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  1. AF-Dress Recolors

    I just wanted to see if I could make some new dresses, and get them to show up as one icon in the store.  This is base game and works for teens, young adults, adults, and elders.
    Thanks to for the tool that was used to create these.




  2. White wall and White Floors

    I wanted a white floor and white wall so that my rooms aren't so dark and dreary.  Nothing spectacular but I thought I would share them.
    The wall is found under painted walls and the floor is under wood floors.
    Thanks to for the tool that was used to create these.




  3. Lullabies Set TS3 Conversion

    This set pulls its textures from my driftwood set.  You must have at least the chair in your downloads folder to have a texture.  All recolors also, work for this set.
    Please download the main meshes here:

    Baby Monitor:
    When and infants mood gets low a dialog will pop up as follows:

    If you happen to say no you will get this;

    You have one sims hour to take care of the infant, if you do not you will get another message asking you to take care of it.
    Note:  You must direct your sims to take care of the infants needs.  I could not get the coding to make the sims go to the infant.
    The bunkbeds work similar to the set by the dream team, they are not cloned from that set as it is next to impossible to clone any of those items....due to the mirror etc.  I did however, use the same animations etc.
    I have not made a toddler bed for this set as the EA version did not have one.  I may make one later.

    The clock is a working clock.
    Potty - Misc/Child - 70 Crib - Misc/Child - 275 Highchair - Misc Child - 50 Living Room Chair - Living Room Chairs - 150 Single Bed - Beds - 800 Mattress for bunk bed - Beds - 0 Bunk Beds - Beds - 800 Birds - Wall Hangings - 250 Bookcase - Knowledge - 300 Toy Box - misc/child - 25 Changing Table - misc/child - 400 Table Lamp - Table Lamps - 80 Dresser - dressers - 1250 Wall Clock - Misc/Deco - 150 Activity Table - Misc/child 200 Baby Alarm - Small Electronics - 25   1st floor of the home in the video shows many of my driftwood set items, the 2nd floor shows my lullabies set.  I have changed the changing table to use the fabric texture around the drawers, some images do not reflect this change.     Driftwood Set Mesh Links:       Textures (recolors):  




  4. Animated Chickens

    November 15, 2011 - Added version for base game. All items are found under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous. I have tested this in Sims Life Stories and it did work, so it should work for everyone who has any base game combination without Pets or above.

    Test version of my New Hens, Roosters and chicks. These randomly run abound you lots. They have two needs which are social and hunger.

    All items are found under Miscellaneous/Pets.

    To purchase them you must first place the sign on you lot, then click on it to purchase your selection. Chicks require a mother hen to take care of their needs. To change their texture you have to use the design tool under buy mode, just as you would recolor other items.

    There is a feed trough and water trough, they will need to fill their hunger needs.

    Sims have an option to stroke the adult chickens, which will increase their social.

    Roosters will crow at 6 AM.

    A sleeping post for them to sleep on and lay eggs (this is a random option, they should lay eggs between 4 AM and 6 AM)

    Eggs may then be gathered, eaten or sold for $5 each. If gathered the basket may be put away in the fridge or sold.

    Baby chicks will grow up to be adults after a few days.

    There is a slaughter option that will create a cooked chicken. This is something I'd like to change eventually, but for now, you have to purchase the slaughter table in order to slaughter a chicken, and the cooked version will be left on the table.

    Note: These will conflict with the versions that Farmsims has for sale on his site. I have made numerous changes, that have taken me weeks to complete, and while he did violate my policy by selling them, I do appreciate the hard work he put into them to improve them.




  5. Craftmeister Toddler Pine Bed - Requested

    February 21, 2011 - Updated to allow Adults to tuck in Toddlers

    This works exactly like my princess 2-tile bed found by clicking here

    The toddler animations are not perfect, but are the best I could seem to accomplish. I did raw edits to add facial expressions and toddler laugh to the child animations. The relax animations are new animations that I created.

    This is found with regular beds for $50. All textures are pulled from the EA version of this bed, any recolors you may have for the EA version of the pine bed will also work for this bed.

    To view the animations please see this video:
    Note: the empty 3rd tile had to be left in, but may be used for other items. The only problem is it can't intersect with walls.

