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  1. rugrat0ne

    4ESF - Cottage Set 1 Living Room - Repaired

    Beck, thanks so much for these, the Cottage Sets were some of my favorites from 4ESF. I'm a little confused, though, so maybe folks can help me out. Do I replace my copies of the 4ESF meshes with the ones with the same name included in the zip, or do I take them all out, because your files have everything? Thanks! - rugs
  2. rugrat0ne

    Updated - Chandler for Sims 2

    Rebecah, you are the awesome! As usual! Thank you so much!
  3. rugrat0ne

    Updated - Animated Goats - Milkable

    Yay! Always wondered what had happened with this project, glad to see it again!
  4. This is wonderful, Nonni. I could never get the hang of making these, myself.
  5. rugrat0ne

    Animated Butter Churn

    I so love this object, it's everything I wanted for my game! Thanks for taking up the request!