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  1. Happy Mother's Day from my family.
  2. Today the yard was finally dry enough to let Jake have free reign over it. He just went bonkers, racing all over and repeatedly rolling in the grass. Guess who's gonna need a bath? He also got to scare a couple of people who walked by the back fence. He is a devious one, he waits until they are about 2 feet past the beginning of the fence and then lets out these loud ferocious sounding barks. Both of his victims were quite startled but Jake was so pleased with himself. Once again he was successful in frightening away a would be axe murderer from his domain. Yep, my ferocious protector, death from the ankles down. These days cause he really needs a haircut if I just lay him on his back and stick a broomstick handle in his tummy he also doubles as a mop. I'm kidding!! I was just walking around the back yard picking up stray twigs and empty walnut shells and I came close to some kind of flowers, have no idea what they are as they haven't bloomed yet and something in there jumped. Yep, scared me so much, I jumped. No, I did not investigate Jake didn't see or hear it cause he was occupied defending his turf from would-be invaders and I didn't take him and show him. I think it might be a nest of wild rabbits. We get them in our back yard sometimes. If it isn't, I'll live without knowing what lurks in the unknown flower patch. Our resident chipmunk came out to gather up the seeds I put in his doorway. Well what do you call the entrance to his home? I think he has a wife cause I saw something else scamper inside the opening and it didn't get kicked out. Thing is it didn't look like a .chipmunk so it's also possible he is just renting out some spare room he built. He is after all a very industrious chipmunk. He's quite clever as well as he has managed to elude Jake. Chippy (as we call him and yes it is quite the original name) ran across my barefoot last summer and I don't know which one of us was more startled, him or me? I can tell you chipmunks have the softest feet. My neighbour was out in her back yard as well and I called over to her and asked how she was. Didn't get any response, but as we all know *crazy* is so much more contagious than the corona virus. That is sarcasm by the way. She hasn't talked to me in years, not since Dave told her I had a breakdown and that was why I didn't work anymore. It must have been *Mow the lawn* day on our street. Seemed like everyone was out mowing their lawns. I let Jake look out the front door and he did a few barks, not too many. I think he was telling them all to work those leg muscles. I can't be sure, sometimes I feel my translation of woof, woof woof, is a tad bit off. Also, I have found the perfect support ribbon we can all wear, plus it is so easy to make..... Stay safe everyone!
  3. Oh Alet, that is PERFECT!
  4. I have learned so much these past few days scouring the net for solutions to problems I'm experiencing. The thing is I never had as many problems as I have been having ever since I got my laptop repaired by the Geek Squad. They put stuff on my laptop that I would never have allowed them to if they had asked me. For the most part most of the Windows updates just mess with my PaintShop Pro 20, the updates keep putting it back to the factory settings. On a positive note, since I have been scouring the net I have managed to find quite a few of the Sims 4 stuff I had downloaded to recolour. I have had some good chuckles at some stuff I have seen. When some clothing is made it barely covers the essentials and I just shake my head and ask myself why do they even bother. It's a good thing Sims have no idea what they are wearing.
  5. I do have that option, but I am not computer savvy enough to know which ones to choose.
  6. I use hand sanitizer in all the offices I have appointments at if they have it out. I also have some in my purse along with some folded paper towels, spare clear plastic gloves and a ziplock bag to put the cloths and gloves that I have used. I discard the bag and what is in it as soon as I get home. Parking lots of businesses that are allowed to remain open are littered with disposable masks, gloves and wipes. It's absolutely disgusting for people to be tossing those things on the ground. On top of the one cabinet we have just inside the side door sits a very large bottle of hand sanitizer. I seem to be the only one that uses it and I use it a few times daily. I read yesterday that when the winter flu season comes along it will include the corona virus. The Doctor called it the second wave and claimed it would be deadlier that what we are experiencing now. I may never leave my house again. I have to stop reading these kinds of things as I am experiencing huge scale panic attacks and my anxiety, that was under control is not any longer. What I don't do is let either Dave or Mike know what I am now going through. I just hate asking Dave to go out and get things for us, it scares me that he could get sick. Also I just discovered that Jake has become a hoarder! He's been hiding his nightly treat behind the sofa. There are 6 of them........no more news watching for him!
  7. For me Windows 10 updates are a pain. They tend to make changes that I have to constantly undo and set them to how I want them. It's also trying to find things because Windows 10 has put files in the strangest places. It's like putting peanut butter in the freezer, why would one do that?????