    For more information please read my thread on the 2-tile Princess Bed by clicking here

    I want to thank Nonni for testing, requesting this, and for providing the following images:




  6. Driftwood Relaxation Set TS3 Version - 17 Meshes

    I have converted 17 of the meshes from my Driftwood Set to work with Sims 3.




  7. Canadian Geese Set

    SimsFileShare Link
    Found under deco/sculptures for $125.


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  8. Mallard Set

    SimsFileShare Link
    Found under deco/sculptures for $125.




  9. Butterfly Crib and Changing Table - Sims 3

    Click here to 
    Download SimsFileShare File Sims 3 version of my Butterfly Crib and Changing Table
    Crib has 4 color options and the Changing Table has 3.
    These were both created with TSR Workshop.




  10. Baseball Bedroom Sets - TS3

    SimsFileShare Download Link
    I've finally finished my baseball set for Sims 3

    Single Bed - $600 faces 2780 Energy 5 Stress Relief 3 Environment 2
    Baseball cluter - $10 faces 960
    Baseball Helmet $35 faces 572
    Baseball Bat Cluter $15 faces 312
    Desk $500 faces 856
    Dining Chair $100 - faces 1050
    Dresser $500 faces 3195
    End Table $125 faces 614
    Floor Lamp $100 faces 882
    Living Room Chair $250 faces 1508
    Toddler Bed (crib) $275 faces 2828
    Table Lamp $45 faces 1300
    Toddler Size Arm Chair $50 faces 1508
    Toddler size sofa $75 faces 1508
    Toddler size chair $50 faces 1050
    Toddler End Table $25 faces 1196 - due to size it only had 5 placement slots.
    Two Baseball Bats Sculpture $35 faces 624
    Wall Bat Single (sculpture) $15 faces 312

    I recommend my potty mod for these potty clones, one of the mods sets the potties to not need to be empties until 500,000 uses or cause puddles. The other does the afore mentioned options and potty trains them Click Here



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  11. HB Aubree Toddler N Infant Gear Set

    Posted 22 February 2008 - 01:05 PM
    This is a set that I worked with Hope Bayler to create. The meshes are by Hope and the animations, coding and recolors are by me.

    Hope dedicated and named this set to my newest granddaughter.

    Mesh Set video of swing and jumperoo:

    <iframe width="960" height="720" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Blue Set video:

    I don't have the poly counts but none of them are very big.

    You must install the mesh files for the recolors to work.

    Base Game Compatible


    Note: I have added a sims2pack file type for those that prefer it. You only need to download either the 3 zip files or just the sims3pack file, if you want all of the files.




  12. Metate & Mano

    November 17, 2012:
    I have added a new version that should work with University or Higher. I'm not sure which expansion allowed for items to be added to the Sims Inventory, so it may be a higher Expansion.

    I started creating this a few years ago for an Indian themed group on MTS, I was without internet for several months and lost contact with the group. So this got put on the back burner, so to speak.

    Sims have the option to grind many or just one container of corn. They may sell it for $80 or put it away in their fridge. (be sure your fridge is not full). Sims gain cooking skill, but lose comfort while using this.

    This is found under Hobbies/Miscellaneous for $25.

    Credits to bluetexasbonnie for help with the textures.




  13. PCSims Wine Set - Repaired and Updated

    Thanks to LilSister finding this set, I have repaired the issues with it and added a safety to check the Sims needs.
    The original often froze up if you tried to cancel the stomping action, it no longer does this and the Wine Boxes now go into the Sims inventory instead of all over the place, like the image below.

    I also redid the mesh files so that the grapes were not hanging in midair and created a new barrel mesh.
    The barrel is found under Misc/Misc for $900, the Wine Boxes are placed in the Sims inventory when the Sims stomps the grapes.  Sims may also take a bottle of wine from the box of wine.
    Credits to Katy for the original, and to LilSister for finding this set.  
    GUID's are Katy's GUID's, be sure you remove any other copies you might have in your download folder.




  14. My First Sims 4 - Toddler Recolors

    My first toddler dress recolors for Sims 4, all 5 dresses are in one stand alone file.  
    I do not understand why EA saw fit not to include toddlers a long time ago.  




  15. Adult Female Top RC -Sims 4

    My first Sims 4 creation.
    I was experimenting with Sims 4 Studio and created 4 recolors of this top.  They are just hue adjustment colors, and it is a stand alone item, as I found that was the only way to get them to work in game.
    Place the attached file in your ..\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
    Recolors of Clothing and CAS items seem to be very easy to do thanks to the Sims 4 Studio.




