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  1. DUH! I know why the same picture posted twice. :Whistle: I didn't take the first picture off the clipboard. This is what happens when I try to do something when I am in awful pain and I am trying to keep busy to take my mind off the pain. I know now I have to work harder at focusing and concentrating when I am recolouring and posting stuff.

    I also keep getting interrupted cause Dave is home and he is using the snowblower to get rid of the snow. Not only does he have to come in to warm up, he also has to give me frequent updates on his progress.

  2. On 1/28/2023 at 1:55 AM, Rebecah said:

    Sorry, I didn't see this question before.  I use the very first option, the one that looks like a chain link.  Then I just paste it into the description and press the enter key.    



    Screenshot 2023-01-28 015638.jpg

    I finally figured this out. You see the symbol inside the Links box, I have to click on that to get the pictures to upload.

  3. I admit to defeat. I cannot upload any photos of my new recolours no matter what I do. I have tried everything and it just will not accept the pictures from my photobucket account. What makes me even angrier is that I paid for that photobucket account just so I could upload the photos of my recolours.

    I am done being this upset and frustrated, it is just not good for my health, which is not good right now.

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  4. :scare3: Another shocking development, but it has nothing to do with the actual original topic. Tonight Dave decided to MODEL the new long underwear he bought himself. For those of you who don't know, Dave is quite thin. His new long johns just accentuated the fact that this man has chicken legs and not human legs. To top that off he also provided some commentary. So much for his bad boy appearance, he just blew that. :ROLF:

    All of you have no idea how fortunate you were to not have had to witness this, as for me, I am now completely traumatized. :thud:

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  5. Now I am really, really, 🤬 turns out the outfits I downloaded from TSR did NOT include the meshes. I had to go back, find each outfit and find the mesh for that outfit.

    What an annoying thing to have to do, you can bet when I get around to recolouring these things, I will be most certainly INCLUDING the mesh.

    Sadly I had to toss a few outfits because the mesh was from an external site and that site is gone.

    I know, I know, I should not go to TSR for outfits anymore. My bad :(

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  6. I have yet another thing that makes me 🤬 I was at TSR downloading what I thought were outfits for Sims 2, nope for whatever reason the downloads defaulted to Sims 4 and I only found out when I put them into my Sims2 Ultimate collections downloads folder. Ticks me off that it is not a requirement to put the Sims 2 or Sims 4 logo on stuff.

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  7. Not stressed. It actually is a good thing to find these mistakes even if they are very small and possibly no one would notice. The thing is I would know and that would bother me, releasing something like that.

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  8. I am guilty of making too many projects and then not finishing them. I know, my bad!

    So this afternoon I decided to go back to one outfit and finish making it in Bodyshop. I do know that I am way too picky and one teeny tiny error that I find, well I just HAVE to fix it. Yep, there was this teeny, tiny error and it drove me :insane:

    In addition, this was all before my laptop croaked and I lost a ton of patterns. I had no choice but to scrap the entire thing and start completely over, it's something that Virgo's will understand. :ROLF:

    The thing is, I do know that I am very fussy, but if it is not something I am proud to share, then I just can't upload it. Now I am a tad bit worried and wonder how many other things I kinda forgot about are going to have some problems as well. Guess I'll find out soon as I go through all those forgotten recolours. :ROLF:

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  9. My favourite book is "To Kill a Mockingbird". I wanted to call Jake "Scout", but that was the nickname of the little girl so Dave said no. Misty's nickname is Boo, after Boo Radley from that book.

    I had a cat given to me, he was already named and I liked the name so I kept it...Morgan. It really suited him.

    I name my fur babies usually after a much loved family member. Jake is named for my Grandfather, although he was a very grouchy man.... :slapLaugh:

    The cats we have now, Dave ultimately decided on the names.

    If we had let our friend, Pauline, name Jake, he'd be called "Cutie Patootie"  :ROLF:

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