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    Rest in piece, Nonni! I can't stand to see another passing, which is unfortunately part of life. My grandmama died in 2005 and I will never forget her.
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    Awe, Thanks ladies! I am waiting for that inspiration bug to bite again, and as soon as it does you will get another! I know I can't wait for November to get here so I can play with pets..That looks like lots to inspire thw ole imagination in that one!
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    Yes, Olivia and the children are his family now..Of course Ophelia still loves her real daddy, Robert..But he (Robert) did cross that line way too many times. Yes, We can always hope that a person finds forgiveness and peace no matter how bad they have been..but that only happens if they are truly sorry..Which, funny enough, as I played out the game Robert kept getting sadder and sadder, even breaking down crying on the toilet one time..so it made me want to have pity on him. Then I thought about the character that was killed and I knew he needed justice, so Robert had to pay for that, so I couldn't allow him to end up with Ella and the family..I believed that Michal was the most deserving of getting the happy family at the end. Thanks so much for following the story..It was great fun! And yes, I think I will do this again, lol! And yes, Marbi..I too can't believe anyone wants my creations either! But you are and always have been such an inspiration to me with your awesome talent! I Love love love that steampunk style lot you made! I am scouting out community lots and/or households to inspire a story-line..That's how I started this one.
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    They drink on the job? Well, THAT explains A LOT!
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    I spent 2 1/2 hours searching all over the house for Jake. He wasn't under my desk, behind the couch or snuggled into my feather comforter upstairs on my bed. I was terrified that I had left him outside and someone stole him, so major panic sets in......my voice starts shaking......you can hear the panic in my voice! That little ^%$&*# had slipped under the blanket on the chair in front of my desk and was completely covered. Until he heard the panic in my voice he wouldn't stick his head out to let me know where he was. The worst part, my cell phone was charging so I couldn't even get a picture. It would have been a good one too because he would only stick his wee nose out from under the blanket. So we go from stink-eye to hide and seek???? I swear my nerves cannot handle this.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sometimes I come across items that just me. This absolutely gorgeous 3t2 conversion done by DeeDee is an absolute must have for my game. The original has a cameo broach that I changed to a small pearl broach. When I used co-ordinating patterns, the blouse was one pattern and the skirt was the matching pattern. The other dresses I changed the blouse to a lace one. Normally I do not put an outfit into 2 categories, but I just couldn't make up my mind so this one is for *Everyday* and *Formal* DeeDee has some beautiful outfits and her site is well worth a visit. She has some lovely 3t2 conversions and I have most of them! These outfits were made using *The Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection* Body Shop. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them. Happy Simming Everyone.
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    I feel I should point out I do find the Hemsworth brother very attractive..... I'd have to say with regards to the female actors that I find Helen Mirren DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! She's 72 and absolutely flawless, plus she just has so much grace and class. Even though I am not much for the Royal Family, I do find Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Prince Harry very attractive. I do hope Prince Harry and Megan Markle get married, they are such an adorable couple. I am also really excited for the impending arrival of the third child of Prince William and Duchess Kate. They make the cutest babies.....
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    http://sims2packrat.tumblr.com/post/158502314561/trappings-dropbox-files-reuploaded They uploaded Trapping's stuff on dropbox links
  9. 2 points
    You Tube made a lot of changes and I guess it just took time for my laptop to catch up. It's working now. I'm not real fond of some of the changes but at least it's working. When I need a break from making stuff, I watch a few videos and then go back to creating.
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    Version Sims 2


    The apartments are dirty and worn, but they are inhabitable. The apartments in the basement are cheap and suitable for those with less income. There are also two apartments with bedrooms on the upper floor. I hope your simmies will enjoy these apartments in downtown. Apartment building 6 apartment units §661 to §2,082 Lotsize: 4x4 To see the CC included, use CleanInstaller. I have all EP:s and most of the SP:s.
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    Gayars, you are AWESOME!!!!!
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    "waits patiently for the inspiration to hit :D "
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    awwww so he did get his cure after all! and evidently Olivia is his? :D
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    In this case I was the cheap one, I just didn't see the point in spending money on something that would only be used once and then forgotten about. I'd rather spend it on a cool kitchen gadget. I also preferglass storage containers, preferably Pyrex. I've tossed out all the plastic ones and use only glass now. Anything I freeze just goes into Ziploc bags because the air can be sucked out. I also stole a cool idea from my dentist and my keyboard is now covered with Saran Wrap. Eventually it needs to be replaced, but it sure saves the keyboard from spills. Since Pip has now taken to strolling across the keyboard there has been an occasional near catastrophe. Pip has never nor will he ever be graceful. After all he is the only cat I know who fell on his tail and broke it.
