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  1. Good Psalm choice
  2. Oh no! I hope your grandson stays safe. I don't agree with the war either. We have been fighting something in the family for over two weeks now. The family is almost all the way better finally! My daughter and grandson were hardest hit. I pray everyone avoids this new virus as well as any other ones out there.
  3. Good :). I am glad you like it.
  4. This is gorgeous! Nice work!
  5. Lol the things we forget... Export outfit,recolor bmps import back in.
  6. I will do that to mine later and awesome! Congratulations MM!
  7. I did, but because it is two downloads, you couldn't tell which was which 😄 so I just did it both ways 😄
  8. 40 downloads

    These are recolors of a Sims 2 base game toddler mesh (think overalls) to look more like the clothes my grandson wears locally. They have a nice country and western flair. There are boys only versions and ones for both boys and girls. The downloads buttons don't have writing so I inserted them in, with the blue writing above. The boys is the top downloads button and the bottom is for boys and girls if you hit the actual downloads button
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