  16. Female Child Dress - Sims 4

    4 Female Child Dress recolors for Sims 4, these are a stand alone recolor, all 4 recolors are included in one package. 
    Place the attached file in your ..\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
    Thanks to the creators of  Sims 4 Studio




  17. Double N Single Goth Style Beds For TSS Teen Stuff Pack required DBL - BV required for Single

    Posted 09 February 2008 - 11:54 PM These were requested by Lily Whyte.
    The double bed requires Teen Stuff Pack, the single bed requires Bon Voyage EP. For matching bedding recolors please download my single tss goth set here:
    I use the repository technique to pull the bedding.
    I've added a green recolor of the bedding and added it as a sperate file in case you only want one size of the bed.
    I set the jump on bed to be non autonomous and made it useable by toddlers.
    I hope some of you enjoy it.
    Poly Counts
    Face count is 4081 for double and 3517 for single bed.
    Games Needed
    BV and Teen Stuff




  18. Retro Mesh - For Nonni

    Gayars was looking for a mesh to create some retro outfits that Nonni had asked for.  Although I'm not so great a creating clothing items, I just had to do this one for Nonni and Gayars.  The files are named for Nonni and I dedicate this creation to her.  I loved her so very much and am so sorry she won't get to enjoy this one.  I hope others will and will think of her when they do so.  I know that Gayars will be creating some more recolors of this too, and I'm sure they will be beautiful.
    Nonni I will miss you every day and I cherish all of the wonderful memories I have of you.  Nonni is our "Angel in Heaven"  
    Thanks to Gayars for the request and for her generosity for allowing me to dedicate it to Nonni.
    Fat Morph



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  19. JS Louis Bedroom Set - Updated and Repaired

    This is another beautiful set I found that I felt was worth fixing and saving.  The creator's website is no longer available.  The original bed had a blanket that just really did not work well, so I did remove it and made it work with EA's bedding textures.  
    Double Bed - $5000  FC 5837
    Armoire - $1000 FC 3677
    Candle  - $500 FC 6781
    Dining Chair = $1000 FC 2644
    Curtains - $500 FC 4032  Left and Right Sides includes diagonals of both.  Curtains now use one texture from the Master file.
    Dresser - $2500   FC 2150 I added 3 new deco slots.
    Dressing Table - $1200  FC 2076
    End Table - $500 FC 2757
    End Table 2 - $500 FC 1578
    End Table 3 - $500 FC 3362
    Floor Lamp - $500 FC 4287
    Mirror -  $750 FC 1268
    Paintings - $750 FC 176
    Horse Sculpture - $1200  FC 2739
    Side Board - $1500 FC 2640
    Table Lamp - $350 FC 4071
    Vase - $1200 FC 1246
    Wall Lamp - $750 FC 2202
    Loveseat - $1000 FC 3681
    I include two new recolors of the set.




  20. Wood Chopping Fallen Pine Tree

    Updated November 11, 2014  - Thanks to Alraris for making me aware the logs were not working for businesses.
    You find this item under Knowledge/Misc for $100. Sims chop wood to gain body skill, enthusiasm in nature and fun, they also, earn logs which go into their inventory, each set of logs may be sold for $100. Their energy, and hygiene are reduced while chopping the wood. Body temp increase. After 8 times of chopping wood, the fallen tree will disappear.

    The Pine Tree textures are pulled from EA's Pine Tree.

    Custom Sound and animations.

    Note: If you have my fallen birch tree you may remove the hatched and sound files as you do not need two.

    This Pine Tree works the same as my Birch Tree as seen in this video.

