for people....
  9. The production factory is up an running but it will be 2 or 3 days before the uploads start. My stupid knee is giving me major problems and I can only sit for a few hours at a time before the throbbing becomes too intense. Then I have no choice but to take a painkiller, rub on some A535 lotion and then lay the heating pad on my stupid knee to get a bit of relief for a few hours. Once the throbbing stops I am back at finishing my recolours in S4S. That might not be the best idea. making recolours while on pain pills. It was brutally hot today *110 Degrees F.* Jake would only go outside to go to the bathroom and then he'd come running back inside. There are some places on our floor that are really cold due to the central air, and he'd find one and just flop down on it. In the meantime there was Dave, laying on the couch under a blanket! That's the problem with him being so thin, he has no layers of insulation. Sadly I have more than I need.
  10. Gayars, I lost the link and sign in information for your Discord. I don't actually mind Windows 10 except for that fact that an update killed my hard drive a while back and getting that repaired by Geek Squad was a total nightmare. If that ever happens again I am just going to buy a new computer. I am still finding garbage that Geek Squad installed that I have to get rid of. I will never set foot in Best Buy again. I am going to stick to Staples from now on.
  11. I think it is quite possible that this quarantine has aged me and not slowly either. This is serious I scrolled through my favourite site looking for more outfits to recolour. As stuff loads onto my screen, this is me! (minus the beard of course) What is with the very skimpy clothings? Does everyone's grandma dress like Kim Kardashian? The *Less is More* really only applies to make-up as far as I am concerned. I found myself asking myself why bother creating that? It's barely there I swear some stuff is just a strategic piece of ribbon placed here and there. I hope I don't get cremated in those outfits. Then again I have no problem getting cremated in my jammies! Think about it, do you want to be sashaying around in eternity in a fancy formal ball gown with 3 inch stilettos or something comfortable? I'm opting for comfort. I just love those creators who don't want you to recolour their stuff. Now why is that? Are they afraid someone else will put together patterns that are prettier? In my humble opinion when a creator makes something and it is recoloured, that is a vary sincere compliment to the creator. If I don't like it I don't download it to recolour. I do admit every so often as seeing that *Do Not Recolour* as a challenge. I'M OLD, I AM ALLOWED TO BE CROTCHETY! ( Is 61 old?) With one or two exceptions, notably GorillaGorillaGorilla and Rusty, I skip those that use Ad-Fly. Then I also add the link for Google that you download to skip Ad-Fly. I found myself going, tsk, tsk, tsk at some clothing, pretty sure that is an old lady thing. It's also something I only started doing which is why I think this quaranting is aging me. There are some aged women living on my street and by aged I mean in their 80's and I just keep picturing them going to the grocery store in see through skirts and barely there crop tops. I've near killed myself laughing so hard. All they need is that bright blue neon coloured hair and they're good to go! (As a side note I do kinda wanna recolour my hair neon purple) I can only hope that I never appear in public dressed that badly and if I do then you will all know I have lost my mind entirely. Please see to it that my next stop is a care home for If you are in a rush for time and want to save Dave the money for a care home, a speeding big truck will also do nicely.
  12. I don't know what update it was that erased ALL of my sign in information for EVERY site I have joined, but yeah that just happened. On a positive note, I have made so many new patterns to use and looking today I have also found some gorgeous new things to do. Does anyone need Jake snuggles and kisses, apparently he has suddenly developed a surplus. 🐶 He is also back on my bed when I sleep and wants cuddles as he falls asleep. I now have quite a few outfits I want to recolour but this stupid *too much iron in my blood* also causes extreme tiredness and I am constantly fighting a losing battle with a lot of nap attacks. It's very annoying and I hope that specialist calls soon so I can get this thing resolved. The funny thing about the nap attacks is that Jake absolutely loves them. He snuggles in under my chin and every so often he turns a wee bit and I get kisses. In return he gets gentle belly rubs and scritches. Yep, he is a very happy dog!
  13. Yep, I am fine. It was actually hilarious after a bit because the critter was so small it couldn't have done any damage to me. I was telling Dave what had happened and he's almost rolling on the floor. Dave went to see his motorcycle club buddies for a bit tonight and he came back with a lobster. Then he say to me, "Do you like lobster?" I asked him, "In our 27 years together, have you ever seen me eat lobster?" You can almost see the wheels turning in his brain and then he says, "No." Then he says, "Wanna try some?" I'm looking at him and wondering why he is so dense. After 27 years I know what he will eat and what he won't eat and what he won't even taste and he still cannot remember what I like and what I don't. Is this a man thing? I can even tell the difference with Jake's barks and Dave has no clue he has different barks. Last weekend he came in the house with some lilacs that he had cut off our lilac trees. He forgot that I don't like cut flowers. The thing is, I can go outside and sit under the lilacs and just breathe the scent in and it calms me and he has seen me do that many times. He knows I will not cut any off and bring them inside and he knows why I won't. I love flowers, but I prefer to see them in gardens, not vases. Somedays I have to restrain myself from burying him in the backyard.
  14. Well whoever calls themself? Like "Hey I am calling to remind me to....." just doesn't happen. Yesterday Jake was out on the deck and he was barking but it was his angry bark. That particular bark always concerns me because sometimes kids tease him. Well it wasn't kids, something was underneath our bar-b-cue and Jake wanted it OFF HIS DECK! I am the worst person for going barefoot pretty much all the time, and without giving it any thought I went out onto the deck. Still not using my brain for it's intended use, I moved the bar-b-cue to see what was under it, kinda expecting a leaf to move.....NOPE-NOT A LEAF!! Wee tiny critter ran across my foot, I never had any idea I could jump that high.
  15. My pattern collection is growing by leaps and bounds and I can feel the excitement and anticipation of creating starting to build. There are also some things I want to redo from Sims 2 since I now have so many different patterns. Old age is getting annoying. Today I found out that something made all my passwords disappear and silly me didn't have them saved anywhere. So I am trying to get on Facebook and need to use my cell phone number and password. Couldn't remember that password at all. So to get a code to access my account I had to say which way I wanted them to send it to me. First I picked e-mail, but no link ever showed up in my e-mail. Then I had to use my cell number and I know you all won't believe this but I used the WRONG number. Not only that but because I never got a message on my cell, I went and did it a second time. Still no code so I checked the number I thought was mine..... Normally this would not be such a big deal, but I happened to do this at 3:00AM!!!!! I imagine I made someone very Whoever you are, I am so very sorry.
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