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  1. Oh MM, this is not good at all! You need medical attention, my dear friend. My heart goes out to you, I am crying with you. I keep you in my prayers. I so agree with Beck! I need a bathroom as near to my bedroom as possible, otherwise I am in trouble - which make overnight visits to almost any other place really difficult for me.
  2. I just read this on SimPearls: It is with a very heavy heart, to announce that this year's DOTY will be our last. SimPearls will sadly be closing at the end of March next year due to hosting costs. When SimPearls first opened, I was using Lunarpages, (who I had been with for years) a reasonably priced host who charged £127 a year and the forum never had any problems, but about 2½ years ago they were taken over by Hostpapa and about 6 months later we started having a lot of downtime, errors and getting popups that the forum was, in a word, "too busy" Hostpapa were no help, just said we were using too many resources and basically would have to upgrade to stay online. I didn't want to close the forum, so I relented and with the financial help of myself, Betsy and the members, which I am forever grateful for, we upgraded to the business account at a reduced cost of around £350. I recently looked at the renewal cost, which will be in May next year and the cost is a staggering £720 which I feel is way too much to pay just to keep the forum going and in no way would I expect to ask for help for such a large amount of money. Saying that, from now until we close in March 2023, it's business as usual so please don't leave us yet! We would like to take this opportunity, to thank each and every one of you for all your support for the last 7 incredible years, it's been a honour and a priviledge to have known and interacted with you guys
  3. Oh MM, I am so sad about what happened to you! I am praying that the pain will leave now and that you will heal fast and completely, in the Name of Jesus May God bless Heather for the kindness she showed you!
  4. That is awesome MM! Well, I am one of your fans That is very important. May I ask which virus protector? Wow! we have more than 50 "Guests" online right now haha! Enjoy!!
  5. Wow! I agree with Beck! I also never heard about that. I was concerned that might have a virus on your pc I am so thankful you resolved the problem! Good for you!
  6. MM, does this only happen with your Sims related files?
  7. Yes, we are blessed with wonderful friends!
  8. I agree, Beck, Marbi is a wonderful talented builder! You are the talented "mesher" (is there such a word?) and fixer, MM is such a talented "recolourer" ! I am so proud of all of you!
  9. It's such a pity! I still think Sims 2 game play is the best! But Sims 4 build tools are really nice.
  10. Wow, that is interesting, I've never heard that advice. I definitely have to remember that! We have 3 dog and 2 cats here. I am so grateful and happy that our Jakie is doing better! That is so true, Beck! It is heart breaking!
  11. Happy Birthday!


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      Thank you so much! :image014-22:

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      Good to see you again! How are you doing?

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