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  1. Metate & Mano

    Could you please delete the one you have a redownload it? I think you have an older version.
  2. MissionMouse-Update

    They are all really beautiful!
  3. PCSims Wine Set - Repaired and Updated

    @rizo - I left the guid's the same as Katy's, and have added this info to the description.
  4. New Updates

    There have been some new updates and I am not totally familiar with them as of yet. My themes seem to be a bit off. I will try to work on them as soon as I'm able. Please give me some time. If you find any problems please do let me know.
  5. Happy Birthday Rebecah!

    Thanks so much Lisa!
  6. Bit of a Bump in the Road

    Oh, I'm so sorry Karen. My prayers are with Jake, you and Dave.
  7. Happy Birthday Rebecah!

    Thanks everyone!
  8. MM-RC-EIR-Toddler-Easter

    Oh how cute!
  9. Awesome Adobe

    Very nice Marbi! Thanks for sharing!
  10. MM-RC-EP02-BoatSkirt

    They look nice MM, I can't try them out as I don't have EP2, but you are doing great!
  11. Toddlers!

    The different textures are under Textures. I hope this image helps.
  12. Toddlers!

    I don't care for the lot building at all myself. It is difficult to move around in game at least I have trouble with the rotation option. I don't know the answer to your last question sorry.
  13. Toddlers!

    The files you create do go in the mods folder you would have to rar the .package file if you'd like to upload it or zip it.
  14. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    You can have icons on the desktop and it can look pretty similar to Win7. It just takes a little getting used to, but it isn't bad.
  15. SDA Medieval dresser converted to a sideboard

    It's a good possibility, but I can't promise. This set is posted here: