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    A common sight in New England and the Midwest is the Classic Revival style of courthouse. It fits easily into retro and contemporary neighborhoods. Instead of a civil war memorial.... I chose something a bit different. The cannons are naval deck guns that you might have seen prior to the Revolutionary War.... They were converted pirate cannons from TSM..... Enjoy!
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    Good Morning, All! I received a request from Mission Mouse for this set. It has a bit of a history. Yolartut at Cradle of Darkness originally converted the set... chair and loveseat... however, used an IKEA sofa for the loveseat conversion. I do not have IKEA...so only the chair was usable in my game... bummer! Wawa at PBK re-did the conversion for me using a base game loveseat, and also did a mesh for the 3-tile sofa. He then gave it all back to me (slaving the loveseat and sofa to the chair as the master mesh) and told me to let the recoloring begin! So far, these are my best recolors, and I would love for you all to have them for your game... They just have that "comfortably worn" look
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    My favorite bedding for myself and my simmies is a good, old fashioned quilt. My newest passion in that regard is the Welsh Quilt- bright, bold colors....and they are all hand stitched! I can't afford one for myself right now, but, at least my sims can! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. To view larger images click here.
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