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  1. New @Simblr... Download Here
  2. ChrisaL27

    CL Designs - 2017 Updates

    New at Simblr... Download Here
  3. ChrisaL27

    CL Designs

    Thank you both! I'm really glad you like them!
  4. ChrisaL27

    CL Designs

    Thank you so much! New at Simblr... DOWNLOAD HERE
  5. ChrisaL27

    CL Designs

    New at Simblr... DOWNLOAD HERE
  6. New at Simblr... With lots of wishes, for the most wonderful time of the year! DOWNLOAD HERE
  7. ChrisaL27

    Bird Cage Lamp Set

    Bright idea! Love it!
  8. ChrisaL27

    Wainscot and skirting Decals

    Such a variety! Thanks!
  9. ChrisaL27

    Restaurant Decals

    Lovely! Thank you Alet!
  10. ChrisaL27

    Animated Penguins - Seasons Required

    WoW...This is do die for! So cute! Thanks Becks!
  11. ChrisaL27

    Animated Fairy Lamp

    Lovely idea Beck! Thank you!
  12. ChrisaL27

    The Downtown Motel

    This looks pretty cool and so real! Thanks Marbi!
  13. ChrisaL27

    Province China Cabinet

    Such a beautiful cabinet! Thanks Becks!