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  1. I can't get in to do this upgrade

  2. Hi Red, are you ok? We have sent flowers to Nonni's family from all of us here at Affinity. Plus the uploads Gina and Rebecah and I have in the works, we are dedicating them to Nonni when we upload them. If you would like to join in, please do so.

    1. Red Sonja

      Red Sonja

      I spent a little time notifying folks at other sites....  We all loved Nonni! and I, too want to make something in her honor... just have no idea what yet! lol  Where did she live?  If she was close enough, I'd like to go to her services, if her family doesn't mind...

    2. MissionMouse


      She lived in Bellevue, Washington

    3. Red Sonja

      Red Sonja

      darn!  that would be a 3day trip.....

  3. Who else has spring fever?

    1. NeverForsaken


      If you mean an itchy runny nose and sneezing..Well, that would be me!

    2. gayars


      Lol me too!

    3. MaAlet


      Not, me :( It's winter here :)

  4. Merry Christmas Everyone.

    1. gayars


      Merry Christmas!

  5. Thank you to all who have taught me so many new things.

    1. gayars


      Thank you for helping to teach and encourage me too!

  6. Learning Curve...LOL

  7. Fall is coming, leaves are turning, the air smells nice and crisp.

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