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  1. I actually bought this last computer from Amazon from a seller called skytech. Really nice computer fairly priced. And yes it sounds like geek squad made a real mess of things! I would stick to staples too. Around here best buy went to more of a tablet, phone, Chromebook and tv store. I miss the old best buy.
  2. I recently had to get a windows 10 as a family computer (hubby and daughter both had to get one around the same time so we just got a shared one). I remember why I was so adamantly opposed to windows 10. First thing it did was start saving everything to one drive, instead of putting things in documents folders like it was supposed to (including all the sims folders) I finally figured out how to stop that. Then it deleted everything in my downloads folder. I keep all of mine and was pre downloading things to install the next day for sims. Had to go back in and redownload some stuff. Then i
  3. Thank you! that annoying pop up was driving me nuts!
  4. Good :). I am glad you like it.
  5. This is gorgeous! Nice work!
  6. Lol the things we forget... Export outfit,recolor bmps import back in.
  7. I will do that to mine later and awesome! Congratulations MM!
  8. I did, but because it is two downloads, you couldn't tell which was which 😄 so I just did it both ways 😄
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