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  1. Another first---- --- We have this kettle that has to be set on an electric base in order for it to boil. Tonight I filled the kettle but instead of setting it on the base, I set it on the counter, flicked the switch for it to boil and then went upstairs. When I came back down, went into the kitchen to make my tea, couldn't figure out why the water was cold........ I amuse my family so much....
  2. I have never ever blown up anything in my microwave......until tonight. The honey had hardened in it's container and I had made cornbread and wanted some to drizzle on it. So I got Michael to put the honey in the microwave and told him 2 minutes instead of the usual 20 seconds. Then we heard this weird bang, lo and behold the container of honey SPLODED! Michael and I cleaned up the mess and I am still laughing about it.
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