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  1. Rebecah, plastic cling wrap will also keep out crumbs if you snack at your desk like I do. We hear motorcycles just ripping down the street that runs along the back part of our yard. These idiots are speeding like mad. Motorcycles are out in force because that's one type of transportation where the rider is usually by themselves. Dave is now down to working half days which makes us eligible for monetary assistance. However we have not filed our taxes in 2 years and I would rather be able to do that and use our refunds to see us through. The only problem there is that we use an accountant to do our taxes so I am not sure how we get the paperwork to her. Not seeing an abundance of any kind of wildlife in our backyard, but it is completely fenced in. We do have some rabbits though, so we are careful to check first before we let Jake in the backyard. He usually patrolled the back fence and went bonkers if someone walked by or someone was walking their dog. Yesterday he didn't even run, he just paced back and forth waiting for a victim. I've watched videos on you tube where people are filming wild animals roaming around their neighbourhoods. I've also seen videos showing rivers that are wonderfully clean and clear. I think it was China and India that showed skies without the usual dense pollution. I suppose it's true that every cloud has a silver lining, but the thing is: once this virus has run its course mankind will automatically revert to its previous behaviour. The weather here is getting nice so I am going outside and sitting on my deck stairs while Jake roams his kingdom. I'm pretty sure I send my neighbours into a large scale panic when I cough which kinda bothers me. I called my cousin and she is thinking about fostering a dog so more spaces can be freed up and I told her to do that. Then I told her to also be prepared to adopt the dog because she would fall in love with it. She started laughing and then asked me how I knew that would happen. I told her the dog would use his or her puppy dog eyes and melt her heart. I told her not to let that keep her from fostering a dog since a dog will add so much to her now single life. Aside from that she will have a companion so she won't feel so alone. She told me everyone in the family is fine, no one has contracted the virus as of yet. I'm keeping everyone in my prayers.
  2. Yep, he's a grampaw!
  3. Hey Gramps, so how many grandkids do you have now? How is everyone at your end? Are you even able to see your grandkids? I have that social distancing thing down pat. Kinda hard not to since I never leave the house. Since Dave is a trucker he is considered an essential worker so he's out and about every day. He says since hardly anyone else is out driving it's quite nice for all the truckers traffic wise, but he's not too keen on using porta potties.
  4. I sure hope Rebecah can answer this because my brain knows I know the answer, but it won't tell me.
  5. I got on to SFS. I keep forgetting to start downloading Sims 2 when I am the only one up and on the internet.
  6. So the list of business that can stay open is weird and the list of businesses that have to close is just common sense. The liquor stores get to stay open because anyone with an alcohol type disease would suffer unnecessarily. Like yeah, they would be forced to get sober. Since I was previously married to an alcoholic, I am really not sympathetic towards them. We have had the weirdest day here, one minute everyone is laughing and the next minute someone is quite grouchy. The only normal one is Jake unless we forget to give him his treats. Everyone here is taking more naps than usual, but think that is due to boredom. I banned Netfix because of all those parents stuck at home with small children. They need access more than we adults do. Rebecah, when you get your computer back, drape some plastic wrap over the keyboard and then tape it down. No more stuff can get inside the keyboard if you do that. Mine always has cling wrap taped over the keyboard. You do have to replace it periodically cause it will develop holes. Also my prayers for Kevin and his fellow soldiers continue. Alet, our government has been announcing aid packages to several kinds of business and small businesses to help get them through these difficult times. Some essential businesses are even paying their staff $2.00 an hour more. For individuals forced to stay home, there are financial assistance programs they can use to help. Our national debt when this all is over will be staggering.
  7. I will pray for your oldest son and his family that they are spared from having this virus. Nothing new to tell you about the virus here. Apparently today is Dog-Bed moving day. So far he has dragged his bed to 3 new locations, I guess the first two didn't meet his needs or specifications. The third move did him in and he is now napping in the new location. He finds the weirdest thing with which to amuse himself.
  8. It's because they are *High-Waisted* pants. I also have the pants as a separate item to recolour and that solves my problem with crop tops.
  9. I've just learned something and it is very important for Sims4 creators and those who recolour-IF you use Chrome you cannot upload anything if you are also using Ad Blocker and Ad Fly Skipper. In order to upload you have to disable those 2 functions. I found it to be infinitely easier to simply upload my files using MozillaFireFox. FireFox doesn't block uploads even if you have Ad Fly Skipper and Ad Blocker installed. I just find it easier to use a different browser than to turn on and off my Chrome extensions.
  10. 7 downloads

    Firstly you will need this MESH I am a big fan of Gorilla GorillaaGorilla. They have such a wonderful assortment of clothing and my imagination goes wild when I find something I want for my game. I have ALL of the game and stuff packs installed, as well as the latest patch from Origin. These recolours were made possible by the awesome creators at Sims4Studio and I thank them endlessly. I do hope you enjoy these recolours. Happy Simming Everyone!
