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  1. So far we are still fine too, 😀 The lock down doesn't affect me much - I am used to staying home. The grand kids are still following their home school schedule, except for the subjects they have at other places; like piano and guitar lessons; physical exercises (That a bio-kinetic trainer held every Wednesday for all the home schoolers) and the once a month art gathering of all the home school kids. Yes, and the play dates that happens on some weekends. Those they miss Oh yes and of course no sports Now that I think of all this, I actually can understand that they sometimes get grumpy Thank you, MM! So do I
  2. 9568 Thank you for reminding us, Dave!
  3. MaAlet


    Who do you mean? Rubberman?
  4. MaAlet


    Welcome back, RubberMan! Good to see you again. How are you? All bouncing happily and healthy, I hope
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