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  1. I've been messing around with the long dress. If you look at the short dress, the middle part on the dress is a different colour. I wanted to see if I could make that part the same colour and have only the top have the pattern. This is the result. I prefer the bottom part of the dress to be 1 solid colour. Sometimes a pattern will stretch and then to me that looks wonky.
  2. I locked the previous update topic cause it was getting a tad bit long. I found what I think is the coolest outfit ever....there are 2 versions, a long dress and a short dress. The long dress was converted from sims 4 to Sims 2 by MDP. DeeDee did her magic and converted that to Teens and Elders. Then DeeDee did another magnificant, she converted this same outfit to a shorter length for Adults, Teens and Elders. DeeDee is the absolute BEST!
  3. Well I still haven't seen the first specialist and that referral was almost 2 years ago. I'm laughing because I am wondering how many years it's going to take to get this new one. I am thorougly enjoying doing Sims 2 recolours.
  4. 4 downloads

    Any time I can recolour something that has been converted for all age groups, I love doing. When I can use some of my most loved knit patterns, I am overjoyed. This is a dress converted by MDP from Sims 4 to Sims 2. Then DeeDee worked her magic and converted it to elders and teens. I do not recolour elder clothing because I enable all my adult recolours to be elder enabled. Yipes, I forgot to let you know that there are 2 rars to download, one is for the adult/elder and the other is for the teen.
  5. Dave went to work for the snow removal company last night at 1am. He didn't get home until 3pm. Worse still, he had to snowblow the driveway to get his truck in it. Then like the AWESOME man he is, he also did our neighbours driveway. I forget where they emigrated from, but it's someplace where they do not get snow. Thing is, we don't normally get this much snow so I am guessing that they adore Dave. They don't own a snowblower so they would have had to shovel their driveway and their sidewalk, which would have taken them a long time and it's just too cold to be outside for that length of time. Dave has to go in tonight at midnight so I am making him a nice hot meal before he has to leave.
  6. 6 downloads

    Here is another Sims4 outfit converted to a Sims 2 outfit. All of the files are *Elder Enabled*, cause that is what I do. This is a cute outfit for hanging around in on a warm summer day, it's perfect for that summer bar-b-cue get together with friends and family. I categorized this as an everyday outfit. I forgot!! These outfits were made using the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Bodyshop. .
  7. 6 downloads

    MDP converted this Sims 4 top for Female ADULTS to Sims 2, and then DeeDee comverted it to fit Teen Females. If you want her Elder conversion then go to DeeDee's site and download it. I prefer my Adult Female Sims to also be Elder enabled and do not do Elder recolours. I just really like this top and used a variety of patterns, including some knits to give it a *sweater* type look.
  8. I have no way of proving this, BUT I believe one of the many windows updates is responsible. This time I have copied and saved every procedure that was necessary to fix my game. On a NON-Sims2 note, we have gotten a lot of snow. So much so that Jake is not impressed. The snow on the deck is higher than his underneathy bits, so he couldn't figure out how to pee outside. The look of utter confusion he gave me was proceless. Then a miracle of sorts happened, he came inside, went to a pee pad and let 'er rip. I am currently being ignored because I at him.
  9. Egads, I got everything except for ONE thing up and running the way it should. I even have it opening with a no-cd-crack. When I am in the Create a Family screen and I am changing outfits to show what I have recoloured, that screen is still not the way I used to have it. I have googled all over the place, even upside down and sideways but can't find the program I had. That's quite disappointing, but what I found is workable, just not the one I wanted. I just realized that I have been struggling with this for the last 7 hours. It's true, time flies when you are having NOT fun. I am either going for a nap or into hibernation. Depends if I wake up later today, or when spring finally arrives.
  10. SO......I got it running but now I have to change a bunch of things screen size, etc. This should be FUN! With my memory..
  11. OK, disregard the 32 bit post, right now I am doing the Origin *repair* thing to see if that helps. I have been trying to figure this out for the entire day on my own. At one time I had a no-cd crack so I didn't have to sign into Origin because I do NOT want their Sims2 update fix, it's wonkers if that installs.
  12. OK, why is it running in Origin 32 bit? Shouldn't it be 64bit?
  13. Task Manager says no program is running. What folder in my game am I supposed to rename? I removed my downloads folder so it wouldn't loose anything.
  14. I cannot get Sims2 to launch. It says I am in the game playing, but nothing shows up.
  15. 8 downloads

