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  1. Happy Birthday, Jon!

  2. 655 downloads

    This is something that was lost for so long, and I really hate that all my work was lost, but I decided to go ahead and re-make it. This career is more focused on being a host than with jobs other than hosting a show or program. There are 5 chance cards completed. Here's a run-down of career levels. Bingo Caller: It's your job to call numbers at the local bingo hall. The patrons of the bingo hall are mainly elderly sims looking to just have a good time and possibly win some extra money. You must have a clear, loud voice as well as keep an eye out for possible cheaters who you can report to security. Even the sweetest looking old lady can be a scam artist. Local Radio Game Show Host: The brainbuster, the missing serial numbers in the plasma screen TV, the clues to the scavenger hunt to find a priceless diamond ring lost in the middle of Downtown Veronaville. Those are some of the games that you will be hosting on the radio show. Have fun with this job! Slot Tournament MC: You've moved a bit up the ladder as a slot tournament MC in Atlantic City. It's your job to make announcements about when a jackpot is hit, announce the times for intermission, announce when any entertainment will be performing, but most importantly make sure that the players have fun. Local Television Game Show Host: You have done so well MCing at the casino at Atlantic City that the casino has a job for you now on their local game show network. You have developed quite a bit of public speaking skills so far in your career which will advance you to the next level. Keep going my friend! National Radio Game Show Host: You certainly have gained quite a following and quite a bit of experience so far that now you are gearing up as the host of your own national radio game show. This is not some mom and pop operation that you remember from the days of the local radio show. This is the big leagues. Big City Television Game Show Host: You are hosting a local television game show, but this just happens to be the largest city in all of Sim Nation: New Sim City. No pressure, no pressure at all, only a large studio audience, caked on makeup under blaring lights, scrupulous time limits, and not to mention the least amount of pressure - a viewing audience of nearly 2 million sims. National Night Owl Television Host: You are almost on your way to the very top. This isn't quite what you hoped for when they asked you to be a national game show host because of the time slot which is 3 am. Your target audience is geriatric vampires, so be sure to throw in some product placement for blood-flavored denture grip. Host of the next big thing: You became host of Schpiel or no Schpiel not realizing how huge of a success it would actually be. There are now different versions of this show currently running in every nation in the entire world. Your job entails a lot of traveling not just looking good on camera day in and day out. You might not be meeting up with the Pope anytime soon, but at the rate you're going he may know your name! CEO of the Game Show Channel: you are now CEO of GSC aka Game Show Channel. This is a huge responsibility. You have to be in charge of so much when running a corporation as large as this. Of course this means tons of cashflow, but hey you honestly deserve it! You have worked so hard to progress to this point of your career. Well done! Living Legend: This is a life of ease. You make rare appearances on national talk shows, and fun documentaries about game shows and receive a huge check each time you go to one. All of your hard, tedious work really has paid off at this point. Now is the time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Enjoy your life because this is the best time of your life. Here is an example of a chance card question:
  3. 677 downloads

    It kind of bugged me that Adult sims could never continue their education the way the game has it set up, you have to be a Young Adult in order to go to University. Well with this career you can have your adult sims experience all the fun of University as well! Also if you don't have University, you can send your adult sims to college this way. So it's win/win. This career has 8 chance cards completed, and it has it's own GUID so it won't overwrite any Maxis or custom careers. The custom icon was extracted from The Sims 2 University icons and made into a proper career icon by me with transparent backgrounds. Career Details: Levels 1-10 outfit - none Levels 1-8 carpool - sedan Level 9 carpool - sports car mid level 10 carpool - sports car high 1. Freshman Semester One Wages:
  4. 243 downloads

    I put this off for a while, cus my Sims 3 game goes very slow, and taking screenshots for it is a big deal. Anyways, here is The Sims 3 version of my latest radio. Functions just as a Sims 3 radio does. Has one recolorable channel. Packaged as both sims3pack, and .package. Poly Counts: LOD 1: 436 LOD 2: 390 LOD 3: 255 Default Colors: Back: Random Color:
  5. 768 downloads

    Enjoy HQ radio with High Quality sound. It's recolorable, you may recolor it, or include it in lots you submit to any site. Poly Count: 438
  6. 3,072 downloads

