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      If you are unable to login to the site please re-register.  Our member table had some issues and any member who has never posted in the forums or made comments was removed. There is no reason to register if you do not intend to participate in some way.   A membership is not required to read the forums or download the files. Thank you for your patience and I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.
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      Members you are able to set your own theme preference.  At the bottom of the page, you should find an option that says "Theme" click the down arrow and select the theme of your choice. I have found that some themes are causing problems so I have removed several of them.  If there was one you really liked please let me know.
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      We now have a Tumblr! If you are a Tumblr user, or just like to browse Tumblr for sims info, please join us at Affinity-Sims and keep up with all the latest downloads and announcements!
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      Memory Book for Nonni   08/07/2016

      Nonni's family has graciously asked us to participate in a memory book. They would appreciate members of the Sims Community being a part of this very special book. Those who want to participate, post your messages here and your messages will be added to Nonni's Memory Book.
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      Downloads are now available.  I believe I have all of the files back online.


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    Actually that was on my to do list anyway! I was going to make one for Nonni, but had to find a wringer washer first, as I am not good at meshing yet. Sadly I found one a couple of weeks or so after she died that Mustluvcatz made. If you know of any however, if you could pm me the links and/or the objects I would appreciate it!
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    This is a first for me, so if you don't like it I won't be offended. It doesn't need a mesh as I made it using a Maxis outfit. I searched for a Boy Scout outfit for Sims boys and couldn't find one either. Alas I do not know how to make meshes so this is a copy and paste effort with images from the web. I am serious, if you do not like this, it will NOT offend me. I had a real problem finding a proper shirt and then pasting that image where it needed to be pasted. I just couldn't find a shirt like I had pictured in my mind from when my brother was in the Boy Scouts. BoyScoutOutfit.rar
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    Ok good news! Mustluvcatz gave permission for her mesh to be used So I will be using hers for the modded object
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    Thank you, Gayars. I am sorry it worked out that way. I will pm you.
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    @Nonni yes I am attempting to give back to the community but I need black and white instead of digital. I found some on other sites but this one has pictures and step by step. @Marbi yes that is what I would to convert it over I was asking to see if it was already done before I did it. I could have just printed it out but my printer ink took a dirt name. So I was saving everything on a disc and using the governments ink. The pictures don't always show up at work and they have "gaming" sites blocked. Thanks for all the help.
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    My first day off in ages and I got to cook 70 chickens and half a wedding cake lmao. I think I would have preferred plastering..... If you ever get married don't volunteer to do your own catering haha!!
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    Gee, I have trouble cooking one.
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    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I hope you and yours have a long happy life together. Back to the original question, Never cooked 70 chickens. I did help feed the volunteers and staff at a park event once. Prepared bread for about 30 in "Dutch" ovens, and cooked soup for the same over an open campfire. Lots of shoveling of ashes & coals. But nobody left hungry.
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    When I was a member of a medieval reenactment society we sometimes had events on weekends and then there could be 40-60 people who needed food from Friday evening to Sunday lunch. The dinner was a banquet with 3 entrees, 3 hot dishes and 3 desserts. My task was to cook the meals the kitchen with the help of 1-2 people and that was where I spent the whole weekend with cooking before and cleaning off after each meal.
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    Awesome idea. They could animate like Rebecah's chickens in their walking and pecking, just different sounds. The food nabbing would be a cool extra too.
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    It is 101 degrees here today. Jake wanted outside so badly that I let him go and two minutes later when I checked on him he had kinda melted. Pip stuck his nose outside and decided not to go out. I am so grateful for central air making our home cooler in the summer. I am working on doing some laundry and Jake seems to want to help, however grabbing a pair of my undies and then racing off with them is not what I consider helping. It does make for a good game of chase and I've learned to block both sides of the couch so he can't hide things there. I'd hate to pull the sofa out only to discover 50 pairs of undies.... When we moved from the apartment to our house, we found like hundreds of bottle caps, rolled tiny tinfoil balls and I don't even know how many pens and pencils under the sofa, the stove and the fridge. That was courtesy of my beloved cat Morgan. Cat toys didn't appeal to him, but a rolled up ball of tinfoil made him go He had this thing for foam earplugs....I'd throw one, he'd chase it and bring it back and I'd have to throw it again. He was an awful lot like a dog. I also had this barbie size hockey net and Morgan was always the goal keeper. He won more games that I did.
