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  1. LadyAngel

    The Bayberry

    Ah, the beach! When can I move in!
  2. LadyAngel

    222 Wright Way, Pleasantview

    Not usually a fan of modern, I really like this - it doesn't look as clinical as most modern homes, and I love the simple landscaping!
  3. Please click on the images to get to the download page for each item. Avery Cottage – Base Game, No CC: Pre-Release Body Shop: Oak Creek Canyon: Crazy Costume Make-Up: Old Mansion: Nude Lip Set: HD Ombre Lip Set: Sunny Isle - New, Populated Neighbourhood:
  4. Creating New Eyes For Sims 2 Using An Image: Easy Modern - Base Game, No CC: Gated Gothic - Base Game: Gothic Curtain Recolours: 27 Movie Posters - New Mesh Multi Modern - Base Game, No CC: Transparent Curtain Recolours: Snake Eyes: Summer View - Base Game: Town Centre: Installing Sims & Packs On Windows 10 64-bit:
  5. Here's my first update in a while. So sorry to hear about Nonni, she was a great person! Walls & Floor Sets By chilili: Cracked desert ground cover: Starter in the Pines By triciamanly: Tropical Challenge Set - created for our June challenge: Victoria White residential lot: White wall and floor tile set: Thanks for looking!
  6. LadyAngel

    The Courthouse Square

    This is amazing - I know how much work goes into a smaller lot, so I can only imagine how long this must have taken. I love it!
  7. 1, The Lane - Beach Hangout - Transparent Curtains With Several Recolours - The Jazz Club - Corner Shop With Upstairs Flat - Georgian White - Simple Wooden Dining Table - The Villa - Ten Pin Diner - We also have lots of Sims 3 and Sims 4 items recently uploaded. You can always find our latest month's upload here:
  8. LadyAngel

    Washer and Dryer

    Fabulous! I've been using decorative laundry items, which are lovely, but to have functional ones...fantastic!
  9. LadyAngel


    Gorgeous recolours, thank you!
  10. LadyAngel

    Nautical Paintings

    Just had to grab these - love anything nautical, thank you.
  11. LadyAngel

    My Farm

    Very cute - my little lots never look as good as this!
  12. LadyAngel

    Wainscot and skirting Decals

    What a fabulous idea, thank you!
  13. LadyAngel

    Animated Penguins - Seasons Required

    These are sooo cute! I've stopped downloading as my cc folder is so heavy, but I just couldn't resist these!