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  1. lach61


    Wondering how I could have missed these! They are perfect!
  2. lach61

    Invisible Stay-Things-Shrub

    Gayars, thanks very much for taking this on. I didn't realize it would be a hassle and I'm very grateful you are willing to work through it. Mission Mouse, thank you for considering my request. I greatly appreciate it. LisaCH
  3. lach61

    Invisible Stay-Things-Shrub

    Hello Talented Affiniters! Or should that be Team Affinity? I feel a bit funny about asking for another request, being unable to create things myself, but I do promise sincere praise and gratitude. So many of you simply awe me. Anyhow, after an unsuccessful search for an invisible recolor of Simlogical's Stay-Things-Shrub, an item I would be lost without, I thought I would see if anyone would be willing/able to make one for me. The shrub doesn't always fit in with other yard plants and it Really doesn't work in apartments. I'd be thrilled if someone could recolor this "invisible" for me. Thanks so much for considering it. Lisa CH
  4. lach61

    Working Wringer Washer?

    Just bringing this back to the top to see if you (gayars) or anyone else has had any luck with such a thing. I don't want to be a pest - I surely understand RL coming first and all that. Right now, I am using a decorative wringer washer with an invisible item "Tend and Toil" on top of it. It's certainly not a perfect solution, but it keeps the maids busy while I am doing other things .
  5. lach61

    Pet door TS2

    Sounds awesome...I've been looking around for such a thing for a long while. I have teens who have dogs and cats they want to sleep in their rooms, but if they leave the door unlocked for the pets, their pesky younger siblings sneak in and use their computers! I mean, what is a simteen to do???
  6. lach61

    St Francis of Assisi Art

    Hello Brilliant Creators (ok, sucking up, but still true!)! I am sorry for the size of two of the pics. I don't know how to change them. I am creating a Catholic Church in my currently Victorian neighborhood and naming it for one of my all time favorite people, St. Francis of Assisi. I would so love to have a statue and a painting or two of himself for the church. These were some of the loveliest images I found. Thanks very much! Lisa C-H
  7. lach61


    Sweet! I remember loving my footie pajamas! And really loved getting new and special jammies each year for Christmas Eve...even now, I sometimes feel just a little bit cheated not to have new ones each year. Or maybe it's just the visions of sugarplums they evoke...
  8. lach61


    Cute - thanks!
  9. lach61

    boy short pjs

    Very cute!
  10. lach61


    So cute! I actually had a couple dresses like this as a kid back in nineteen-seventy- -- What? I didn't say anything... Thank you; my sims will get plenty of use from these. Lisa CH
  11. lach61

    Black and Gold Dress

    Just found this and your other fabulous retro dresses. They are stunning! This one is...Betty Draper showing off! Turns every man's head except you-know-who's! Thanks for sharing them all.
  12. lach61

    Buyable Teddy Bear Stand

    Bears! A mountain of bears! I love this! I love bears! Of course, I love this! Really nice work, Gayars. I'm SO looking forward to using this. Thank you! Lisa CH
  13. lach61

    Two-headed Horses!

    Thanks! I will try these ideas and see what happens!
  14. lach61

    Two-headed Horses!

    Thanks much. Any ideas on anything - if there is anything - I can do to fix it, other than removing one of the files?
  15. lach61

    Two-headed Horses!

    Hi All, I have run into an issue with horses and I don't know whether this is a known glitch or if I have done something incorrectly. I have long used Rebecca's horses in my games without any problems. However, I am now playing what is currently a 19th century neighborhood and I have a number of "vehicles" by hexameter. I find that when I have a horse-drawn carriage/wagon/etc. on my lot as well as one of Rebecca's horses, I suddenly have human (simian) heads popping up in the middle of the horses, as the npcs become visible. It's really something to see! This happened first with Rebecca's horse. Then, after visiting a community lot and returning, the carriage horses have visible npcs too. Is there a way around this? Is it my doing somehow? Thanks in advance for the help... Lisa CH