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    Girls "fluff'..I gotta remember that one.
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    Stop it! You're Canadian. That's almost British :D
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    Funny..As I read this Bud is laying on my bed "creating some interesting aromas"
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    OH MY! I"m really late on this one..Please forgive me, Rebecah!! I pray you had a nice birthday, and you are managing to stay cool this summer..God Bless!
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    Just to keep you all informed, I have been quite busy reorganizing my pattern collection. I have discovered that it is actually a lot more extensive than I had thought. I'm in the process of downloading TheSims2 Ultimate Collection, having uninstalled Sims4 to correct a glitch between package files and my PSP program. Once Sims2 is installed, then I am going to re-install Sims4 and see if my problem has gotten resolved. I am hoping that the re-installation of Sims4 can be completed by this coming weekend. Then I hope to resume uploading content for both games. However, with regards to Sims4, I will only upload EA content and NOT any creator content. Most of the creators for Sims4 have a TOU that states you are not allowed to upload their mesh with your recolours. Some TOU's even do not allow you to recolour the item at all. What does one do if they like the mesh but the colour choices leave a great deal to be desired? Oh c'mon, we have all come across a wonderfully designed mesh but wouldn't use that particular pattern to dust our coffee table with....Personally I find that kind of TOU simply too restrictive. Any recolour of any mesh is a sincere compliment to the original creator because you actually have to really love that mesh to want to put in the work and thought and time to recolour it. A different pattern or a different texture can really have an effect on some clothing. Affinity has a policy of including the mesh in with the recolours to make things easier for our members. I personally will not send our members hither and yon in search of meshes that have a habit of disappearing after a time. It is frustrating and time consuming. I have always given credit to the original mesh and creator. In fact I have *fangirled* several creators that just make me swoon with their fabulous creations. Anyone that knows me knows that I only recolour things I am deeply enamored with. Certainly all of my recolours have been my way of honouring the original creator in the case of ALL recolours I have done for Sims2. It's also been my belief that once you download anything that I recoloured it then belongs to you, the downloader. If you like it but want to embellish it, tweak it or even add something to it, then by all means feel free to do so. I'm tickled pink if you have something I recoloured in your game. Even after all this time it still gives me a thrill when something I've done is downloaded. I have hundreds of CC for Sims4 but due to the restrictive TOU's I cannot share them. I will do private recolours within my area of capability if I am sent PM's requesting them, but I cannot post them for general downloads and for that I am truly sorry. At the end of the day this is really just a game we play for whatever reasons we choose to play. Anything that is made to enhance our play is a bonus. For people like me who cannot quite grasp all the intricacies of creating, then recolouring can give us immense satisfaction and a real sense of achievement. In fact I prefer to recolour rather than play the games. When experimenting with different patterns, and combinations of patterns I feel like I can change an everyday dress into a garden party type dress. Sometimes it even works that different textures can change an everyday dress into an alluring evening dress. You can add a shiny belt or a jewelled belt and get a totally different outcome. I've used embroidered images I found on the internet that I put on pillows to make them unique. The fact is design possibilities are endless and only restricted by one's own unique taste. That's what makes this so much fun for me. Thanks to Rebecah for taking me under her wing and teaching me to recolour I can finally give back to a community that has given me so much enjoyment. I have had some health issues and some family issues that have had an unwanted affect on the time I have had to make things to upload but with the prayers from my Affinity Family and with God's grace most of those issues have been resolved. I still have a very demanding dog that needs my time and attention but in the last year and a half, we have gone from a 5 cat household to a one cat household and those passings have left me bereft at times. And now for a wee bit of comic relief....I don't pay any attention to my birthday or my age and someone asked me recently how old I would be this year. To my utter shock I had no idea, so out came the calculator (I never was any good at math) I'm 58, I'll be 59 this September and then the BIG OLE 60 next year. Seriously I didn't think I was that old.... because I almost said I was 54 or 55. The not being good at math is no joke, I failed it my senior year in high school and by failed, I mean miserably failed! And yet I worked in the banking industry for 23 years and was very good at my job. Go figure.....
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    Here's my first update in a while. So sorry to hear about Nonni, she was a great person! Walls & Floor Sets By chilili: Cracked desert ground cover: Starter in the Pines By triciamanly: Tropical Challenge Set - created for our June challenge: Victoria White residential lot: White wall and floor tile set: Thanks for looking!
