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  1. Rebecah

    Happy Birthday Rebecah

    Thanks so much, everyone!
  2. Rebecah

    Lullabies Set TS3 Conversion

    The download button has the baby monitor.
  3. Rebecah


    Thx so much Alet!
  4. Rebecah

    Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Oh, Karen, you made me laugh, and I'm pretty sad about Sunni. Jake is an amazing dog. Thanks so much for sharing your story.
  5. Rebecah


    Wow, you have really been busy! You do such fantastic work!
  6. Rebecah


    Awe, these are so cute!
  7. Rebecah

    MM-RC-2B-CFPoodleSkirt Descarfed

    So cute! I love how you give us so many color (fabric) options. Thanks so very much!
  8. Rebecah


    Wow, these are gorgeous! I love how you've done the jackets on them.
  9. Rebecah


    Yes, wouldn't that be wonderful to be able to make these things into real clothing?
  10. Rebecah

    Climbable Tree

    The animations can't be converted because they don't have similar bones...joints in the animal. I know someone did find a way to create simple dog animations, but I don't believe anyone has been able to extract the bones for a cat.
  11. Rebecah


    Wow, these are so pretty. I love all of the color options. Thanks so much for sharing with us!
  12. Rebecah


    Wow, these are absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for creating and sharing them with us.
  13. Rebecah

    Word Fun - NEW

    One Step
  14. Rebecah

    Request (For Sims 2)

    This is not something I would have the knowledge to accomplish. It not just about creating the code something like this would be next to impossible....sorry!
  15. Rebecah

    Another First

    I do think it would be helpful to move some to SimsFileShare. The server is going to run the test today to see if we are still overloading their server. I'm sure anything we can do to reduce the load would be beneficial. I am going to start by moving my Sims 3 files, then Sims 4. I've been testing them before I move them and have found some just no longer work. Now I'm a bit sidetracked trying to find the things needed to fix them...if possible. I kinda forgot how to do these things. I do think any new creations should be put on SimsFileShare...I love the whole idea of this file share option. Like Mission Mouse I can't see any downside to doing this.