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  1. I saw your post on my houses and I went in and changed the text in the first post and of course the pictures was gone. I will try to fix it with new pictures as soon as I can.

  2. I noticed your comment in the angel thread but I don't know how to answer like that, so I didn't answer in the thread. I think we should write some nice words about Nonni, as thanks for the time we had her among us. I have read some of the texts from the bible you have posted and maybe you can find something that will be proper for this. In memory of Nonni we give thanks.... or something like that. I am not good with words and english is not my native language so it is hard.

    1. MaAlet


      I think you have a really good idea! Thank you Marbi!

      You know, I have the same problem as you :noddingSmiley:  I'm not good with words and English isn't my home language either 😜 But I'll try to think of something. If you have any more suggestions I will be grateful.



  3. I saw your post on Huggs today and that thing about not being able to place a stove in the dorm. I worked around it with the cheat bb.enablefreebuild. With that cheat you can rebuild the dorm and put the buffé, the same one as at the student park, somewhere and there will be a sim coming in every morning and serv food. Your sim will have to pay for the food, but I think it is worth it.


    I hope everything still is well with you and your family.


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    2. MaAlet


      Oh Marbi, I pray that  feel better soon! And that it's only an allergy :1hug:


      I'm also in the risk group and isolate myself as much as I can. I am fortunate that I am staying with my daughter and my son is only 2 street blocks away. So I do not have to go out to get food or anything else. 


      "I am praying that we all will be fine when this is over, and that it will be over soon."

      Amen to that!  That really would be a huge relief! 


      Over here, Winter is coming in fast this year. It's already very cold and misty in the mornings and evenings. During the day it's still nice and warm most of the days. You probably have spring already?


      Have a lovely day!

    3. Marbi


      Thank you for your good thoughts. I have been inside now for two days and feel a lot better. I think it was while doing some work outside in the garden I got this cold so it is probably allergy.


      The spring is on its way here but I live up in the north so it still counts as winter here while in the south they have summer already. At least that is what they said on the weather report. :)


      The ground is very wet and under the grass it is still frosen so it will take some time before any plants will be planted in the ground. Maybe in the beginning of June. We tidied up in the raspberry bushes and took away the old and dry branches. We get a lot of raspberrys and my granddaughters love the jam I make from them.

      I have planted a lot of tomatoes, two sorts of the small ones, babyplums and cherry. I also planted chives, leeks and parsley. We are planning to buy a small greenhouse for all the plants because we don't have room for it inside the house and it is to cold to have outside, even in the summer.


      Have a wonderful weekend.


    4. MaAlet


      Good morning!


      I'm so happy you feel better!


      Wow, I didn't realize it's so cold over there! I just looked on the map to see where you are. You are "near" my daughter!  She lives is Iisalmi, - I think it's central Finland.


      Oh, it's so lovely to have such a garden! We tried so many time to plant veggies and have a little bit of success. But our climate is just not garden friendly - it's too dry (water is sooo expensive here) and too hot sometimes or too cold other times . Even our homemade hot house didn't help much . With cherry tomatoes and spinach we had the best result.


      Now I have to go and prepare lunch for the kids :)


      Thank you and I pray you have a lovely weekend too!


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