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Found 5 results

  1. 504 downloads

    This is in memory of Nonni. She and I were both playing a retro style hood, so I made these primarily for Nonni and me. I felt we needed more "retro" maternity. She helped test these for me. These are marked as both everyday and maternity. Meshes from All About Style included. You can use a mod to choose your sim's clothing during pregnancy, and various mods out there allow you to buy your maternity clothing as well. One such mod is Squinge's here. I used Nonni's sim for the pictures. Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection bodyshop.
  2. 665 downloads

    This is a retro/vintage crib and changing table set I have been working on for my retro hood. I wanted a cute little crib I could put cute little designs on, as I couldn't really do that with the cribs I had, so I made one The set was cloned off of the base game crib and changing table, however I actually used the seasons dresser mesh as a starting point for my changing table, so Seasons MIGHT be required. I am not sure. I do not believe so although there is a slim possibility. The entire set, including meshes, is in one zip file with the contents all inside one folder. There are 6 frame colors, one being the mesh, of the new crib and changing table. The angel ones are the meshes. There are also 8 new crib and changing table recolors. These are repositoried off of the base game crib and changing tables, so they borrow all bedding from the Maxis ones. There is one slot on the changing table, on the top right hand side. The crib is a tad high on the poly side, but seems to run acceptably on my testers' computers without any issue. Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, and Simpe.
  3. 1,531 downloads

    These are some toddler girl's clothes I made. The dresses use a base game mesh, and the dress and leggings sets use a mesh by Klira that is offered as an optional download. I got the mesh from Sims 2 City here. Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Bodyshop. Images of items: https://app.photobucket.com/u/MissionMouse1958/a/bec9cc10-6bf0-4a57-8a7e-ee0b11aad649
  4. Marbi

    Suburbia Small


    Residential Lotsize: 10x10 Furnished: 52 296 Simoleon Unfurnished: 24 365 Simoleons
  5. Marbi

    Villa Blanca


    Residential Lotsize: 20x20 Furnished: 102,238 Simoleons Unfurnished: 58,281 Simoleons I have used some stuff from the EA Store, both free and buy, and if you don't have them in your game they will be replaced with similar stuff you have in your game. EP:s - World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University, Island Paradise, Into the Future SP:s - High End Loft, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living, Town Life, Master Suite
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