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  1. Marbi, you are a true talent! Love this cozy, welcoming Victorian. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Sugah

    Clover Cottage

    How lovely, Marbi! What a darling, welcoming cottage! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Sugah

    Bargain Barge

    WOW! LOVE this Bargain Barge, Marbi! And I am with LilSis ... I wish I could have it for Sims 2. Bravo! Well done!
  4. Marbi, you are a true talent, m'lady! Not only do you create very welcoming, inviting homes, but they are user friendly and very appealing, too! Many thanks for sharing your talent with us, as always.
  5. Sugah

    Tiny Starter

    Marbi, what a fine job you've done on this little starter home. I absolutely love the smaller, well-designed Sims abodes and lots. Bravo!
  6. Sugah

    Coconut Beach

    I didn't mean for you to go to so much trouble over re-creating Coconut Beach for Sims 2, Marbi. I must say, though, that I am extremely excited that you'll be building it on a TS2 beach lot. I currently play with NL, FT & BV on my laptop and add to that AL on my desktop. I do not have Seasons, Pets, OFB or Uni installed! Thank you so much in advance!!!
  7. Sugah

    Coconut Beach

    Marbi, this is a fantastic beach abode. I absolutely love it, both inside and out. I don't play with Sims 3, but wouldn't mind a replica of this for my Sims 2 all beach 'hood (Aurora Cay). Great job!
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