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  1. The table recolour is in included in the recolour file. I only did one recolour file in mahogany wood. :389-Amours-love-:

    I'll let you in on my secret for keeping files organized, I make a folder for each set, name it what it is and then add it to my game. I always include the mesh files in that folder. You do wind up with a lot of folders but there is actually no limit to the number of folders you can have. The downside to this method is that it takes longer for my game to load so while I am waiting I do some housework.

    Over time I have lost a lot of things because I didn't invest in external hard drives. My laptop crashed and I lost almost everything, that just devastated me, hence the purchase of 2 external hard drives. As soon as I make new patterns or upload anything it gets copied to one of those hard drives. One drive is for Sims 2 and the other is for Sims 4. I do understand that not everyone can afford to do that, I am truly blessed to have a hard-working and understanding husband, although he is completely mystified by my obsession for the Sims. :ROLF:

  2. 57 minutes ago, Guest Tontrin said:

    Thank you so much for your quick reply. I'm sorry to know you're unwell. I've also had a lot of health issues lately. I can definitely be patient. I really appreciate your assistance. :love:

    I did some investigating and the mesh files were missing. I've added them. Please let me know if this fixes your problem. I hope your health issues are resolved quickly. :Peek-A-Boo:

  3. I checked both my external hard drives and I don't have the recolours I did on either one.  I will have to make new recolours. Please be patient with me because I am currently very unwell.

  4. :Thank_you: Alet and Rebecca. I am currently working on high-waisted skirts and a couple of crop tops, that when used with each other actually don't let the tummy show. I've also got 2 more versions of high-waisted pants that will work well with the two crop tops. I dunno why, but I have this thing right now about high-waisted skirts and pants. Especially since I discovered that some crop tops actually hide the tummy, when paired with something high-waisted.

    And I said that I would never do crop tops---:blush:

  5. There are 4 files to download because there are a little over 100 recolours in each package. If you merge them the file is too big for SFS and it also times out and never uploads. If you merge them once you've downloaded them, then the recolours part is too big for the game and you can't see them all.

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