  15. 2 points
    Good you were able to get that errand done in less time..before panic struck! I was outside spray painting a lamp when I saw it get dark, then I remembered, so I took myself and Bud inside, told God I thought he was pretty awesome to have set everything in such perfect order..even though I didn't see it in real time..(Too many tall trees here, so I didn't buy the glasses).
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    OH CUTE!!! "snatches up for to put in my folders :D "
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    I used to have this little black dog, who stood outside one time, wagging his little tail, while we called frantically, in the dark, and wondered why we didn't just go get him. Never mind it was dark, he was black, and we couldn't see a 4 pound wonder
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    So all day I have been getting some pretty serious stink-eye from Jake and I have no idea why..... I got my bottom denture on Monday. It's been interesting..... I really enjoy a peanut butter and banana sandwich the odd time. Let's just say I understand the dog-peanut butter experience.
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    Another sneak peek. All of these are creations by CatOfEvilGenius at MTS. The first one is an elbow length tunic. The second one is a long sleeve version of that tunic. The third one is an edit of a sweater by Amaryall. The fourth one is a top called *Perdita*. The last one is the teen version of her French Farmer shirt and skirt.
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    thank you! adding these to my historical hood now!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is an absolutely TO-DIE-For dress created by Skellington. Personally I just LOVE this dress for our little girls. I put these recolours in the *formal* section and many were recoloured for Christmas. Some have the lace bodice trim and some do not. I have *The Sims2 Ultimate Collection* and there were made using that version of Body Shop. I hope your little Simmie girls enjoy these new dresses. Happy Simming Everyone!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is another lovely dress by the talented *Skellington* The rar contains BOTH the teen and adult'elder recolours. This is also a dress that requires the AF files in order for the teen recolours to show in the game. DO NOT remove the white AF and TF file as that is the file needed for the teen recolours. Since it is called a *Holiday Dress*, I did try and keep to that theme. I have the Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these were made using that version of Body Shop.... Happy Simming Everyone!
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    The uploads have begun
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    I just realized that while watching some movies that I am checking out the handsome older actors with greying hair.......and I'm thinking how attractive they are. I have just confirmed that I am getting OLD!
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    Oh nice! So glad I could help
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    A sneak peek into what's happening in my Body Shop I've had the 3t3 FifthAvenue Suit for a really long time and as you can see I like to have the top part different from the bottom part. I've managed to find quite a few co-ordinating patterns that suit these kinds of outfits nicely. I'm not really liking the teen' pattern I used but that can be quickly fixed. I always make a test outfit to see if I have all the bases covered. There is nothing worse for me than having an outfit with white pixels here and there cause I wasn't paying close enough attention.
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    Hey, wait a minute, if they are drinking on the job why don't they offer me a few? Actually it's because of dust, crumbs and dental material. I had impressions made of my top and bottom teeth, and she kept checking the x-rays when she was mixing that junk. In my case, it's cigarette ashes, and Pip's feet-cause he might have litter between his toes. Oh and I munch on things while creating and watching videos on You Tube. I confess I am addicted to pimple popping videos. In case someone else has this secret addiction check out Josefa Reina, Dr Sandra Lee, and Enilsa Brown. Sometimes my jaw drops and my eyes nearly bug out! Each one has a different technique, however there are some things I don't watch on Dr Lee's channel. UGH, I cannot watch lipoma removals--EW!
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    I guess saran warap would do the trick.. I just can't stop thinking about why a dentist would need to do that to their keyboard though?
