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  1. Mini Golf Anyone?

    I know, and I'm happy you're doing more than just recolors. I just thought I'd mention that invisible already exists. No need to reinvent the wheel and what not. I'm actually pretty into the idea you've got going Nix. Seriously, why didn't EAxis come up with some of thus stuff themselves? A little mesh changing and what not and things go to so much higher levels. That and fond memories of Putt Putt Golf mean I want to impose it on my sims. You know, like any loving and just Sim Overlord.
  2. Mini Golf Anyone?

    Just an FYI to help perhaps, there is an invisible execuputter over at PBK. It's not autonomous though. http://www.medievalsims.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=111&t=2543
  3. Version - Sims 2


    So I tried valiantly to make Beck's PS items recolorable....but due to how they had to be made and what not, that's not possible. So the next best thing is a default texture replacement. So that's what I've done here, replacing everything with Wood, Metal, and Canvas for a more rustic feel. Closer previews Jumps Ramps Tunnels I have not changed any file information whatsoever on these, just the internal textures so remember you have to pick a version and stick with it or swap back and forth as you need. Let these files overwrite Beck's originals if you want these textures. Can also download from my box: https://app.box.com/s/zql12x87t53ku8yp6j87lv4td9j2z7cc
  4. Dragon Floor & Table Lamps

    Thanks again Beck! I'm just glad they weren't headache inducing for you! Someday I'll learn lights.
  5. Completed - S2: Lamp Resize x 2

    Lol, not an inconvenience by any means Beck, but thank you none the less. You always strive to trim those files and keep them neat and tidy.
  6. Completed - S2: Lamp Resize x 2

    So awesome, they're exactly what I was looking for to be done with them. Thank you so much Beck!
  7. Completed - S2: Lamp Resize x 2

    Oooh I like the way it's looking, I'm not overly concerned with shadows it that changes anything. I'll throw them in game and take a look. Looks good to me on my end, super happy with it.
  8. Completed - S2: Lamp Resize x 2

    Yeah, I've never looked into it and I'm pretty sure that you can't slave lamps. Anyway, I'm jut as happy with unslaved smaller versions. I was doing good until it came to the actual light positioning, if that makes sense. Then explosions.
  9. Completed - S2: Lamp Resize x 2

    Okay, so I tried...and failed, and things exploded. I'm just not good at lamps at all! A learning curve I haven't gotten over yet. Anyway, my lack of skill in this area aside, I was hoping that someone could make two sizes of Evanesco's dragon pillar lamp from TSM, please? Looking for a medium size and a table lamp size. And good news, I've already done the mesh re-sizing for you! Attached is a file that has the original package, original pulled mesh, the two resized meshes I've done (all in proper groups, mind you so no having to break them up either), and the three textures for the lamp (base, lit, unlit). If you'd like you can slave the two smaller meshes to Evanesco's original sized one, but not required. I don't even know if that works with lamps.... https://app.box.com/s/0kjwgfj0s6qh7sdbjwbj
  10. Pet Story Conversion to Sims 2

    That's an easy fix Beck. When I do it, would you like me to send you a copy of the files? Then you could just update this post with those without having to do any extra work. Provided nothing goes wrong of course.
  11. Pet Story Conversion to Sims 2

    Oh wow Beck! I've been lurking on this project and I'm so glad that it came out as it did! It's super awesome and gives players so much more to do with their animals. I know I'm going straight to doing a few recolors and then going to redesign my Mabari Hound training grounds!
  12. Completed - S2: 4 Toddler Beds

    I'm fine with the sinking into the bedding on the celtic one, I expected it and it works in its own way because people do sink into bedding. Thanks so much Beck, it's always nice to have variety for the toddlers!
  13. Completed - S2: 4 Toddler Beds

    Alrighty, I'll make sure to redownload it.
  14. Completed - S2: 4 Toddler Beds

    Yay for improvements and more new stuffs! Hopefully the last two won't be so much of a problem.
  15. Completed - S2: 4 Toddler Beds

    No problem with the Zzz's going away when the toddler woke up. Wow, seems some of the older beds share the problem of people just not fixing integrity on them and what not. Why must I love the old items so much? Didn't mean to make extra work for you by making you fix originals.