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  1. Hey I was asking Rebecah about how we are going to handle it, on uploads exactly, as I am getting mine done plus Nonni's last project, so she wanted to ask me if we were going to do a special "Nonni" category?

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    2. gayars


      Don't feel bad, I didn't get her last request done either :'( 


      I was going to put In memory of Nonni on the area around the pictures.. Not on the picture itself persay but on edges as well. But yes I could do Dedicated to Nonni. I guess it doesn't really matter, I was just triple checking before I did it in case we had a special set up because I think I would be crying too much to redo it. 

    3. MissionMouse


      Yeah, that crying thing is really hitting me today. I hope to get the last of the pillows finished today, then get some pictures and get the set uploaded, but I have to keep taking a break to clear my nose and dry my eyes.

    4. gayars


      I uploaded her sim she sent me. :( She was going to upload it soon. I put it in her name. So don't freak lol. I put a note in it tho, so people will understand how it got uploaded.

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