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  1. Nonni

    Thx so much Alet!
  2. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Oh, Karen, you made me laugh, and I'm pretty sad about Sunni. Jake is an amazing dog. Thanks so much for sharing your story.
  3. MM-RC-MDP_sk-mesh

    Wow, you have really been busy! You do such fantastic work!
  4. MM-RC-Mel_3t2-cfBodyLuxeClassicNightshirt

    Awe, these are so cute!
  5. MM-RC-2B-CFPoodleSkirt Descarfed

    So cute! I love how you give us so many color (fabric) options. Thanks so very much!
  6. MM-RC-DeeDee-3t2SweaterSweetheart-AF

    Wow, these are gorgeous! I love how you've done the jackets on them.
  7. MM-RC-DeeDee-TrappingCutieDressBarefeet-AF

    Yes, wouldn't that be wonderful to be able to make these things into real clothing?
  8. Climbable Tree

    The animations can't be converted because they don't have similar bones...joints in the animal. I know someone did find a way to create simple dog animations, but I don't believe anyone has been able to extract the bones for a cat.
  9. MM-RC-DeeDee-TrappingCutieDressBarefeet-AF

    Wow, these are so pretty. I love all of the color options. Thanks so much for sharing with us!
  10. MM-Walls-Floors-Collection-1

    Wow, these are absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for creating and sharing them with us.
  11. Word Fun - NEW

    One Step
  12. Word Fun - NEW

    Starting over with new "Word Fun". To play take the last word of a previous poster two-word post. Examples: Glass Shoe followed by: Shoe Horn I will kick off with: Saturday Morning
  13. Retro Mesh - For Nonni

    Version - Sims 2


    Gayars was looking for a mesh to create some retro outfits that Nonni had asked for. Although I'm not so great a creating clothing items, I just had to do this one for Nonni and Gayars. The files are named for Nonni and I dedicate this creation to her. I loved her so very much and am so sorry she won't get to enjoy this one. I hope others will and will think of her when they do so. I know that Gayars will be creating some more recolors of this too, and I'm sure they will be beautiful. Nonni I will miss you every day and I cherish all of the wonderful memories I have of you. Nonni is our "Angel in Heaven" Thanks to Gayars for the request and for her generosity for allowing me to dedicate it to Nonni. Fat Morph