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  1. 400 downloads

    Fleur de lis Bedroom Set These are my first buy mode items, and I hope you like them. I present to you, my Fleur de lis bedroom set! The pictures were the items that originally got me to want to make this set. These are broken Fleur de lis pictures. I did this to represent Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina hit it pretty hard, but they are putting the pieces back together. So this is to recognize not only all of Louisiana, but all of those who have helped rebuild. There's still a long way to go in fixing the damage (and not just in Louisiana), but slowly everything is coming back together. Base Game Compatible found under the red vs blue painting. The table is a recolor of the University coffee table. You'll find it under there. I've posted a pic of the original table beside it so you'll know exactly where to look for it. University Required At last the beds! Covered in a throw blanket bedspread, your sims will sleep comfortably! It matches the marble table exactly. It can be found as a bedding option under all maxis beds.
  2. What a really neat idea. I didn't know you were able to do that. Wow!
  3. 481 downloads

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here is a set of 3 red dresses for you ladies, so they will be stunning at that next Christmas gathering! All of the meshes are from LianaSims and are included. Only base game is required. Christmas Dress: Adorned with diamonds and a necklace. Victorian Dress: Adorned with a choker and a bracelet. Fan Dress: Adorned with bracelets and arm ruffles. ENJOY!
  4. 1,668 downloads

    Hello all. These are a set of fantasy murals and wall papers. Each set has the 3 mural pieces (labeled for your convenience), 2 window wallpapers, and one plain wall paper. All are found under masonry (stone) for $13.00. Only base game is needed. Unlike my past wallpapers, you do not need to install these. Just unzip them into your downloads and you're done. The murals in detail are as follows below:
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