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  1. Translucent Tiles for sims 3 with 3 recolorable channels

    Posted 06 November 2009 - 09:35 PM

    I've made some lovely floors that I had made for sims 2, and have converted them into sims 3 floors for you to enjoy. These floors have 3 recolorable channels to them. I hope you enjoy them! I think they look fantastic!

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    Nothing but good for your future! Jer. 29:11


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  2. Rock Toilet

    This is good for your Medieval families. It's a rock toilet. Enjoy!




  3. Pastor Career

    Posted 08 February 2009 - 03:42 PM

    With this career, you can live the life of a pastor

    This career should be EP compatible, and will not overwrite any custom or Maxis careers because it has it's own GUID.

    There are 9 chance cards completed in this career.

    Here is a run-down of the career levels:

    1.Prayer Warrior wages:154

    You are a powerful Prayer Warrior. You spend hours at the church in your prayer closet pouring your heart out to The Allmighty. Be sure to keep up your logic skills!

    2.Intern wages:238

    You are now an intern for your local church. It's your job to help the pastor by running errands for him. You are his gopher, so to speak.

    3.Prison Chaplain wages:322

    You are prison chaplain. This means you will be ministring to the inmates in the local prison. Be on your gaurd! These prisoners are mean ones!

    4.Hospital Chaplain wages:420

    It's your job to go to the local hospital and pray over and read scriptures to people who are very sick. Also you must hold church services at the hospital for vistors and loved ones of the ill.

    5.Missionary wages:539

    You are a missionary. This means you will be travelling the globe ministering the gospel to those who have not heard.

    6.Evangelist wages:893

    You are an evangelist. This means, you are back in your home country. You will be going around the nation in various churches and preaching the gospel. Be sure to increase your logic skills!

    7.Children's Pastor wages:1190

    You are a children's pastor. This means you will be preaching to the children in their own service while the adults are in big church. Small children need the guidance that a skilled professional can provide. The scripture "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it" comes to mind.

    8.Youth Minister wages:1488

    You are a youth minister. It's your job to preach to the teens and young adults on Wendsday night. The scipture "Let no man despise your youth" comes to mind.

    9.Reverand wages:1750

    You are a reverand, this means you have your own church now. You minister every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wedsday night. You also visit the church on other days for devotions and Bible studies.

    10.General Overseer wages:3033

    You are a General Overseer. This means that you are in charge of every church in your denomonation. You must be very close to the Lord, now more than ever.You've come a long way. Praise the Lord, you are able to reach even more souls for His kingdom.

    This career is for Adults.

    Seen above is the custom icon created by me (transparent background - new thing I learned how to do).




  4. Game Show Host Career

    This is something that was lost for so long, and I really hate that all my work was lost, but I decided to go ahead and re-make it. This career is more focused on being a host than with jobs other than hosting a show or program. There are 5 chance cards completed. Here's a run-down of career levels.

    Bingo Caller:

    It's your job to call numbers at the local bingo hall. The patrons of the bingo hall are mainly elderly sims looking to just have a good time and possibly win some extra money. You must have a clear, loud voice as well as keep an eye out for possible cheaters who you can report to security. Even the sweetest looking old lady can be a scam artist.

    Local Radio Game Show Host:

    The brainbuster, the missing serial numbers in the plasma screen TV, the clues to the scavenger hunt to find a priceless diamond ring lost in the middle of Downtown Veronaville. Those are some of the games that you will be hosting on the radio show. Have fun with this job!

    Slot Tournament MC:

    You've moved a bit up the ladder as a slot tournament MC in Atlantic City. It's your job to make announcements about when a jackpot is hit, announce the times for intermission, announce when any entertainment will be performing, but most importantly make sure that the players have fun.

    Local Television Game Show Host:

    You have done so well MCing at the casino at Atlantic City that the casino has a job for you now on their local game show network. You have developed quite a bit of public speaking skills so far in your career which will advance you to the next level. Keep going my friend!

    National Radio Game Show Host:

    You certainly have gained quite a following and quite a bit of experience so far that now you are gearing up as the host of your own national radio game show. This is not some mom and pop operation that you remember from the days of the local radio show. This is the big leagues.

    Big City Television Game Show Host:

    You are hosting a local television game show, but this just happens to be the largest city in all of Sim Nation: New Sim City. No pressure, no pressure at all, only a large studio audience, caked on makeup under blaring lights, scrupulous time limits, and not to mention the least amount of pressure - a viewing audience of nearly 2 million sims.