    Logs created by this tree:




  21. Gothic Set from Sims Design Avenue

    This beautiful set comes from Sims Design Avenue which is a site no longer available.  I have made many repairs and updated most of the files.  I felt it was a set worth saving.  I also, added slots to the dresser and fireplace.  The bed also now allows for EA bedding.
    Bench (sofa) $180 poly count 4728 
    3 Bookshelves 1x1 $100 poly count 874, 2x1 $150 poly count 1478, 2x1 secret door $150 poly count 1490
    Dining Chair  $80 poly count 6882
    WorkingFireplace $150  found under Decorative/Misc poly count 1452 I added 3 slots for the top of the fireplace (No chimney)
    Arm Chair $150 poly count 10092 found with living room chairs (Master file for slaved items)
    Bed $250 poly count 7884 now uses Maxis bedding and updated to AL
    Loveseat $200 poly count 12348 updated to AL
    3x1 Dining Table $200 poly count 9298
    End Table $80 poly count 10082 slave to arm chair for textures
    Chess Table $100 poly count 2104
    2x1 Coffee Table $100 poly count 4702 slave to arm chair for textures
    Chair living room $250 poly count 10244 slave to arm chair for textures
    Dresser $150 poly count 27090 added 8 doco slots and updated  Be sure to press the M key to get to the slot of your choice.
    Fire Basin $80 poly count 756 it has a turn on and turn off option mainly decorative I created a silver recolor.
    1x1 Curtain $80 poly count 4704 repaired the global data call to curtain globals
    2x1 Curtain $100 poly count 4704 repaired the global data call to curtain globals
    3 rugs 2x3 3x4 3x5 All are now found under rugs for $80, $120, and $120  poly count 12  rugs are stand alone items
    The following are items I did not recolor, but included them as they are a part of the original set.  I did however, clean up the files and fixed all issues I found.:
    2 decorative bushes both priced at $50 found under decorative plants
    4 candle lamps wall lamp $60, floor lamp $100, table lamp $80, ceiling lamp $80
    6 wallpapers and 3 floors


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  22. Wood Chopping Fallen Birch Tree

    BecksFallenBirchTree.rarUpdated November 11, 2014 - Thanks to Alraris for making me aware the logs were not working for businesses.
    I created this per a request from Hydromancerx. Thanks Hydromancerx for the request!

    You find this item under Knowledge/Misc for $100. Sims chop wood to gain body skill, enthusiasm in nature and fun, they also, earn logs which go into their inventory, each set of logs may be sold for $100. Their energy, and hygiene are reduced while chopping the wood. Body temp increase. After 8 times of chopping wood, the fallen tree will disappear.

    Custom Sound and animations.




  23. sunnisims Irish Canopy Bed - redone and updated

    This set includes:
    2x1 Rug - $25 face count 160  includes 4 recolors found under rugs (a new rug, by myself, just because MM wanted one.)
    Curtain - $50 face count 816 pulls textures from the double canopy  found under curtains
    Canopy - $200 face count 13511 Texture Master found under beds
    Dust Ruffle - $200 face count 462  pulls textures from the double canopy found under beds
    Double Bed - $1000 face count 4186 Master texture file for the single bed frame.
    Single Canopy - $50 face count 13513 found under beds pulls textures from the double canopy
    Single Dust Ruffle - $20 face count 403 found under beds pulls textures from the double canopy
    Single Bed - $400 - face count 2678 (bed frame) found under beds pulls textures from double bed
    dawn rose recolors by froilan at TSR because it matched my rose print recolor so nicely.
    green recolors by hrtspiritg that I fixed to work properly.
    Credits to all who helped make this possible especially Mission Mouse who found it and wanted to recolor it, and to gayars for helping located some of the missing mesh files.
    My Windows 10 newest version of trial testing no longer seems to want to zip files, so I had to use rar.





  24. Infant & Toddler - No Puke Global Mod

    April 30, 2013 - I have added a file for Infants only.  Nonni has reported having problems with the toddler/infant version.
    Thanks to a request from Nonni, I have created this mod.
    Infants and Toddlers have very little chance of puking when being played with, and hygiene for the adult will only be reduced a small amount.


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  25. JIA's Curtains - New Sizes and Bedding Texture Version - Sofa Pillow

    I have made several changes to jia's curtain, and added a closed version, and short version, each version pulls their textures from the original curtain.
    I have also, included 3 recolors, a brown, tan and a pink floral.
    I have also made a version that pulls its textures from bedding textures.
    I needed a sofa pillow for my house recreation, and have included that with this post, as it's textures are pulled from the jia regular curtain.
    Bedding texture curtains have a price of 1 simoleon.
    Jia Curtains remakes are priced at 5 simoleons.
    The pillow is found under decorative/sculptures for 3 simoleons. 
    Note if you have jia's original curtain in your downloads folder please remove it, as it will cause a conflict.