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    Mini Golf Anyone?

    I've had personal experience with Nix and her singed sims. It's hilarious and she claims it's not on purpose!
  2. mustluvcatz

    Sleeping Porch

    I did some wall cut-outs that are really windows and might be of some use here.There's a left side, a right side and a center, they all have a frame so there isn't any gaps in the wall. They can be placed side-by-side to give that seamless look. Rebecah is more than welcome to use those meshes for this project. There shouldn't be much to do but add the screens to them and (if I'm remembering correctly) remove the sides of the frame from the center piece. Note that the link has shelving system in it- the shelves are separate meshes and aren't needed for the wall cut-outs to work. Edit: Well, I was a bit mixed up. And these are my own meshes I'm talking about, lol. It's the shelves that have the frame right/left/center, not the cutouts. But the shelves could be deleted from those meshes and the frames widened just a bit.. actually, now that I really think about it, tiggy's wall cut-outs would probably be easier to edit for this project.