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  1. MamaLambNC

    Items for a bedroom suit....

    I love this set. In fact, I've found a lot of bedroom suites here that are just gorgeous. I like having the the same beds for the adults & the children....and I like everything to match. Guess it comes from me growing up & never having anything that matched. I'm this way in real life too....drives my husband crazy! It doesn't match!!! Then I get the eye roll...LOL!! No wonder my Simmies are this way. I'll keep my fingers crossed & say a prayer that you guys will be able to work together to get them done...Thank you so much ahead of time! Blessings, Patty
  2. MamaLambNC

    Items for a bedroom suit....

    Hi all...this is Patty & I was reading on this board & thought I'd go ahead & put in a request. I've got a bedroom suit that has a full size bed, the dresser, & night stands. It was done by Rebecca? It's called: 4ESF Cottage3 I'll try to get a nice picture.... My question & request is would someone be able to create: 1. A twin bed 2. A mirror for the dresser 3. A desk, chair, & bookcase
  3. Ok we had problems with our downloads here while back. It probably got something wrong with the download then. I will see if I can take care of it. If not, it will be passed to someone who can.  I know it did work, because I downloaded it :D 

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    2. Mission Mouse

      Mission Mouse

      And now I have no idea what you mean?  :ROLF:

    3. gayars


      Oh. well, evidently att throttles internet. It is an internet provider thing.  I have uverse, which is also att, and it does the same thing.  Not generally here, but my area's provider primarily targets box. Which was a problem when every simmer practically was using box. 

    4. Mission Mouse

      Mission Mouse

      But we don't Box files and now she is having another problem with one of Beck's files. Is she downloading from a phone or tablet or what?

    I downloaded the beds but wanted to let you know that the link to the matching bedding is not working. http://www.simsafe2....?showtopic=1033 Blessings, Patty
  4. MamaLambNC

    Childs Long Hair

  5. MamaLambNC

    Needing a little help...

    Thank you for the links, Marbi....I have the gingham sets & use them quite often. Mission Mouse....What I'm looking for is something that has both colors, green & brown in some pattern together. Either stripes, checks, polka dots...the green I'd like to be a a dark a olive with the brown. A manly country pattern. I know I'm not making much sense but it's in my head & I haven't seen it out yet. LOL!! If you run across anything similar, would you email me with a link? MamaLamb @ att. net...Thanks!
  6. MamaLambNC

    Needing a little help...

    I've been looking for a bedding set with browns & greens in it, either stripes or checks or a nice print. Does anyone know where I could find one? I've searched all over & I'm starting to get frustrated so I thought I'd ask for help. Any help is greatly appreciated! PS - If this is in the wrong area, please feel free to move it.
  7. MamaLambNC


    Oh my goodness!!! I have hit the jackpot! I love retro clothes for the ladies & can't seem to ever find enough. Thank you sooo much! I plan on going on a download frenzy in about 2.3 seconds, so if you smell smoke, that's what it's from! Once again, thank you for all the beautiful dresses!
  8. MamaLambNC

    Childs Long Hair

    Love this!!! Is there anyway to get this style for teens, YAs, adults, & elders? I'm one of those who don't believe in cutting their hair, either! Thanks in advance...Blessings, Patty