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  1. I am so glad that you are finding treasures for your game.
  2. Nonni


    Version - Sims 2


    Kasper is the grandson of the custodian for the church in my Homestead Game. Here at Rebecah's Toddler Picnic Table he is gaining skills about cooking: Kasper's mom, Kaylin, is widowed from a brutal despot who died in a mining accident off world. She changed back to her maiden name for herself and her son. His grandfather, Karl Kurator, is a retired business man who wanted his daughter and grandson away from the lifestyle of the wealthy Off Worlders. Although Karl is wealthy he has taken the job of caretaker so that he can serve God in peace. I have all the EPs and SPs for Sims 2 Use the Sims2pack Clean Installer to see all the 'tinsel' and 'trinkets' that helped make Kasper possible. Thanks to Katu's default face templates. I want to thank my Creator for giving me pleasure in His Purpose.
  3. 399 downloads

    This is a set of triplets that I created a few months ago just for fun. They are Astra: Estelle: and Moonbeam: Again, These Sims are 98% Custom Content, with the remaining 2% being my fun assembling them. Thanks to all the wonderful Creators of Custom content. Praise to my God for His provisions. I have all EPs and SPs
  4. 316 downloads

    This 2X3 Residential lot costs 68,064 Simoleans. What started as a Desiderata Makeover warped into a potential dorm for my University 'hood and then settled down to be whatever I wished. Front: First Floor: Second Floor:
  5. Nonni

    Adina Abendana


    Adina Abendana the little Israeli: Another Happy Accident, she just seemed to come to life by herself. I would like to thank all the wonderful creators that made her possible: Thanks be to God, all Honor and Glory is His.
  6. Nonni

    Nonni - Updated

    Version - Sims 3


    This is a highly idealized, updated self-sim of me, Nonni. Here are some in game shots of her: She loves to listen to her best friend, Katiska play her favorite classics. I have all the EPs and SPs for The Sims 3.
  7. 813 downloads

    This lot was inspired by Rebecah, hence the dedication. It was made with lots of room for a growing family that was striving for self-sufficiency and energy conservancy. **************************************************************** The lot size is 5x3 and the cost is 124,501 Simoleans. The house has 5 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, spare room, large recreational room, attic, observation deck with room for many solar panels. There is also a large eat-in kitchen as well as a formal dining room. There is much more, there is some landscaping done but it is largely unfurnished. The master bedroom is furnished, however. This lot offers many amenities such as a swimmable pond, tree house and under the windmill there is a room for pottery and metal work stations. There is also a green house with fruit trees and garden plots waiting for fertilizer and seeds. Many thanks to all the creators who have shared their work and God-given talent. Thanks be to God for His unfailing Love.
  8. Nonni

    Jessie Josephs

    Version - Sims 2


    Jessie Josephs is part time stunt and body double for a well-know movie star. However, her dream is to become a best-selling author. She loves the outdoors and she also trains horses.
  9. Nonni



    Commissioned by FracturedMoonlight Her vision was to have an oasis that offered many chances for success or failure, hence the name. This first screenshot employs as part of the illusion the Neighborhood decor by Podchacha This second screenshot show the actual lot.. This lot has several edible plants, the beginning of a garden, an invisible toilet, a stone sink and a waterfall shower. According to Fracs instructions there is no shelter/housing structure. 58,389 Simoleans Residential 5 X 6 Thanks for this project goes to my Creator and to the invaluable work of the following CC creators: 4eversimsfantasy, 71robert13/SKS, alex_stanton1983, apollo, besen, bienchen83, buggybooz, cathee, Echo, engelchen, Frances, Frillen, Gwenke, Havelock, Joyful Girl, kativip, Khakidoo, Lady Lama, Lethe_s, macarossi , Marvine, Michelle, Murano, Murano, Nengi65, Nofrena, Parsimonious Kate, raynuss, Rebecah, roddyaleixo, Sunni, sweetswami77, WhiteShark, Yggdrasil Note: The Inn Stand Master file is needed to give the Inn Sink it's texture. Special Thanks Poschacha for Neighborhood decor
  10. Nonni

    Malia Belle


    This Sim was inspired by my grand daughter. This is how she will appear in CAS:
  11. Nonni

    Nonni's Sink


    Nonni's Sink Part of Original Nursery Set by jusfels who has graciously given consent for me to remove the deco items and allowing me to recolor. Here it is newly remeshed: Found in Plumbing under Sinks Cost = 47 Simoleons Polycount = 708 I have many thanks to give: To Rebecah for helping with a shadow issue and for fixing the file texture so that I could recolor cabinet as well as the sink. I will always be in your debt for your help and encouragement. Beck also said to tell you: To MaAlet Lots of Hugs and Kisses for her sweet and calm tutoring me in how to mesh in Milkshape, even while holding an active 8 month old grand daughter on her lap. Some of the textures are ones that I found and modified but many thanks To Eva/eefje00704 for sharing her collection of textures. Above All I give Honor and Praise to my Creator for His Wondrous Love.
  12. Nonni

    Hugh Dunette


    Thanks to the wonderful creators for sharing their talents and making Hugh possible! CC: Aligeth Clothing Mesh AlmightyHat Hair Color (CoolSims Hair Mesh 70 included) Ephemera Eye Color Eyebrow Lothere Clothing Mouseyblue Skin Tone
  13. Nonni

    Agosto Asturano


    Descendent of wealthy landed farmer from Northern Spain, Agosto ran away from home to join the Crusaders. He stumbled into knighthood by inadvertently saving the life of English nobleman. Agosto's wealth and bravery earned him entrance to the upper classes and marriage to a widowed noblewoman. He was also rewarded with the lands and titles of the widow's dead husband as there was no male relative to inherit. Thanks to the following creators: Alfred Askew Eyeliner Makeup Athena Eyebrows Bruno Lipstick corvidophile2 Blush Feenwald clothing Rensim Blush (lip corner) link is no longer valid Costume Makeup selzi Skin Tone shady Eye Color sironasims Makeup (nose mask) threehundred Blush tifa makeup Vividmiss blush
  14. Nonni



    Lot size: 2 X 3 Price: $47,947 Thanks to My Lord Creator and to the following artist for their wonderful work: 4ESF Outdoor Rocks Dorien Doo-Wop Building edges Lethe_s Mortar and Pestle Macarossi Plants and Rocks Marvine Spiral Stairs Ladder -Maylin- Antique cooking fireplace Bookcase Michelle Floors Fireplace Invisible refrigerator The Epic Fountain Terrain Paint Wallpaper Roof Misc. Recolors Rebecah Trash Can Sandy ATS Country Kitchen items sunni9676 Fireplace recolor Taroo Wall Lamp Bathroom Items TheNinthWave Smaller Weeping Willow
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