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    Well. They all got eaten lol. Plus all the other stuff >.< Made a 3 tier cake as well and it all went down well
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    I got all the EPs for 4 (so far)..and a couple other packs, and I am convinced that the franchise is out to nickle and dime us to death! At this rate I will have to live another seventy years to get everything in the Sims 4 that the sims 2 and 3 has. (Though 3 is unplayable if you use all EPs at once!} And with four, you have to remove all cc whenever they patch the game..which is often! And then you wait and see what still works. For me: #2 = Fun to play Love all sims and pets, weather etc...Little extras like the penguin, and pick-pocket, etc.. #3 = Fun to build and decorate..and I LOVE the horses! (but NOT the sims) #4 = Fun to build and make sims.
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    I think your chicken probably taste better than the one from the catering. Homecooked is the best.
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    Oh no! I never had a fancy enough wedding to have to cater
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    Oh, I'm so sorry Karen. My prayers are with Jake, you and Dave.
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    Oh my, Goopy, you have changed!!!
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    Sorry I'm late. I hope you had a terrific birthday with lots and lots of cake. (without those candles )
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    So just to keep everyone up to date on my creating progress.... ...I've got quite a few of my patterns organized. I've been recolouring that boat-neck shirt from MTS-Evilcatofgenius, that DeeDee converted to Teens. In the meantime, our beloved dog Jake has tested positive for both lyme and ehrlichia disease. He is the first official diagnosis for ehrlichia in our area, not something we wanted at all. He is being closely monitored weekly by our wonderful vet, and at home by me. This coming Monday we go back to the vet for an update and we will find out then if he needs to be on medication. If he does, then he has to be on it for the rest of his life. I share this so you will hopefully understand why it's taking me longer that I wanted to get some things uploaded. Edited: I forgot to say that the boat-neck shirt is a Sims2 item.
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    I hope you have a wonderful birthday Rebecah
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    Yay I got old psp9 working to lol
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    You got rid of Goopy? Or whatever his name is....
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    Oh! Makes sense.
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    It's called a dirty beer because it's for the guys that get dirty at work and go straight out to the pub!
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    Got it working!! Also you can change the dumb names for the NPC's. I made a family of 8. Dropped out of game and then just replaced the ugly dudes with my new sexy looking ones :D
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    You have odd pubs in Canada lol.
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    Sounds like your Windows 10 isn't set up right love.
  40. 3 likes
    Whatever you want to open them with lol??? And yeah Gayars. Not a fan but when you're not home and waiting for plaster to dry it's something to do rofl
  41. 3 likes
    OK found 2 ways you can do it. First you can tell popular not to open package files from within the programme. Second control panel - set default apps. Tell it there.
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    Install clean installer. That can open package files and it might also fix your problem
  43. 3 likes
    Testing...this my new phone
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    Sims 2 rocks lol ;)
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    Good grief, I've had to uninstall Sims4, Sims4Studio and PSP9. I'm in the process of downloading Sims2 Ultimate Collection. Even though I have the complete Sims2 on discs, the noise my laptop made while installing the base game was just grating on my nerves. I just checked and have 5 hours yet for the download. I can't even work on my pattern collection because I am not going to install PSP9 until Sims2 download is complete. I might look into some free paint programs just so I can keep busy with my patterns cause I am dreadfully bored.
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    It was before any of the people in the family died, but I think it may have been after she found one of our cats dead under the house..I know I remember that I had some very curious drawings to explain to her teacher that year. Praying for more good days for you.
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    Yep, me too! One of our daughters used to bury her naked dolls in the backyard..We were a bit worried about her for awhile, but she turned out to be a great mom when she grew up, and I'm pleased to say her little ones are always dressed cute with their hair nicely done for school everyday, lol! But that option to dress the dolls in game sounds really sweet, Gina! I hope you get to feeling better and can have some enjoyment in making this new project which will also bring much enjoyment to the rest of us as well!
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    LOL! Good to know that I wasn't alone
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    Sorry to hear you haven't been well Dressing my dollies and doing their hair was one of my favorite things to do as a child. Although, my mother might tell you I loved them best when they were naked and bald.
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    Thanks Rebecca! I'm still stuck on Sims 2! lol