    You will need this MESH for this sweater to show up in your game. Just a cute top to match with a skirt or pants.
  16. 11 downloads

    I really like this creator at TSR. You will need this MESH for this dress to show up in your game. The cuffs on the sleeves and the bow at the neck make for a pretty date night dress.
  17. 9 downloads

    Somehow these got lost, so I am re-uploading the Mission Bed sets. There are 3 woods for the double bed, the single bed and the toddler bed as well as a night stand and a wardrobe. All items are from the game and do not require any meshes.
  18. I have been transferring Sims 2 files from both external hard drives and trying to organize them. I forgot how meticulous I got with my files. I have the walls and floors completely sorted into their proper categories. I did the same with Bodyshop, but it's not as organized as I wish. It's probably going to take Delphy's organizer program a week to read all the files, and then I'll probably have a gazillion duplicate files to delete. My problem right now is that I will be working away and then all of a sudden I crash. Not the laptop--ME! It's only 3pm here and I've already had 3 naps. My complaint is that Jake SNORES! After being off work since Christmas Eve, Dave finally went back to work this morning I needed the break. I've decided that to play Sims2, I am going to need a desktop computer with all the bells and whistles, I just haven't told Dave yet.
  19. I have spent the last 2 days going through that new hard drive and wowers, I was NOT organized on the desktop at all. I think it is going to take me at least a month to sort through everything and organize it. For me, right now, that is a daunting task. We also did not have a white Christmas, and I think that accounts for my mood. I have a couple of Sims4 outfits that I never did upload and I need to get those pictures for my Get Together set taken and upload those sets.
  20. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We are under restrictions here, again. It was nice, just the 2 of us celebrating the birth of our dear Lord and Saviour.
  21. I am so frustrated, I cannot get the house to turn properly to take pictures of the Get Together set. This is one of the reasons I don't play Sims 4. On an extremely happy note, Staples (computer store) were able to get ALL my Sims 2 files off the dying desktop hard drive and transfer them to an external hard drive. I was so happy to see everything was not lost that I
  22. The temperature is rising, so probably we won't be having a white Christmas. When I was a child, like a billion years ago, I remember my uncle getting out the tobbogan, the three of us kids getting on it and he pulled us back to the bush on their property. He would search for the perfect tree, chop it down and put it on the tobbogan and us three kids would walk beside him back to the house. He put the tree up in the living room and closed the door and we were not allowed in. I think we just went back outside to play in the snow. That night which was Christmas Eve, the door to the living room would be opened and our eyes would get big with wonder and excitement. There before us was a beautifull fully decorated tree with the presents underneath. We' walk into the living room and sit on the couch. Then the presents would be handed out and we would tear into them. Those memories are some of the best ones I have as Christmas memories. The next morning which was Christmas Day, after breakfast we got dressed in our Sunday best and went to church. As teenagers my cousins Janet and Carol and I would go to Midnight Mass even though we were not Catholic. Father Joe and my dad were well acquainted and enjoyed chatting on occasion, so Father Joe knew me the minute we crossed the threshold. He'd always wink at me and say, "Maybe in the New Year Karen?" What he meant was that I would join the Catholic Church. Just the thought of having to confess my sins was enough to make me never convert.
  23. Only me, only I could get the year wrong!
  24. 10 downloads

    I made some Christmas Bedding, just for fun. I made sure not to go bananas on the number of patterns, there are only 21. The bed and dresser are from Cats and Dogs, the nightstand is a base game object.
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