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  1. No, they are *Shreddies* although we do have shredded wheat. I'm having internet connection issues which is why I haven't been able to upload stuffs.
  2. Rebecah-I think that soothers might be a Canadian thing. I know that's what we called them and when I first saw them called binkies I just loved that term so much better. *Ned* I'm so proud of Oliver and that he knows how to *Oliver* (told you I was gonna call you Ned, from now on) Marbi--a kitty!!!! Cats actually do the best zoomies, however they usually do them in the middle of the night. Do you ladies have *Shreddies* in the US? In case you don't, it's a cereal. I just found out that when Michael and Dave have a bowl for breakfast, they also give Jake his own bowl of shreddies. So I had some for breakfast.....yep, Jake had some too. He doesn't get milk on his though. Currently I have my feet tucked into his one dog bed that is under my desk and he is laying on top of my feet keeping them nice and toasty. Which is exactly what he SHOULD be doing since I cannot find my slippers! Why can't he hide Dave's slippers for a change? The sort of good thing is that he has never chewed shoes. Also I believe I have the ONLY dog in the world who doesn't like peanut butter. When I have that for breakfast Jake pouts.
  3. Version - Sims 4


    I actually made recolours of a base game sweater for our male Simmies. I bet you all thought you'd never see this. My step-son, Michael keeps pestering me to do things for the guys as well and to get some peace and quiet I complied. This particular sweater is a favourite of mine, I just really like the looks of it and it did need some more colours and pattern options. Since I don't often do men's clothing I do feel I must warn you there are a LOT of sweaters in this package. Happy Simming Everyone!
  4. Version - Sims 4


    You will need the MESH I am such a fan of oversize sweaters when they are not a mini dress, but an actual sweater. I do think this one is quite lovely and very cozy! I really like this sweater paired up with some leggings but it also looks fantastic with pants. I do want to thank HallowSims for making such a wonderful Overize Sweater and in case she ever sees this to tell her I was also very happy recolouring it. Happy Simming Everybody!
  5. Version - Sims 4


    You need the MESH Personally I LOVE these kinds of dresses. Lucky for anyone who comes here I have a plethora of these styles by different creators with a wee change here and there. These are perfect for those chilly autumn days and those cold days of winter. I also included patterns that will look divine in the spring and summer cause sometimes the nights can cool down. I prefer the clean classic style as they really never go out of fashion. The original mesh will show up in the men's outfits of your game but I made my recolours for the women. I hope you enjoy them! Happy Simming Everyone
  6. Version - Sims 4


    First you will need the MESH I think this is a cute, fun and flirty dress, great for a party or a small backyard get together. I made the collar from a contrasting pattern that I used on the dress--I have this thing about matching patterns. If for any reason you cannot get the mesh please PM me and I will help you. I know some of the things I will be uploading have had the mesh file go missing.
  7. Things have changed at our house and we have been adjusting to a new normal which is why I have not been uploading any recolours for quite a while. I am slowly getting some things done and give you fair warning there will be a lot of cardigans and sweaters. They are one of my most favourite things to recolour. I've also come across this dress called *Skaters Dress* and I absolutely adore this dress. Some very talented creators have made different versions of this dress, long sleeves, short sleeves, rolled sleeves and they are all fabulous so naturally I MUST recolour them. There is an understanding at our house that you don't have to be crazy to live here, but it helps. I will explain....... I'm not sure what everyone calls the soothers used for babies, we call them binkies. Jake (our dog) is my husband's binkie. Not that he puts any part of Jakie in his mouth, he just always picks him up and settles Jake in his arms whenever he goes to bed, or takes a nap on the couch. A few nights ago, he picked up his *Binkie* and headed off to bed. I as I heard him attempting to negotiate for some more space on the bed. This is not a thing you can negotiate with Jake as he reigns supreme over his part of the bed. It's just that his part of the bed is pretty much the entire bed and you kinda get a small sliver of space with part of your body hanging precariously off the mattress. The thing is, it's not like Dave doesn't know this. However, there he was practically begging for some more room.....I just move Jake. Dave begs. I thinks this was 4 days ago, but we lost the hydro for about 3 hours. I got Michael to unplug the TV and the satellite dish and the netflix box. Last time we lost hydro, when it came back on it somehow fried the satellite receiver and I didn't want that to happen again. So about 3 hours later, after numerous hydro blips, the hydro came back on and stayed on. Michael then plugged everything back in. It takes a bit for all the stuff connected to our TV to get up and running but finally all the bells and whistles are lit up. I look over at the TV and then I asked what was on channel 3:11. Yes I did that and I was completely serious. Mike looks at me and says "That's the time mom." I laughed so hard at myself. Jake has this rather large stuffed doggy. He was getting some kibble out of his bowl and then shocked me by going over to Stuffy and attempting to share his kibble. Stuffy wasn't hungry cause he is stuffed from lunch. Jake didn't understand why Stuffy wasn't gobbling down this amazingly delicious kibble so he pushed the kibble closer. Alas poor Stuffy, he's just too stuffed to eat. By now Jake is a tad bit angry that Stuffy has rejected his gift, so he POUNCES and poor Stuffy got his clock cleaned. After Jake was done chastising Stuffy for refusing his offering, he ate the kibble himself and then ignored Stuffy for the rest of the afternoon. That was a good thing because Stuffy needed to recuperate. My only concern here is what do I do if Jake offers me some kibble??? Whenever I cook meat of some kind, I always make some for Jake. He just loves chicken, but he also eats small portions of sweet potatoes, cabbage rolls, spaghetti with a home made meat sauce and carrot or blueberry muffins. I made chicken one night and cut Jake's up, let it cool and then gave it to him. Naturally Jake activated his *hoover* mode and the chicken was gone before the rest of us had finished our meal. Then Jake did his best imitation of *Oliver* and put both paws on my leg, his eyes obviously begging for more chicken. When I ignored his request he proceeded to let out this GINORMOUS burp. This burp was LOUD!!!! Dave and Michael cracked up, I looked down at Jake and he's wagging his wee tail and has the biggest grin......I swear if he could talk he would have told me. "See Mom, I made more room for more chicken." So if you have a dog, give him/her a huge hug, a billion kisses and thank the Good Lord that He blessed you with this furry bundle of joy and love. Do the same with any pet you have as many times a day as they want. Our time with them is short and we need to do everything we can to give them loving forever homes. I promise you all, you will never regret doing that.
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