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  1. Version - Sims 2


    I would like to present, at long last, my Aeromantic Skin Set. This project took me nearly a year to complete, working off and on. I call them Aeromantic skins because they were created for my winged sims. This set of skins includes four colors. I had originally planned to have more than just these colors, but I do not have time to make them at this point in time. Maybe at a later date I will. If in the mean time you would like to make tan and dark recolors of these, feel free to do so and share. :wub: These skins are in the barbie doll style, meaning they have no naughty parts. I had
  2. 1,095 downloads

    UPDATE PLEASE READ: Some of you may have noticed that necklaces using Dr. Pixel's meshes, like mine here, occasionaly, if not constantly flash blue when you leave a lot and come back. The mesh has been fixed and I have updated the .zip in this thread with the new mesh. The fixed mesh credit goes to sixtylilies. I am very excited about this download. I've spend a lot of time on these Victorian necklaces, tying to make them as real as possible. They are created after real victorian necklaces. Starting at the top left we have a glass cross, beside that a gold basket with flowers embedded wit
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