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    Robert seen the look of terror cross Ella's face and he knew immediately what was happening. He told her to wait in the adjoining cell where he had been watching her through the monitor. He needed to check on the delivery room to make sure everything was still sterile. He sat with her through the contractions. It was not at all a difficult labor compared to Ophelia..In fact, Ella seemed quite calm throughout. The same could not be said for Michal who was beside himself with worry! He wished he could leave his cell to be by Ella's side as she gave birth. A sweet little baby girl came into their strange world down there in the basement of the seemingly normal little family home..They named her Olivia. And she was also (seemingly) normal! For Ella it was love at first sight, and she could not wait for Ophelia to meet her little sister! Robert informed Michal of the child's arrival. He asked after Ella's well being and was also informed that she was up and feeding the infant already! But Robert refused to allow Michal to see them until he was sure that the baby was alright and only after Michal recieved a feeding infusion.. Just to be on the safe side. Michal did not argue with him. While Ella rested on the small cot in the lab, Robert finished up the last of his work on the virus cure. He needed to test the formula on Michal..but he did not want to cure him anymore..No, Robert realized how much of a threat Michal was to him and his family after all. He simply did not want to chance Ella choosing Michal over him after Michal was cured! But he had no idea what he was to do with the man! He made the decision to contact a colleage and have him test the formula out on one of his patients instead. That way he could have it patented, and after FDA approval it could be released to the medical community. But he would have to devise a plan so that Ella did not find out about it, at least not until he could figure out what to do with Michal! Surely it would be on the news. Robert had to make up an excuse why Ella could not be allowed to leave the lab. He would have to use the baby as that excuse. Maybe he would tell Ella that she and the baby could not be exposed to the outside world because of some mutated cells that were found in thier blood. Of course he had tested the child for mutation and her blood showed nothing abnormal, but Ella didn't know that. And although Ella's result did show a slight elevation in certain proteins, he was sure she was perfectly healthy. Actually, she was healthier than anyone he'd ever treated in his entire career! He also tested the baby's blood and his own for a paternity match, and the result was inconclusive. He would try again when she was a bit older as sometimes the results were not as reliable at such a young age. Although she was very disappointed, Ella did not question Robert's advise to stay in the lab with the baby for a few days until he could figure out what was causing their "mutation"..He assured Ella that neither one of them appeared to be in any kind of health danger. One good thing was that she could now visit with Michal everyday. But her heart sank when she was told that she could not see Ophelia yet, at least not for the remainder of that week. Meanwhile... Ophelia was spending Saturday afternoon watching TV with her Auntie Lisa. Although they were not really related, the little girl considered the woman to be like an aunt to her. She would often babysit Ophelia, and when mama got so sick Auntie Lisa did not hesitate to take the child in. After all she only lived a few houses down the road, and it was nice for awhile when Ella could visit Ophelia there every day. It was getting harder as the months went by however to help Ophelia understand that she could not visit her mama until her father gave her the ok to do so. Today was one of those days when Ophelia was having a hard time and she was really missing her parents and her home. Ophelia went outside to play while her Auntie sat on the sofa and thought about the child's dilemma. The woman's heart went out for the poor little thing. She wished she had more answers for her. She really did not know what was happening over at her neighbor's house. All she could do was pray for the young family. Well, that and..maybe something else.. She could no longer ignore the nagging feeling that something simply was not right in the quiet little neighborhood that she'd called home for the last twenty four years. Not since that man disappeared a few months ago, and the detective had been questioning her and other residents about him. Apparently just weeks before he disappeared, some folks claimed they saw some strange creature running through the streets one evening and it looked like he was carrying someone. The eye witness accounts could not be sure if it was a man or woman he carried however, because they claimed he moved at an unnatural speed. Lisa was growing more and more suspicious of the strange occurrences..and especially considering the mysterious illness that seemed to have Ophelia's mother locked away in her home where she could not even see her own daughter! Maybe it was time she made a phone call to the detective..Something was not right..she could feel it in her bones. When the detective arrived at the little cottage, Lisa invited him to sit in the small living room. She thanked him for coming by so quickly and then explained that she did not know whether or not she could provide any useful information concerning the strange events in the neighborhood in recent months.. The kindly old gentleman listened patiently to the woman, and although he agreed many of the things she and the other neighborhood residents had been noticing were very strange..It wasn't until he was about to leave when she mentioned something that really caught his attention: The woman's neice, Ophelia had told her about something she'd seen on her mother's neck the last time she visited with her. Did you say, bite marks?
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    Well at least it isn't life threatening!
  32. 1 point
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    Thanks, ladies. its nothing life threatening, but he is miserable with a skin disorder ongoing for four years now. hes gonna need some antibiotics again.
  34. 1 point
    Hope Bud is better
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    That is so very true! I will try to post the next installment tomorrow evening..My dog Bud is sick so I have to have him looked at tomorrow. Please say a prayer for him if you will. I think I have an ending for this story in mind now! P.S..It sure is hard getting kids in this game to stay put for their snapshots!
