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  1. 325 downloads

    This is Abbii, a sim that Nonni had sent to me around a week or two before she died for testing. She was planning on uploading her soon. She is and always will be Affinity's very own Angel in Heaven. Gina (gayars)
  2. Version - Sims 2


    This is my second vacation lot in our vacation lots challenge. It was built on the beach of a vacation destination, Twikkii Island. I am so thankful for all of the creators and the lovely things that they have shared with the Simming Community. I thank God, the One and Only Matchless Creator for leading me to Sims 2. I am blessed with such remarkable and tolerant friends that I have found here.
  3. I am so glad that you are finding treasures for your game.
  4. Nonni

    Eva Cencerro


    Eva, the Adult comes in 2 versions,the every day and the Christmas Formal: I went ahead and packaged the toddler version wearing one of Birdgurl's Christmas outfits: And I am throwing in another picture of toddler Eva in EA Maxis PJs: Eva is a product of LilSister's Cheyenne London and autumnelle's Gaetano with a few Nonni tweaks. It has been so long since I have uploaded anything, I have probably forgotten something. Feel free to ask question or point out errors. Hugs and Enjo
  5. Nonni



    Any one call for a 'Tall, Dark and Handsome Hero'? Well, I am sorry but this gentleman has been claimed. BTW: Matteo is the Italian form of the given name Matthew. The Hebrew meaning of Matteo is 'gift of God.' I have all the EPs and SPs for Sims 2 Use the Sims2pack Clean Installer to see all the 'tinsel' and 'trinkets' that helped make Matteo possible. Thanks to Katu's default face templates. I want to thank my Creator for giving me pleasure in His Purpose.
  6. BTW: Thanks for the links to the additional quilt patterns, LilSister! This is going to be wonderful. Thanks again, Beck, my Sunshine!
  7. I see that I did vote for it. At least I got that right. Duh!
  8. What!?! Who ate my reply/review? I can not believe it! How did I miss posting a review? This was a great request by LilSister and wonderful creation.
  9. Nonni



    Kasper is the grandson of the custodian for the church in my Homestead Game. Here at Rebecah's Toddler Picnic Table he is gaining skills about cooking: Kasper's mom, Kaylin, is widowed from a brutal despot who died in a mining accident off world. She changed back to her maiden name for herself and her son. His grandfather, Karl Kurator, is a retired business man who wanted his daughter and grandson away from the lifestyle of the wealthy Off Worlders. Although Karl is wealthy he has taken the job of caretaker so that he can serve God in peace
  10. Nonni



    Haven the Sim is the result of chatting with a lovely lady whose name is really Haven. I asked permission to use her name for my next Sim and she said 'go for it'. Her only request was that I send her a link when I completed this project. I am including the Adult and Toddler versions of this Sim: When I (Rebecah) Installed the toddler to create some new pics the toddler shows as an adult that Nonni created previously. I have all the EPs and SPs for Sims 2 Use the Sims2pack Clean
  11. 519 downloads

    Celticlass was wishing for some Wood Recolors of Beck's Hammer N Peg Toy. I have tried to make those wooden recolors for her. Thanks to Rebecah for advice and fine-tuning. You need to know that the hammer is an accessory and you must choose between one of these: Rebecah's Original Or the Unpainted Wood Recolor: Beck has made this version of her toy to work with all or none EPs or SPs. Thanks to Beck for her creative skill and for her
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