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Love Your Enemies

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Thank you, Jon, for this inspiring message.



This is true,  it's not easy to love people who wronged us. It's impossible if we try to do that on our own. Only with the help of our heavenly Father can we achieve that. Only through Him can we overcome any evil.


I have just now decided to 'test' my ability to forgive.


There was one person who hurt me, tormented me and damaged me to the core of my being.

As I scanned my memories of this person, I realized I carried no burden of malice.


I never set out to forgive this person.


God removed the corrosive weight of justifiable hatred and holds me upright. I celebrate my freedom.


Dear Naomi, I pray that your wounds are healed and any residue of painful anger is cleared from your  aspect. I agree with you that I shall never tire of reading or hearing God's Word.

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