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    Jealousy and envy can make anyone do things they then regret. Love and forgiveness, whatever happens, is good for the one who forgives and for the one who receives forgiveness. The story keeps me imprisoned.
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    Well they may love one another but that doesn't mean either of them are aware, or at least Ella isn't, that anything happened between her and Michal. But they are all in some way imprisoned by Robert.
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    Yes, Robert is a hard one. I wanted to make him very driven, but I think he crossed the line when he made Michal kill that poor man! There is only one possible outcome in the story..Ella will have to be strong for her children.. I am hoping this story proves that there can be monsters in people that you would never suspect, and then those who are noticed as monsters sometimes are only that way because they were made that way, and it is what is in the heart that can change a person for the good or for bad. Robert continued to moniter his wife's pregnancy. Ella kept searching his eyes for some sign of tenderness during the examinations..She would sometimes catch a little spark whenever he touched her abdomen and the baby moved..She even thought she saw a hint of a smile one time. Certainly he was reminded of when she carried Ophelia..Ella sure was. But as the days and weeks dragged on, she was becoming more and more weary of what lay ahead for her and this child. Would Robert learn to accept the baby in time? Would he find a cure for Michal? The questions seemed endless, and Ella was too exhausted to think anymore. Although Ella was still frightened after seeing what Michal did to that poor man, she did manage to gather up enough courage and ask Robert if she could visit with Michal after one of her weekly examinations. She nearly fell over when Robert agreed to allow her to see Michal! Maybe it was because Robert was so busy these days working on his research that he just didn't have time to argue with her about it..or maybe it was because the closer she came to delivery, the more Robert seemed to treat her with kindness..It was almost like the old days back when Ophelia was born! Except Robert was even more of a workaholic now, but that was understandable since he was intent on finding a cure to end this nightmare..especially with the baby on the way, and Michal's need to feed. Thank God Robert surgically installed a new feeding port so that Michal could recieve blood from the hospital without turning into the monster and without anyone getting hurt! Ella could never forget that horrible sight she was forced to witness! And she knew it was done only to teach her some sort of lesson, and to punish her and Michal for a betrayal neither one of them even planned. So it was early on a Saturday morning after Robert examined her when she stepped into the cell with Michal. She felt the first twinge almost immediately, but brushed it off as nervousness. Michal looked at Ophelia with such tenderness..he smiled as his eyes filled with tears at the sight of her. With hesitation he asked Ella if it was alright to touch her..She smiled and nodded. He was so happy to feel the little life inside struggling to be free, and he knew how the little one must feel, as he too wanted to be free from his cell..He had been in there for nine months now too! Michal could not resist caressing the face that had come to haunt him in his dreams all these months. He had feared he might never see Ella again after she saw him feed that night. The friends expressed their concerns for one another, and embracing they clung to each other for several minutes in the dark little cell. Robert was watching on the monitor that he had installed in the adjacent cell. He cringed as he seen the lovers embrace. "I knew it!" he said under his breath. It was obvious to Robert that Ella and Michal were more than just friends! And just as he was beginning to trust Ella again..even toying with the idea that the child she carried might actually be his..that maybe there was a chance that nothing happened between the two nine months ago. He knew a blood test to check for paternity would be necessary. He felt his anger slipping away into something much more dangerous as far as he was concerned..a deep dark sadness. Robert was frightened at how he felt at the thought of losing Ella, and at the thought of her carrying another man's baby.
  39. 1 point
    That man, Robert, is not at all likeable. I can understand him being angry but that is torture and I don't like that at all but I love the story, it is very thrilling.
  40. 1 point
    Oh my! He starves him then puts somebody in with him? Yes Robert is truly the monster! He has gone mad.
  41. 1 point
    I know, right. but we mustn't forget this is a story about redemption.. justice tinged with mercy.. hopefully
  42. 1 point
    I love happy endings too and I hope they will all get that.
