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      Registration   06/19/2016

      If you are unable to login to the site please re-register.  Our member table had some issues and any member who has never posted in the forums or made comments was removed. There is no reason to register if you do not intend to participate in some way.   A membership is not required to read the forums or download the files. Thank you for your patience and I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.
    • Rebecah

      Themes   06/19/2016

      Members you are able to set your own theme preference.  At the bottom of the page, you should find an option that says "Theme" click the down arrow and select the theme of your choice. I have found that some themes are causing problems so I have removed several of them.  If there was one you really liked please let me know.
    • gayars

      Tumblr   06/29/2016

      We now have a Tumblr! If you are a Tumblr user, or just like to browse Tumblr for sims info, please join us at Affinity-Sims and keep up with all the latest downloads and announcements!
    • MaAlet

      Memory Book for Nonni   08/07/2016

      Nonni's family has graciously asked us to participate in a memory book. They would appreciate members of the Sims Community being a part of this very special book. Those who want to participate, post your messages here and your messages will be added to Nonni's Memory Book.
    • Rebecah

      Downloads   08/12/2016

      Downloads are now available.  I believe I have all of the files back online.


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    PatchworkSims2 Update 27.01.2017 Have fun at PatchworkSims2 Viel Spass bei PatchworkSims2
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    New at Simblr... DOWNLOAD HERE
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    As usual beautiful stuff! Thank you!
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    With our (belated) best wishes for you and your families for a nice christmas time ... we´re a little late, cause we had some problems with our domain server. But now everything works again - a big thanks to our hoster for fixing it over christmas. PatchworkSims2 Update 26.12.2016 Have fun at PatchworkSims2 Viel Spass bei PatchworkSims2
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    PatchworkSims2 Update 31.12.2016 Das PatchworkSims2-Team wünscht allen einen guten Rutsch und einen angenehmen Jahresbeginn A happy new year and our best wishes for 2017 from PatchworkSims2
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    PatchworkSims2 Update 03.12.2016 Have fun at PatchworkSims2 Viel Spass bei PatchworkSims2
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    So Adorable! Thank you, Beck! Thanks so much!
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    The different textures are under Textures. I hope this image helps.
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    Beautiful and so nice now when it is Valentines Day.
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    PatchworkSims2 Update 11.02.2017 Have fun at PatchworkSims2 Viel Spass bei PatchworkSims2
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    Love the sofa and the colours. Thank you.
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    Those are wonderful. Thank you.
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    Great update! Thank you! And a Happy New Year to you too
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    Beautiful curtains! I love the igloo, wish we could get it for Sims 2 also! Thank you for the update!
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    PatchworkSims2 Update 19.12.2016 Have fun at PatchworkSims2 Viel Spass bei PatchworkSims2
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    PatchworkSims2 Update 11.12.2016 Have fun at PatchworkSims2 Viel Spass bei PatchworkSims2
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    Great work! Thank you for the update!
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    PatchworkSims2 Update 27.11.2016 Have fun on PatchworkSims2 Viel Spass bei PatchworkSims2
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    PatchworkSims2 Update 19.11.2016 Have fun on the new PatchworkSims2 Viel Spass auf dem neuen PatchworkSims2
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    Thanks everyone! You must have edited your comment LilSis, I am enjoying it more so than I thought I would, but especially because it was a wonderful gift, so I feel I should pay it forward so to speak.
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    Beautiful bedding! The Blacksmith Series never stop to amaze me ! Thank you!
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    Beautiful walls! The Blacksmith series is fantastic! Thank you!