    National Night Owl Television Host:

    You are almost on your way to the very top. This isn't quite what you hoped for when they asked you to be a national game show host because of the time slot which is 3 am. Your target audience is geriatric vampires, so be sure to throw in some product placement for blood-flavored denture grip.

    Host of the next big thing:

    You became host of Schpiel or no Schpiel not realizing how huge of a success it would actually be. There are now different versions of this show currently running in every nation in the entire world. Your job entails a lot of traveling not just looking good on camera day in and day out. You might not be meeting up with the Pope anytime soon, but at the rate you're going he may know your name!

    CEO of the Game Show Channel:

    you are now CEO of GSC aka Game Show Channel. This is a huge responsibility. You have to be in charge of so much when running a corporation as large as this. Of course this means tons of cashflow, but hey you honestly deserve it! You have worked so hard to progress to this point of your career. Well done!

    Living Legend:

    This is a life of ease. You make rare appearances on national talk shows, and fun documentaries about game shows and receive a huge check each time you go to one. All of your hard, tedious work really has paid off at this point. Now is the time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Enjoy your life because this is the best time of your life.

    Here is an example of a chance card question:




  5. Driftwood Relaxation Set

    Please download the updated set here: http://www.affinitysims.com/index.php?/file/1997-ninthwave-driftwood-set-fixed/
    All of the meshes here are repository linked from the living chair in the set, so you will need the living chair in your downloads folder for the textures of the others to show up. Also any future recolors of the living chair will also show up in the loveseat and sofa. The sofa, and the loveseat are not recolorable.

    Poly Counts:
    Price Living Chair:




  6. Yin Yang Shelving

    I thought this would be a great idea for like a karate gym or something. It's a Yin Yang shelf with 4 slots for placing whatever you like that will go on coffee tables. Enjoy!




  7. Live, Laugh, Love Shelving with 13 Slots

    This Live, Laugh, Love shelving unit has 13 slots for placing whatever you want that will fit. Any sculptures, plants, or lamps can go in these slots, Maxis or custom. Enjoy!




  8. Global Teens and Children can write novels

    I was playing today, and noticed that my teen couldn't write a novel, so I searched online to see if it's been made before where teens could write novels on computer, and it has, but on a Maxis recolor of one computer with a GUID, instead of a global mod like this one. So instead of just one computer with teens that can write novels, this mod lets teens (or children as well) write novels on any Maxis computer. This only works on Maxis computers because custom ones have separate pie menu functions.


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  9. Chicken and Dumplins

    The Chicken is from the Maxis turkey mesh, all the textures are made by me. It's available for all 3 meals. Same cooking skill as spaghetti from which it was cloned. Enjoy!




  10. Brownies (Open for Business Required)

    Brownies for dessert Open for business required. Poly count is 2,589 total.




  11. The Sims 2 - Default Replacement Simlish Facebook Blog Hobby Computer Screen

    This is a default replacement of when your sim goes to blog for their hobby on their computers. They must have enough hobby enthusiasm in order to blog. Also Freetime is required. Also if you have any of my other (or anyone else's) default replacement blog hobby screens you need to take them out before starting your game or it will cause problems (you can only ever have 1 default replacement of anything in your game at all times). All of the words are in Simlish. Since Simlish can easily be translated into English, I have changed the names of all my friends to just either random fictitious names or celebrity names to protect their privacy. I really don't know why I haven't thought of this before, I'm on facebook all the time. Anyway, enjoy!




  12. Retro Fruit Loops and Retro Apple Jacks

    2 new retro 60's cereals for you to enjoy. These are food recolors. I plan to do some more work for The Sims 2 and share with affinity. Sims is good for me, better than sitting around being bored. I have a career I'm thinking of doing if I can just get some peace and quiet to focus on writing lol. Anyway please enjoy the new cereal.


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  13. Lasagna (Open for Business EP required)

    Morph states included in this food. Available as group meal only, lunch and dinner only. Open for Business is Required. Found in your fridge under serve a meal.../Lasagna. Enjoy!




  14. Default Replacement mp3 player iPod Nano 4th/5th Gen with Animated Screen

    This will replace the University mp3 player with an iPod Nano in the design of 4th or 5th generation. The screen is animated when sims are listening to the iPod. You can only have one mp3 player default replacement in your downloads folder at any given time. University is required. Enjoy!