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    "He obviously fed from me..but..but..Surely, you aren't thinking that this child isn't yours!?" Robert? Ignoring her, he led her to an examining table and instructed her to lie down. Once he examined the sample he took from Ella under the microscope, he turned to her and confirmed that she was indeed with child. Under normal conditions this announcement would have made Ella jump for joy..But she felt only fear and, although she hated the feeling, She felt guilty. She should have never gone to see Michal alone that day! Standing barefoot on the cold linoleum, Ella repeated the story of the events of that day almost two months prior. But neither she nor Michal seemed to have any memory of the events leading up to her collapse. She claimed she went to Michal to convince him to return to their home. Then she remembered Michal running from the room, she chasing after him and then waking up from the sofa. When he later asked Michal what he did to Ella, Michal became frustrated with Robert as he exclaimed once again that the last thing he recalled was excusing himself and thinking that Ella had left when he went back to his resting cell..and then the blood and Ella laying there on the floor! But Michal quickly turned away from Robert when he told him that Ella was pregnant, and he suspected that Michal had taken more than blood from his wife! One week later... Robert arranged a special visit from Ophelia. The child looked at her mother sitting at the table next to her father and knew that something was wrong with her. Ella, normally very cheerful and happy to see Ophelia, hardly spoke and seldom smiled throughout that dinner at the big family dining table. Robert, solemnly explained to their young daughter that her mother was very ill, and this would be the last time for a few months that Ophelia would see her. This brought tears to the child's eyes, and Ella had to run from the room. Not only overcome with emotion, but because the morning sickness was very bad with this pregnancy, and the events of that week had made everything so much worse! As she wretched into the toilet she let loose her tears and agony! She begged God to stop whatever was happening to her family..She wanted so badly to have this child..but what kind of a woman does not know who the father of her child is? Ella had only known one man her entire life. Robert, her husband! Even back in college, her Christian upbringing kept her on the straight and narrow. She waited until their wedding night. And now here she was on her bathroom floor, her beloved daughter could not even remain in the same house with her, and who knows what would happen once she gave birth..was it even human? Ella brushed her teeth and returned to the living room to say good-bye to Ophelia. Robert felt it was best not to tell Ophelia about the pregnancy, so Ella tried to remain distant enough from her when they hugged, since she was beginning to show already. It was like torture not to kneel down and squeeze her daughter close..and the puzzled look on Ophelia's little face broke Ella's heart, but she knew that if Robert's suspicions were right, it might not be safe for Ophelia to be around the house until after it was all over and they at least had some idea what they might be dealing with. Over the next three months, Robert fed Michal synthetic plasma through his port, but he decided it was best to remove the port after a slight infection..That was days ago and Michal was growing hungrier for human blood by the day and would beg Robert to help him as he could not withstand it any longer. "Can't you at least bring me some blood from the hospital or something? You removed my feeding port, but I must eat! Robert told him that he would eat..before the night was out, he would eat. "But I need my port, Robert..If I taste the blood from the hospital, I will turn into the dark form again, and you may not be able to control me then. Robert only walked away leaving Michal alone in the darkness of the lab..alone with his thoughts. His thoughts turned to Ella, as they often did..Ella with her kind eyes and bright smile..and then the memory of her lying in blood..and him leaning over her..Could it be true? Could he be the father of her child? And if so..would Robert still try to find a cure, or was he only being kept alive in order to be punished by him now
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    Version 1.0.0


    I'm finally back on track. Today's outfit comes to you from GoS, one of my favourite sites for Sims2 content. These are recolours of their *Teen Rockabilly* dress. The mesh is included with the recolours and contains the *AF & TF REQUIRED* files. Do not remove those files or the recolours will NOT show up. I have all the game packs and stuff packs and these outfits were made using Sim2 UltimateCollection. I hope your teen girls like these new outfits. Happy Simming Everyone!
  46. 1 point

    Version Sims 2


    Your simmies neighbourhood diner. Small, cozy and right around the corner when they are to tired to make dinner at home. Community building No CC I have all EP:s and most of the SP:s.
  47. 1 point
    Yes Nonni was a true Light in this world
  48. 1 point
    After a long absence from the game and the forum/ site I just unfortunately discovered Nonni was no longer with us from the chat box I must say, she was one of the very select few that I have met in my life that I couldn't say a single bad word against. I really thought she would be here forever. Rest in peace Nonni. You will be missed for your input and contributions to this community and the love and care you put into everything here, I am sure that that love and care went into everything else you did throughout your life as well. Simon.
  49. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Eltanin makes such pretty things for our Sims and this underwear for little girls is just adorable. I will probably not ever again just use one colour for an entire set, but I went with pink recolours. There are a couple of white lace recolours as well. The mesh is included in the downloads file. The originals are at GoS and I included the link so you can go there and get all of Eltanins pretty colours. I have all of the stuff and expansion packs and these recolours were made using Mansions & Gardens Body Shop. Happy Simming Everyone!
  50. 1 point