  11. Today the province ordered all non essential business to close. The list will be published tomorrow. Truthfully I don't know how this is affecting people because I haven't left the house for at least the last 4 months. Grocery stores and pharmacies are making special times for those at risk of getting the virus. There are still people gathering in groups and not doing the social distance thing and our Prime Minister is quite angry with them. All the parks in our city are closed and if someone is stupid enough to go to one, they will be charged with trespassing. For me personally none of this affects me because I do not go anywhere and I am used to being at home 24/7. Jake is busy rolling around and snorting in his doggie bed. Obviously all this stuff going on isn't affecting him.
  12. No cookies got made. I just didn't have the energy. Jake was the only one busy in the house today. Trot, trot,trot, eh din't just walk around the house, he really did trot. I'm not even sure why he did all this trotting. I think he just had a goofy dog day. I did get quite a few patterns made in the sizes I was missing, but there are so many more. I looked out the front a few times today and never saw anyone outside. I stayed away from watching the news today, I just didn't want to know more bad news. I spent quite a while watching snippets of Mrs Brown's Boys. It's a British TV series and it's kinda funny. We are supposed to be getting some snow tonight, that will make Jake very happy and me very busy opening and closing the patio doors. Maybe tomorrow some cookies might get made.
  13. I finally finished transferring ALL my patterns to my external hard drive. I am going to keep a couple of those files on my laptop and just work through them. This way I will never lose my data again. I have this outfit finished and pictures taken, but SimsFileShare keeps returning an error code. I have to find out what it is so I can start uploading my stuff.
  14. Our entire back yard is fenced in because our back yard faces a very busy stretch of road. It's a main road I suppose and the traffic on it is non-stop. In the last 4 hours I have seen 3 vehicles. There is pretty much no traffic on that street. Now that is something I never even thought about happening. It is actually kinda creepy. Probably the best description is eerie. I am trying to keep busy making patterns but I can only do that for so long and then I need a break. I watch some news occasionally but as hard as the reporters try to not panic the public, they have that effect anyway. My heart just breaks as they update countries death tolls. It's 101 yeas since the Spanish Flu epidemic which I find a wee bit frightening. I wonder if the way we have treated the environment has something to do with how many diseases are spreading. I watched a video of this one truck driver who is furious with the way they are being treated while on the road. He is angry that they have to use porta-potties, that they can't get a hot meal and their trucks simply will not fit through drive through's. Then he blasted everyone who was posting thank yous to truckers for staying on the roads. He thinks these posters are simply paying lip service to make themselves feel better. It's not that I don't sympathize with him but this is the profession he chose and every profession has it's ups and downs. All of us are guilty of taking for-granted that everything is brought to stores we frequent by a trucker but that is the nature of the beast. What this virus has done is to the trucking industry is show us all how valuable these people are and I don't think he really understands that it has made people more conscious of that industry. Basically he wants special treatment because he drives a truck. He is in far less danger of getting the virus than those in the medical field or those working in places with elderly people and they don't get special treatment. All of the places the trucker said they no longer have access to are also closed to the public. I watched this video with Dave and he was all like, "Yeah, you tell them buddy." Then when it was finished he asked me what I thought. At first he was angry with what I told him but as I kept explaining all the points that bothered me, he started nodding and then saying he hadn't thought of it in that way. A lot of people are going to be very offended by that video and I am one of those people. I understand his plight but he is not the only one dealing with the realities that this virus has changed. Everyone is facing challenges because of this and he simply disregards that. Know what? I am craving oatmeal cookies right now. I want some to dip in my tea but am too lazy to go and make some.
  15. Dave is really, really grouchy. He can't stop for something to eat because the restaurants truckers use are closed. Any truck stop with bathroom/shower amenities is also closed. No one is at the office, they are all working from home. That makes getting in touch with them difficult at times. He told me he wants the same deal, to work from home. Ah yep, and I'd be carted off to the mental health ward if both he and Michael were here all day. He was also told to practice *Social Distancing* and then they gave him a trainee, was he ever angry. Me? I am having a blast. Yep Michael yaps all day and when Dave gets home he grouches to me about his day. I'm gonna make me a white flag and wave it around. Jake can play dead.....I can't. Michael went to the store for me yesterday and said it might as well close because most of the shelves are empty. The freezer section is just bare bones. no dry goods at all and the fresh fruit and vegetables are almost completely wiped out. He got the last box of tangerines and the last 4 plums. He managed to snag some cream for Dave. Dave----*sigh* tried to be the boss of the house yesterday. He told me I was not allowed to go anywhere. Where am I gonna go? Everything is closed and I hate shopping. Just because I can, I stuck my nose out the patio doors, then turned around and told him I went outside. He has almost lost his sense of humour. He won't say, but he is really worried that this virus could eventually have him off work because he delivers liquid product to manufacturing companies and there has been talk of closing some down. I'm worried but can't let it show, that I am afraid he will get the virus since he is out and about all day. Michael is obsessing over the possibility of his mother and I getting the virus and dying. He's so good at cheering me up! (sarcasm) Why does he always have to go for the worst possible scenario? Then he has to talk about it over and over. Finally I told him he was just making himself far too anxious over something that he has no control over. Then I told him, "Let go and let God." The best that we can do is thoroughly wash our hands, don't touch our faces, practice that social distance thing (I have that one down pat!) and pray for one another and the rest of the world. The only problem I might have is getting the virus, croaking and leaving behind all my unfinished Sims projects. Yep, in my crazy world, that would be a disaster! I have not lost my weird sense of humour, I cannot afford to be without it.
