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  1. These are beautiful. Added them to my project files for recolouring too.
  2. You have been very busy, I can see I have a lot to keep me busy too!
  3. You did an amazing job. It will be a while before I get some recolours done.
  4. I remember these and I am so pleased that you did them for Sims 4.
  5. 25 downloads

    Click Here for Link to images Click Here for Link to Slideshow
  6. 73 downloads

    Here is another Sims4 outfit converted to a Sims 2 outfit. All of the files are *Elder Enabled*, cause that is what I do. This is a cute outfit for hanging around in on a warm summer day, it's perfect for that summer bar-b-cue get together with friends and family. I categorized this as an everyday outfit. I forgot!! These outfits were made using the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Bodyshop. .
  7. 80 downloads

    MDP converted this Sims 4 top for Female ADULTS to Sims 2, and then DeeDee comverted it to fit Teen Females. If you want her Elder conversion then go to DeeDee's site and download it. I prefer my Adult Female Sims to also be Elder enabled and do not do Elder recolours. I just really like this top and used a variety of patterns, including some knits to give it a *sweater* type look.
  8. 78 downloads

    I made some Christmas Bedding, just for fun. I made sure not to go bananas on the number of patterns, there are only 21. The bed and dresser are from Cats and Dogs, the nightstand is a base game object. Click Here for Larger images Click Here for Slide Show
  9. 131 downloads

    You will need this MESH from TSR. I had a blast recolouring this dress. I think it's so cute and versatile for the ladies. I did some Christmas patterns as well. For patterns where I had a matching contrasting pattern, I used the darker one for the collar and cuffs. For the plain colours I replaced the lace collar with a lace pattern I have in my collection of lace. Your ladies can wear this dress to so many functions and look very classy.
  10. 143 downloads

    I love this dress but it was a pain to upload. SFS kept timing out on me so I had to take 2 files and divide them in half. I apologize for having so many files (5) for you all to download. Nothing else would work. I think this will be a lovely addition to your Sims ladies wardrobe for every day. As per my usual problem, I make way too many recolours, but one I start I go a tad bit bananas. You will need this MESH in order for this dress to show up in your game I have all of the game and stuff packs, with the exception of *Star Wars* and *The Occult* installed.
  11. 145 downloads

    Finally, my first upload for Sims 2 after a long time. I found these wonderful patterns and just couldn't wait to use them but I wanted to use them on SPX's wicker patio set. I really like how the multi coloured rattan patterns look on this set. Rebecah for the proper SimPe tool as mine was borked. to gayars who helped me fix my Sims2 game after it wouldn't load and even got me the correct information that fixed my CAS screen and helped me to now play the game off-line. to the amazing friends I have here at Affinity who prayed for and encouraged me while I had a melt-down when my game went bad and I had to uninstall and then re-install it.
  12. 220 downloads

    Quite a long time ago I made a set of recolours for SimPlanX (SPX) wicker outdoor furniture. After my laptop crash and having to replace my hard drive I was absolutely shocked and delighted to find these files. I don't even remember making them and have no clue why I never uploaded them. There are 2 sets and both sets contain the necessary meshes. If you have my original recolours, just delete the mesh files included with these sets.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    You will need the MESH I don't tend to recolour shorter dresses, but this one is a bit fun and a tad bit flirty. I did make one small adjustment, I made the bow a solid colour so it would stand out more. I have to admit that I absolutely love this style of sleeves. I have all the Sims4 expansion and stuff packs and these were made using Sims4Studio. Happy Simming Everyone!
  14. 513 downloads

    After days and days of practice I finally got the hang of making walls and floors. I even found a pattern for Green Eggs and Ham and just for fun I had to make that one. I don't actually expect anyone to use it For this particular collection I made matching floors. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these were made using Homecrafter, which by the way adjusts it wall and floor sizes. It's a bit of a challenge for me to see patterns on sizes 256X512 for the walls and 256X256 for the floors. All the walls and floors are $10.00, don't ask me why, I dunno.
  15. Now that I have Sims4, I can finally have this house!
  16. 513 downloads

    Files contain the needed meshes. Please let me know via PM if you have a problem with this set. The thumbnail picture in my game is that flashing blue, but I can still click on it and get my recolours to work properly in the game. Happy Simming Everyone! I only posted one pattern colour, there are various patterns and recolours.
  17. 910 downloads

    In Memory of our beloved Nonni. This is the beautiful retro style living room made by Nofrena at Wood for Sims. ALL of the required meshes are included in each individual file inside the rar file. I made 10 wood recolours and I think around 60 recolours of everything. You can mix and match to your heart's content. I also recoloured the table top phone and wall phone but forgot to take pictures. The rugs are a mesh from N65 and come in various sizes, the 2 largest ones are in the rug category, but the 3 smaller ones are in the decorative miscellaneous category. The decor pillow is also in the decorative miscellaneous category. The bedroom also has a single bed which I recoloured but did not include in the pictures as well as a wall mirror. The bed itself does NOT use maxis bedding, so I only made 5 colours for the bedding and then made curtains for the bedroom using XM Sims bedroom4 curtain meshes. I hope you all enjoy the new colours. Happy Simming Everyone! These files have been moved to SFS and include the meshes. Dec19/19
    Oh that dock is all kinds of awesome!! I also love how homey and comfortable this home makes me feel. Marbi!!
    I love the country feel this house gives me.
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