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  1. Version - Sims 2


    I would like to present, at long last, my Aeromantic Skin Set. This project took me nearly a year to complete, working off and on. I call them Aeromantic skins because they were created for my winged sims. This set of skins includes four colors. I had originally planned to have more than just these colors, but I do not have time to make them at this point in time. Maybe at a later date I will. If in the mean time you would like to make tan and dark recolors of these, feel free to do so and share. :wub: These skins are in the barbie doll style, meaning they have no naughty parts. I had a lot of inspiration for these skins, which included Ephemera, H.P., Navetsea, and of course Louis AKA Ren. I used Louis' skin as a base, then I took textures from many different dolls to create these skins. Much of the male chest had to be hand drawn, and the male hands are made after images of real hands. The legs and arms are taken directly from Louis' skins, and greatly altered to my liking. I've done my best to make them as smooth as possible, and as seamless as possible. You can download them separately, or as a set. The set file is named AeromanticSkins. I really hope you like them. You can see here the female versions of the skin. I know you probably cannot see much difference in the color of the skins, but each is a little different in color. Here are the male versions. You can see the muscles are well defined. The fit version is even a little more defined. Here you can see the back of the skins. This shot is simply to show how smooth and seamless the skins are. The Pink Ivory is not this seamless. That was the original skin, which I recolored all the others from. I originally did not intend to include it in this download, as I was unhappy with the color, but since one of the members I allowed to preview these skins requested it, I thought I would include it. It however, did not get the improvements the other colors received. Of course this shot is to give you more details. I must point out the collar bone and the male hands. I love those aspects! Common Questions: Can I upload your skins on sims I create? A: Yes. Feel free to do whatever you like with my skins. Can I recolor your skins? A:Yes. Please feel free. May I edit your skins? A:Yes. Please feel free. I don't like this or that about your skins, or I think this could be improved. A:Feel free to edit them however you like. May I share your skins? A:Yes. Just don't claim them as your own. That is all I ask. May I use your textures to create my own skins? A:Yes. By all means. I took most of the textures from dolls online anyhow. Can you make version of your skins with the missing pieces (naughty parts)? A:No. Please don't ask me to. Like Enayla, I find it silly and pointless. It would also embarrass me to do something like that. lol Will you make defaults of these? A:I don't plan to. I just don't have the time. Can I make defaults of your skins? A:Yes, please feel free. If I recolor your skins, could you link to them? A: Absolutely! Just send me your link and I'll share it here. Special credits go to the SimSafe2 Staff for all of their help with this. Other credit goes to Ephemera, Louis aka Ren, Navetsea, H.P., and others whose skins I looked to for inspiration, and guidance on part placement.
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    UPDATE PLEASE READ: Some of you may have noticed that necklaces using Dr. Pixel's meshes, like mine here, occasionaly, if not constantly flash blue when you leave a lot and come back. The mesh has been fixed and I have updated the .zip in this thread with the new mesh. The fixed mesh credit goes to sixtylilies. I am very excited about this download. I've spend a lot of time on these Victorian necklaces, tying to make them as real as possible. They are created after real victorian necklaces. Starting at the top left we have a glass cross, beside that a gold basket with flowers embedded with jewels. On the second row we have a fancy pendent with jewles, beside it is a praying angel cameo (cameos were of course very popular back then). On the bottom row is the famous mustard seed (on the real necklace the verse from Mathew is written on the back, but unfortunately we can't do that in sims.) and beside it is my favorite, and most elaborate piece (If you'll note, even between the chain links is transparent.) The Mesh by Dr. Pixel is included. Special credit: God (I couldn't have done it without my Heavenly Father. )
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