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  1. Thank you, veru much MM! This will be really useful
  2. One day, our younger son came into the house quite upset. He was angry at his older brother Elijah for making him drop his ice cream. It didn’t help that Elijah followed him into the house laughing hysterically. It took a few minutes, but we finally got the full story. Jake had been sitting in the front yard with a friend enjoying ice cream in the heat of summer. Elijah was kicking the soccer ball with another friend when it went across the street. As Elijah kicked it back across, he realized the ball was heading straight for Jac
  3. MM, a tutorial will be great! Thank you!
  4. Oh my goodness! How deep are those snow layers? I can not even imaging how it would be to live in that cold! My daughter and her husband had to shovel the snow away before they could enter their house, this last week. They have to connect their car to a power socket every evening, so that they will be able to drive to work, same thing when they arrive at work.
  5. I agree with Beck! It really is a beautiful dress; thank you, MM!
  6. They are gorgeous, MM! Thank you for your hard work!
  7. MaAlet

    New Places!

    In some places there may have been damage yes, but the overall reaction was joy and thankfullness The country needs this rain urgently. But look what happens after the rain: Sandhof Lilies New Place : Aus
  8. MaAlet

    New Places!

    Sesriem Sesriem in flood Tsauchab river coming down through the Sesriem Canyon on its way to Sossusvlei in the red sand dunes of the Namib Desert. (3 January 2021, Namibia Floods) - a once in a live time event!
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