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  1. The cold is not a problem, we are warm enough in the house even if it is cold outside. We have had snow again, once about five days ago and our driveway looked again as in the pictures above, once the day before yesterday and it was not as much as before but it was heavy because the degrees were about + -0 C (32 F) and that means it is wet snow and it is very heavy. The problem is that we will soon have no room for the snow we shovel away. I had a hard time sleeping that night because the snow on the roof was starting to slide down and it sounded like the roof was about to break
  2. We are safe and warm. The coldest we had was -25 C outside yesterday but inside the house it was +25 C. It is still cold today but the weather report says that it will be around -8 C on sunday and that is OK for me.
  3. They are making money so they won't stop.
  4. We have had unusually little snow here, most of it melted away. Yesterday it started snowing and it still is. In the county south of us they have a category 4 warning and people are asked to stay home and schools are closed. So I just wanted to show you how our driveway looked when we got up this morning. We didn't get any newspaper in our mailbox and I am not surprised, it was filled with snow instead. After 2,5 hours my husband and I had cleared enough to be able to get our car out of the garage.
  5. I am late to the party but I hope you had a wonderful birthday. 🎈🎉
  6. I am so happy to hear that Jake is OK. Give him a big hug from me. ♥️
  7. How wonderful. Big congratulations to you and the family. She is adorable. ♥️
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