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  1. That is for Sims 2 and the one I shared was for Sims 4.
  2. Sorry, I junked it. If you open S4S, click on *overide* and then click on *object* the bassinette will show up and you can export those files to a folder on your computer. A long time ago I shared a CC baby room file on here, but I can't find it. Did anyone download it? That is the one I'd like to use for the baby, instead of the bassinette. Eventually I will attempt the bassinette again, but for now it's too frustrating. The *invisible baby mod* lets you pretty much put the baby in any CC crib.
  3. Yes, Origin released a Beta Version to use to play Sims 4. I was curious which is why I downloaded and installed it. The thing is, the Beta Version doesn't have all of the files that the original Origin version has. Don't waste your time getting the Beta version. There are too many things you simply cannot do with it.
  4. Mostly I just want that farm to use to display the furniture I make, but it is still a strong temptation to actually play the game.
  5. That happened to me when I used their BETA version, but it hasn't happened to me since I stopped using that version. As for the bassinette, it has a mask file. but no shadow file. I did come across a weird explanation about the bassinette, it and the baby are treated as objects even though the Sims interact with the baby. I don't understand the explanation, but that is what I found. I'm not sure but I think because Sims have interactions with objects that this is the way the interactions work with the infant. I think it might have something to do with the infant not being able to walk and stuff like that. Until the infant transitions into a toddler all they can do is eat, cry and dirty their diaper. The game simply does not recognize the infant as a Sim until it ages up. I still can't get the bassinette to recolour properly so I may wind up using a crib I found but all CC Cribs need that invisible baby mod and I am having trouble finding that.
  6. Which expansion and stuff packs don't you have? Thanks for the tip for the mask and shadow files.
  7. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong but my bassinetted recolours have this black part.....may take a while before I get this right. On a completely different topic, at MTS I found the most beautiful farm I have ever seen and I may wind up playing this game after all. No CC-Medieval Farm made by plumbobkingdom HERE In my opinion, this is the BEST lot ever built and the ONLY lot that makes me want to actually play Sims 4.
  8. Now I am having FUN! I do have to pick a curtain set for the toddler-kid bed and the basinette. First I read that you could only have 4 recolours in a new default basinette, then I found someone who made 20 recolours and they all show up in the game. Then at MTS I learned that you can also recolour the baby outfit, but the last Origin update borked the baby outfits. Someone else made a fix, but it's a really long process and I'm not sure I want to give that a shot. Someone else supposedly made a stand-alone, non-default bassinette, but I couldn't find it. For now I'm on enough of a new learning curve and I want to get comfortable with that first.
  9. I GOT IT!!!! In S4S in the object section, there is a button that says *Overide* The bassinette shows up in S4S when you select that option. I've never selected that option mostly because I had no idea how it worked. I didn't want to mess up anything. However after being up most of the day yesterday and all night last night, it hit me---TRY THAT OPTION! I near fell off my chair when the bassinette showed up.
  10. I feel a tad bit stupid....I got the Beta version that Origin put out and it's the original version that is needed to play the game properly. That was the solve I needed to resolve the picture taking. As for the curtains, all my efforts paid off and I have just one set left to make in S4S, and I still have to make the toddler bed and then pick a curtain for the patterns I am going to use. What I did not want to do was to use a Custom Content item for a bed for the babies but I see no other way to solve that issue. I found a crib that I think will work quite well but I am still a tad bit disappointed.
  11. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to recolour the default baby bassinette and I cannot find any kind of tutorial that takes me through, step by step. Right now I am an angry Marvin the Martian
  12. The biggest headache.......these curtains from Pets. I am on my fifth correction. Compared to the Knifty Knitting Rocking chair, yeah, these curtains are making me The extremely stubborn Virgo in me, will not let me give up! The other thing I cannot figure out is how to turn the game to get a different angle. I can zoom in and out and go from right to left, but I can't turn and I don't know why. Does playing in Windowed mode have anything to do with that? The picks I need to take for uploading are going to look absolutely horrendous.
  13. I am working on a HUGE new project. It is the Rustic Furniture set, BUT I wanted a complete set so I also included some non-Rustic items. I redid the University Desk and Chair in the woods I used for the Rustic Furniture. Using those same woods, I also did the Knifty Knitting Rocker. To round thing out I also did some Base Game items in those woods as well. As I said, this is a HUGE project as every item was redone in 4 wood recolours. I am still working on the curtains that came with the Pets pack. There are 4 wood recolours that I usually use so it's going to take some time to get them finished in S4S and then uploaded. My plan is to have 4 folders with each complete set in each folder so you can choose which wood recolour you want.
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