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    Medieval Game Play

    I'm coming to this discussion very late, so sorry about the outdated comment: Solfal's Medieval Counters: I find these most excellent to mock up a medieval work long as the "table" is only two tiles long. Still, with the recolors available at the PBK and the overall look, it's my go-to kitchen worksurface for minor-to-moderate rich folks of the realm. (If you want to use a sink on that counter, I find that you need to use Solfal's Country Sink for it to look decent, but that sink is a porcelain rectangle that doesn't look medieval.) Your only other alternative for Solfal counters is to use the invisible recolors for Silent Lucidity's Shiftable OMSP 10 and place Sunni's wash basin on it, then jack the OMSP up one notch so that the basin looks like it's resting on the counter surface. However, lifting the bowl sink up a bit can make the animations a bit off, but I could live with that...