    This is sort of a departure from me from my other kinds of careers I make. For one this is my first career set, for another these careers have no chance cards, also I'm trying something new, it seems that none of my careers were base game compatible, when I went through the steps to make things base game compatible in simPE, it didn't work in my game, perhaps because careers are different. So I've included files for people with only the Base Game. The files for people with only the base game, are considered in testing. I have no way to test for base game compatibility, since the AGS does not work with games downloaded, and I purchased my base game (actually double deluxe) from the EA store (Direct Download). I might however want to purchase the Base Game on disc at some time, so I will be able to make sure things are base game compatible. If you have an EP, you should download the EP version of the careers, if you have base game only, you should download the Base Game Version of the careers. These "careers" are true to life, non careers. They are all low paying careers, for sims who are unable to work. All of the careers have the same job titles and job descriptions on each level, also they have the same days (Monday Only) and same hours (8am to 11am) All of the careers have no uniforms, meaning your sim won't change clothes to go them, they will wear whatever clothes they have on. There are no chance cards for any of these careers. Disability: Job Titles Levels 1-10: Disabled Sim Pay Levels 1-10: 30 Simoleons a week Job Descriptions Levels 1-10: You have become unable to work, due to unforeseen circumstances. You are now filing for disability. You will be going downtown to the disability office once a week to review your case. You won't be getting paid very much at all, so it's best if someone in your family has another income to help you pay the bills. Carpool Levels 1-10: Sedan Unemployment: Job Titles Levels 1-10: Unemployed Sim Pay Levels 1-10: 20 Simoleons a week Job Descriptions Levels 1-10: You have become unable to work, due to unforeseen circumstances. You are now filing for Unemployment. You will be going downtown to the Unemployment office once a week to review your case. You won't be getting paid very much at all, so it's best if someone in your family has another income to help you pay the bills. Carpool Levels 1-10: Minivan Welfare: Job Titles Levels 1-10: A Sim On Welfare Pay Levels 1-10: 10 Simoleons a week Job Descriptions Levels 1-10: You have become unable to work, due to unforeseen circumstances. You are now filing for Welfare. You will be going downtown to the Welfare office once a week to review your case. You won't be getting paid very much at all, so it's best if someone in your family has another income to help you pay the bills. Carpool Levels 1-10: Hatchback
  7. 575 downloads

    This is so cool! It's a rainbow in buy mode! It functions just as a real rainbow should. It's placeable on the water's surface, placeable in the pool, sims can walk through it, objects can intersect it, it's viewable in the neighborhood too! It looks best the further you get from it. The closer you get to it, although it's not an object hiding thing, the more transparent it will be. It's found in decorative/sculptures and is free, because rainbows in real life are free. It's two tiles wide. It's also recolorable, base game compatible, and has it's own GUID. So I hope you like it! Up Close, not much to See: Viewable in the neighborhood:
  8. 440 downloads

    Posted 25 February 2009 - 10:52 AM This will replace all of your simoleons with real U.S. currency, a 20 dollar bill. Let me know if you would like me to make any more, like some from your country, or different U.S. denomonations, I will be happy to make them for you!
  9. 353 downloads

    Posted 02 February 2009 - 11:35 PM This will completley overwrite all of your Maxis books that you study from the book case with this Holy Bible. If you have another default replacement book in your downloads folder, you should delete it before downloading this If you say, "Well how can you gain cooking, mechanical, cleaning, e.c.t. skills from The Bible?" I have also compiled a list of some scriptures that apply to each of the skills.Wallpaper in the Bible cover screenshot created by me. Here's the list (it's a long one, be prepared to get out your Bible and do some reading): Cooking: Exodous 29:1-3 Acts 10:9-15 Mechanical: Exodus 26:1-3 II Chornicles 3:2-4 Cleaning: Ephesians 5:26 Proverbs 6:6-11 Parenting: Proverbs 22:6 Fire Saftey: I Kings 18: 22-39 Anger Managment: Ephesians 4:31 Lifelong Hapiness: Psalm 63:5 Psalm 126:5 Proverbs 15:23 Isaiah 29:19 John 15:11 Galatians 5:22-23 Physiology: Genesis 2:20-22 Couples Counseling: Song of Solomon Chapter 1 Research For College: 2 Timothy 2:15 Some of the study interactions you may not recognize.They are new from an expansion pack (Freetime I think).The Research for College interaction is from University. This is from my previous upload on modthesims2.com (my screen name there is joninmobile).
  10. 371 downloads

    Posted 14 May 2009 - 10:18 PM These will completely replace all of your Freetime magazines with these Simlish Hobby magazines. Not to be used with anyone else's magazine replacements. Enjoy this please!
  11. 448 downloads

    Posted 07 May 2009 - 05:55 PM This will replace all of your young adult's college assignments with this composition notebook. Not to be used with any other college assignment default replacement. University required.
  12. 443 downloads

    Posted 24 April 2009 - 03:15 PM This is from my upload on modthesims2.com. I had an older version there, but because of the fileserver crash there it was gone forever. So I remade it since there was such a high demand for it over there. I would now like to share it with y'all. It's very appetizing, don't you wish you could reach out and grab a slice out of the screen, lol. P.S. this isn't a meal your sims make. It's what you get when you order a pizza by calling for one on the phone or computer. And this Will work with my dominos and pizza hut box replacements!
  13. 391 downloads

    Posted 15 May 2009 - 03:23 PM These will replace the milk chocolate candies found in Sue's Secret kitchen when you make candies in the candy machine. Not to be used with any other Sue's Secret kitchen default replacement candy. Enjoy!
  14. 307 downloads

    Posted 19 May 2009 - 09:53 PM This will replace all of your instant meals with slim fast chocolate shakes. If you already have my diet coke instant meals, or any other default replacement instant meals in your downloads folder you should delete them right away before downloading this.
  15. 2,240 downloads

    Posted 21 April 2009 - 04:15 AM Here are some Pizza Box default replacements. They are Domino's and Pizza Hut, in simlish as well as English. You should Only Download one of these files, or Only Keep One In Your Downloads Folder at All Times! Not To Be Used With Any Other Pizza Box Default Replacement.
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