  15. Duplicity - New Painting Mesh

    Posted 03 October 2009 - 03:52 AM
    I hope you enjoy this lovely new painting in your game.
    Mesh info:
    Made with milkshape and simPE
    Made correctly base game compatible by unticking all boxes in the filetable except for original and CEP then reopening simPE
    Poly Count:
    Vertex Count:
    Attached File(s)
    Number of downloads: 7
    Nothing but good for your future! Jer. 29:11


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  16. Play for Fun Card Table (children can play too) *Fixed small problem

    Posted 15 April 2009 - 05:51 AM

    With this mod children can now play on the card table, and no actual money is lost. It's a default replacement of the Maxis Nightlife card table. Nightlife is required. The only thing I couldn't get working is the seated animation so there is no phonebook, so the kids legs stick out in their seats, but you don't really notice it in gameplay and can take screens without it. Anyway, enjoy!


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  17. Prehistoric Neighborhood Decor

    Included in the set is a dinosaur for land, a dinosaur for water, and exotic trees for land. The texture on the dinosaur meshes were made by Rebecah for a dinosaur mesh for me to share. I hope you enjoy!




  18. The Ten Commandments Decor Sculpture

    Sometimes we here at simsafe2 forget that we need some good Christian themed downloads as well, since this is a Christian themed site, but of course everything can't be Christian themed since we would run out of ideas, lol. But I think you will all enjoy this lovely Ten Commandments sculpture in your sim's homes. It's based off of a real one in my house. I hope you like it!




  19. No Relationship Decay

    Your sims now will never decrease in their relationship points over time, they can only increase. They will decrease in points if you preform negative socials, or get rejected for a social, but they don't decay over time if you do nothing to the relationship. So you can keep your sims in good standing relationship wise with others without having to invite them over or chat with them on the phone. This is mainly a cheaty type mod, not real for real life, but it always bugged me how sims relationships decreased with time. This mod may have been made before by someone else in the past, but I made and tested this mod myself, I assure you.




  20. Our Little Home - For Empty Nesters or Newlyweds

    This little house is great for your empty nesters who just sent their young adult sims off to university, or for your newlyweds of more well to do households. It's a quaint little home but certainly not a starter. It's a one story residential lot. Included are the furnished and unfurnished versions. There is no custom content. This will require: Pets, Seasons, Nightlife, Bon Voyage, Freetime, Apartment Life, and Mansion and Garden. I hope you enjoy!




  21. Repo Linked Seasons End Table Bedside Table

    I really like the girly end table that game with Seasons for my child and elder female rooms, but the table was too tableish and not bedside table enough, if you know what I mean. So I decided to make this into more of a bedside type table. It's repo linked from the Original table. This means that Seasons is required, and that it's not recolorable. In order for any recolors to show up, you should recolor the original Seasons table. I hope you enjoy!
    Please click the photos below for a larger picture:
    Maxis Table:

    My Table:


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  22. An Empty Basket for all Your Things

    The basket was extracted from the in-game picnic basket from I think Seasons EP, but the mesh was moved around some. I edited the BHAVs to allow object intersection, so move objects on is not needed. You need to use the cheat boolProp SnapObjectsToGrid false to put more than one object in there.

    Recommended item is my french bread for the basket




  23. Box Snacks for your sims (New Food Mesh)

    I had always wanted my sims to have boxed snacks, it never dawned on me to make a new mesh before. Included is Cheez It! Wheatables, and Famous Amos Cookies. Feel free to clone and recolor, please don't upload the exact same thing as I have here. I hope you enjoy!




  24. Gold Victorian Wall Art (Low Poly Version)

    I had originally wanted to make this as low poly as possible, but thought it couldn't be done with this particular thing since I couldn't find any paintings that would have transparency in the texture that are base game, but I found a way with a one tile painting from the base game. I couldn't find any 2 tile transparent textured base game paintings, so I decided to leave up the high poly painting in case some of you prefer a larger 2 tile painting, and don't care about poly. The poly on this painting is VERY low, so I hope you enjoy!




  25. Gold Victorian Wall Art (New Mesh)

    The mesh was created by me, the textures are from bing images. Poly count is somewhat high, but shouldn't be a huge problem, there are things in the Sims base game which are higher than this. I hope you enjoy!


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