  16. I live in the province of Ontario in Canada and our Premier has just declared a State of Emergency for Ontario. I am 61 years old and as far as I know this has not happened in my lifetime. All schools, daycare centres, and universities are closed. All bars and pubs are closed. Only restaurants that serve take out and delivery are allowed to be open. Churches may only have 50 people in attendance for services. All public events are cancelled that would have more than 50 people there. The libraries are all closed. Some guy is being investigated for selling hand sanitizer for $70.00 for a small bottle. If he actually sold any, he can be charged but I forget what the charges all were. Some days I think being stupid should cause a person pain, and this guy was really stupid. There was this list of people who are at greater risk and I hit 5 of the markers. Chronic health condition, high blood pressure, compromised immune system, diabetes and smoking. I don't think I'm gonna get a prize for scoring high. Then there is this--we have a huge bottle of hand sanitizer which I bought weeks ago. We have lots and I mean lots of toilet paper because Michael uses so freaking much. We always keep our pantry fully stocked so there is no problem with dry goods. The only problem I can see is fresh fruit and vegetables. We also have a Weston's Bakery here so I don't think getting bread will be an issue, but there are so many empty shelves in the grocery store. ALET!! we bought some grapes from South Africa, I have never tasted such wonderful grapes before. We've already gone through 4 bags of them. I think they are called Green Globes and they are the best tasting green grapes in the world. On the Jake end of this news flash......I had to open Dave's bedroom door because Jake slept through Dave leaving for work. He was at the bedroom door, scratching and then screaming. Seriously, Jake was actually screaming. Boy is he ever gonna give Dave a piece of his mind when Dave gets home. He put his wee front paws up on Dave's mattress, rested his head on the mattress and just let out this huge sigh Almost made me cry! Stay safe everyone and wash your hands a lot! for everyone.
  17. I just realized that I also have to download Sims 2 and that means that the problems I was having won't be in the new download. I found the CAS fix that Gina sent me. Sadly I lost all my Sims 2 wall files and the only ones I really wanted were my wainscoting files. I even have a lot of my Sims 4 and Sims 2 files transferred to my external hard drive. I've made a very, very small dent in re-sizing my patterns. I'm just picking my favourite ones to start with.
  18. If you use Chrome as your Internet Browser here are 2 links that IMHO are absolutely essential and will make downloading my CC so much easier. Chrome Ad Fly Skipper https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adfly-skipper/obnfifcganohemahpomajbhocfkdgmjb?hl=en Ad Blocker Plus https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock-plus-free-ad-bloc/cfhdojbkjhnklbpkdaibdccddilifddb I already have these installed so it may come up as *Remove* If that happens just google them both.
  19. I agree. Thanks for sharing it with us. I saw on the news that this man was buying loads of toilet paper with the idea of selling it on E-Bay for huge profits. That is despicable, profiting from a pandemic. Our Prime Minister's wife has the virus and she says she is doing fine and will be getting back to business as usual soon. We have had some more reported cases in our city and in the general area. My real concern right now is David. Canadian truckers are worried that the border between the US and Canada could be closed. Now I am wondering if all truck drivers will have to submit for the virus test. I actually think this is a good idea. I also saw on the news that a man with a confirmed case was in self-isolation but then went out and attended a business function. Since then at least one of his co-workers has come down with the virus. The news didn't say much more but I am curious to know if that is something he can be fired for. Why did he go out and risk other co-workers health? I am praying for everyone here and their families, including Kevin. Our nephew has been deployed to some far away places and has always come home safe and sound. Thanks be to God.
  20. How is everyone? How has this virus affected you all? In my city the toilet paper is out of stock in almost every store. Usually on March 17 there is this huge street party at the university and while it hasn't yet been cancelled our Police Chief has asked everyone to just stay home. Yeah, that's not gonna work. Also in my city we have some confirmed cases but they are all isolated and they traveled to unsafe areas. As for me personally, well I never leave the house unless I have a Doctor or dentist appointment and this gives me the best reason for not going to the dentist for a while. Every cloud does have a silver lining.
  21. Don't hold your breath, all the saved patterns are in the wrong size and I have to re-make them, it's most annoying because it is so time consuming. I had a lot of patterns that I really loved and most of those seem to be missing.
  22. Alet, that is so lovely and inspiring. I needed that today! It's taken me 3 days but Sims 4 is finally installed.
  23. They didn't give me my old hard drive because there would be no way I could access it.
  24. Just to let everyone know the latest update news on my laptop. It needed a new hard drive and none of my data could be saved. I have lost EVERYTHING including over 10,000 patterns. I have to start over from scratch. I sincerely apologize to anyone waiting for new clothing recolours. It will take me some time to install Sims 4 and Sims 2 and then try and locate all the files I had for both games. I just got my laptop back tonight and I will diligently work on finding those things I lost. Please be patient with me and feel free to send me anything that will make me laugh.
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