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  1. Creating New Eyes For Sims 2 Using An Image: Easy Modern - Base Game, No CC: Gated Gothic - Base Game: Gothic Curtain Recolours: 27 Movie Posters - New Mesh Multi Modern - Base Game, No CC: Transparent Curtain Recolours: Snake Eyes: Summer View - Base Game: Town Centre: Installing Sims & Packs On Windows 10 64-bit:
  2. Here's my first update in a while. So sorry to hear about Nonni, she was a great person! Walls & Floor Sets By chilili: Cracked desert ground cover: Starter in the Pines By triciamanly: Tropical Challenge Set - created for our June challenge: Victoria White residential lot: White wall and floor tile set: Thanks for looking!
  3. Bleach Beachhouse

    I do love my beach lots! This looks so lovely and peaceful I wish I lived there!
  4. The Courthouse Square

    This is amazing - I know how much work goes into a smaller lot, so I can only imagine how long this must have taken. I love it!
  5. 1, The Lane - http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/residential-8/1-the-lane-2495/ Beach Hangout - http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/community-9/beach-hangout-sims-2-2487/ Transparent Curtains With Several Recolours - http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/buy-mode-20/transparent-curtains-2455/ The Jazz Club - http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/community-9/the-jazz-club-2475/ Corner Shop With Upstairs Flat - http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/community-9/corner-shop-with-upstairs-flat-2473/ Georgian White - http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/residential-8/georgian-white-2470/ Simple Wooden Dining Table - http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/buy-mode-20/simple-wooden-dining-table-2482/ The Villa - http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/residential-8/the-villa-2500/ Ten Pin Diner - http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/community-9/ten-pin-diner-2494/ We also have lots of Sims 3 and Sims 4 items recently uploaded. You can always find our latest month's upload here: http://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/whatsnew/entries/30/
  6. Washer and Dryer

    Fabulous! I've been using decorative laundry items, which are lovely, but to have functional ones...fantastic!
  7. MissionMouse-4esf-DiningRoomRecolours

    Gorgeous recolours, thank you!
  8. Nautical Paintings

    Just had to grab these - love anything nautical, thank you.
  9. My Farm

    Very cute - my little lots never look as good as this!
  10. Wainscot and skirting Decals

    What a fabulous idea, thank you!
  11. Animated Penguins - Seasons Required

    These are sooo cute! I've stopped downloading as my cc folder is so heavy, but I just couldn't resist these!
  12. Villa Benedetto

    Absolutely stunning, I'm so impressed!
  13. The Harbinger

    So cute!