  8. Hi LilSister, it's so nice to see your post. You have been missed. Today we found out we don't qualify for government assistance and I am happy that we don't. I found another cannister of Lysol wipes in the bottom cupboard of our bathroom. Mike went through his stuff and found some disinfectant cleaning stuff and Dave has this huge container in the basement. We won't be running out of that kind of cleaner for a long time. No one seems to know why any of this stuff was originally purchased or even when. I've done some research and found some attachments that can convert a toilet to a bidet and I am giving that some serious consideration. We don't have enough space in our bathroom for a bidet, hence the conversion kits research. It's disturbingly quiet on our streets, it's like we have almost become a ghost town. I sort of think that is the new normal for everyone. I read a piece where this Doctor thinks no one should ever shake hands again, ever. I good with that, never did like it anyway. I have never liked anyone touching me that I do not know very well. I have always hated being hugged as a type of greeting too, that is very personal to me. Mind you if I ever get the chance to meet any of you, yeah, I'll hug! I'making great progress with making new patterns, hence the lack of uploads. I am still far away from my original total of 10,000 patterns. That will not happen to me again. As soon as I get 50 patterns made I copy them to my external hard drive. Some of my favourite patterns I cannot find at all which makes me a bit sad, but I have found so many new and pretty ones, it's hard to remain too sad for very long. Our neighbours are building a new shed in their backyard and Jake seems to think he is their foreman. I told them his barking translates to "Looking good!" No way am I gonna tell them he is probably saying, "Keep the noise down, it's my naptime."
  9. Today I found some Sims 2 items converted to Sims 4 that I had completely forgotten about. I was so excited I forgot to eat lunch. My BAD! I also found in a file I hadn't really looked into a ton of Sims 2 stuff. I have so many projects to keep me busy until I'm probably 100 years old.
  10. I finally got the Sims2 Ultimate Collection downloaded. Then I needed to find all those programs I needed. I totally forgot I needed SimPE. I am keeping very busy making new patterns because I found some really pretty patterns that I want to use in both Sims4 and Sims2. I really need new glasses, this eye strain is giving me some wicked headaches, but I don't even know if the place I want to gt them from is allowed to be open. I want the ones that have that tint on them for computer screens and so far I have only found one place where I live to get them.
  11. Rebecah, plastic cling wrap will also keep out crumbs if you snack at your desk like I do. We hear motorcycles just ripping down the street that runs along the back part of our yard. These idiots are speeding like mad. Motorcycles are out in force because that's one type of transportation where the rider is usually by themselves. Dave is now down to working half days which makes us eligible for monetary assistance. However we have not filed our taxes in 2 years and I would rather be able to do that and use our refunds to see us through. The only problem there is that we use an accountant to do our taxes so I am not sure how we get the paperwork to her. Not seeing an abundance of any kind of wildlife in our backyard, but it is completely fenced in. We do have some rabbits though, so we are careful to check first before we let Jake in the backyard. He usually patrolled the back fence and went bonkers if someone walked by or someone was walking their dog. Yesterday he didn't even run, he just paced back and forth waiting for a victim. I've watched videos on you tube where people are filming wild animals roaming around their neighbourhoods. I've also seen videos showing rivers that are wonderfully clean and clear. I think it was China and India that showed skies without the usual dense pollution. I suppose it's true that every cloud has a silver lining, but the thing is: once this virus has run its course mankind will automatically revert to its previous behaviour. The weather here is getting nice so I am going outside and sitting on my deck stairs while Jake roams his kingdom. I'm pretty sure I send my neighbours into a large scale panic when I cough which kinda bothers me. I called my cousin and she is thinking about fostering a dog so more spaces can be freed up and I told her to do that. Then I told her to also be prepared to adopt the dog because she would fall in love with it. She started laughing and then asked me how I knew that would happen. I told her the dog would use his or her puppy dog eyes and melt her heart. I told her not to let that keep her from fostering a dog since a dog will add so much to her now single life. Aside from that she will have a companion so she won't feel so alone. She told me everyone in the family is fine, no one has contracted the virus as of yet. I'm keeping everyone in my prayers.
  12. I sure hope Rebecah can answer this because my brain knows I know the answer, but it won't tell me.
  13. I got on to SFS. I keep forgetting to start downloading Sims 2 when I am the only one up and on the internet.
  14. So the list of business that can stay open is weird and the list of businesses that have to close is just common sense. The liquor stores get to stay open because anyone with an alcohol type disease would suffer unnecessarily. Like yeah, they would be forced to get sober. Since I was previously married to an alcoholic, I am really not sympathetic towards them. We have had the weirdest day here, one minute everyone is laughing and the next minute someone is quite grouchy. The only normal one is Jake unless we forget to give him his treats. Everyone here is taking more naps than usual, but think that is due to boredom. I banned Netfix because of all those parents stuck at home with small children. They need access more than we adults do. Rebecah, when you get your computer back, drape some plastic wrap over the keyboard and then tape it down. No more stuff can get inside the keyboard if you do that. Mine always has cling wrap taped over the keyboard. You do have to replace it periodically cause it will develop holes. Also my prayers for Kevin and his fellow soldiers continue. Alet, our government has been announcing aid packages to several kinds of business and small businesses to help get them through these difficult times. Some essential businesses are even paying their staff $2.00 an hour more. For individuals forced to stay home, there are financial assistance programs they can use to help. Our national debt when this all is over will be staggering.
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