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    Creating for The Sims 2, writing stories, and cuddling my dog.

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  1. NixNivis


    @Alet, you may use my real name, too (Johanna). Like I said in my post above, Nonni always called me by my real name, she never called me Nix, so it feels only appropriate to go by my real name in her memory book.
  2. NixNivis


    Nonni was the kindest, sweetest and most caring person I've ever met online (and I very much doubt I've met anyone IRL to surpass her). Whenever I uploaded something to my site, no matter how small, she'd always be the first to comment, always positive and encouraging, very often funny. And every once in a while she'd check in on me by email to see how I was doing (always calling me by my real name, never by my screen name), because she knew I have some medical issues and was concerned about my well-being. This even though she was dealing with plenty of medical issues herself, much more severe than mine. Most people these days would have put their own issues first, before they worried about others - but not Nonni. That wasn't who she was. I never met or even spoke to her IRL, but she was someone I considered a friend, and I think/hope she considered me one, too. And she leaves behind a big, gaping hole in my heart that can never be filled. I don't want it to be filled. That spot belongs to Nonni. Rest in peace, my dear friend. I know Christ our Lord has welcomed you into His Heaven with open arms, but this world below is so much poorer and colder without you in it.
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  4. NixNivis

    Sarita Ajani by LilSister

  5. NixNivis

    Miss Mouse could you do this?

    I really am sorry, but I won't be able to do this. I'm not doing well at all right now, and I have to see to that first. So I can't do this for you. I'm very sorry.
  6. NixNivis

    Miss Mouse could you do this?

    Yes, Mission Mouse, I will change the shoes. I thought that was clear already, sorry.
  7. NixNivis

    Miss Mouse could you do this?

    Nonni, don't worry, I'm better already. But it takes longer for me to recuperate; because of the MS, I'm low on energy even on a good day, so when I'm hit with... well, anything, really, I don't have any energy reserves to tap into. My batteries drain quickly and recharge slowly. MM, you're welcome. Just so you (and your downloaders) know, when your Sims buy clothes, your separates will only appear in the everyday category even though they're set as athletic (or whatever) wear as well. But once they're in your Sim's possession and you send him/her to a wardrobe or a dresser to change clothes, you'll find them both in everyday and in the other category. That's why it's important to set them as everyday as well as the category you really want them in - otherwise, your Sims can't get to them. So, do we want a full body mesh, or a shorts mesh with different shoes? Or both? (Full body is easier to make, the morphs can be a pain with separates. It's not difficult, though, just brain-cell-killingly tedious.)
  8. NixNivis

    Miss Mouse could you do this?

    Mention her name and she appears. First of all, Mission Mouse, yes, you can make top-only and bottom-only meshes and make them available for other categories as well, as long as you also have them in the everyday category. You do this by changing the category in the property set (you'll find it right below the all-zero skintone and hairtone) from its current 0x00000007 (= everyday) to 0x00000207 (= athletic + everyday). But otherwise I'd be happy to make a mesh for you if you want. Actually, this looks a lot like a mesh I started making a while back, only I never finished it because... because I didn't. It's an exercise outfit with a t-shirt and sneakers, only with capris - but IIRC I never got around to merging the pieces into a full-body mesh (and even if I did, I would have kept an un-merged copy), so it would be easy-peasy to change it to shorts instead. It'll be a few days before I can get to it, though - I've been hit with some kind of bug, so I can't be on the computer for extended periods of time.
  9. NixNivis

    Summer Tea Party by amythestfenix

    What a wonderful find, Nonni! I love it! Especially since I drink enough tea for a small army myself.
  10. NixNivis

    Mini Golf Anyone?

    I've got my simming groove back! All of a sudden, I got this idea for how I could update/fine tune something I've made previously, and that got the ol' simming juices flowing again. Yay!! There's something of mine I'd like to upload first (it's been finished for ages, screenshots and all, I've just had zero inspiration to write the blog post), but as soon as it's up - which it should be very shortly - I'll get cracking on this. Ein, a question: Would you like children to catch fire, too, or just teens and up? Right now I've got it set up so kids don't catch fire (it seemed a little mean to me, even if they don't get hurt), but it's easy enough for me to change. Also, would you like other Sims to be able to look on and cheer when a Sim is putting? 'Cause that's something I like to add for my body skilling objects (I'm not much for exercising IRL, so if it were me doing the skilling, I know I'd need all the encouragement I could get ), but I don't know what you think about it. I haven't put it in yet, I wanted to check with you first, so there's no work lost on my part if you don't want it.
  11. NixNivis

    Dementia: Can you meet this challenge?

    This was fun! I could read it, too - even though English is my second language.