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    Hello, my name is Brad from Ontario Canada. I mod in SIMs2, I create most of my own stuff including pose boxes, animation boxes, accessories, signs that light up at night, etc. I played SIMs2 for a number of years, put it away for a while. Now after 3 years I picked back up from where I left off and am into a lot of modding.
  1. phantomgremlock

    The Sims 4 Released In 2014 - Is This Real?

    In that case, I'm skipping SIMs 3 and waiting for SIMs 4. No point in wasting hundreds of dollars now when I can look into a better Nvidia/Radeon video card and additional memory.
  2. phantomgremlock

    The Sims 4 Released In 2014 - Is This Real?

    I kept getting this feeling it wold happen sooner or later. Soon as The SIMs 3 was out, then it made me wonder about The SIMs 4. I just might skip The SIMs 3 and save my money for computer upgrades and The SIMs 4.
  3. phantomgremlock

    The Sims 4 Released In 2014 - Is This Real?

    And if this is real, I'd probably have to upgrade my memory and Nvidia card again. it reminds me a lot of 3D rendering programs such as Artlantis Studio 3
  4. For some time now I debated about buying The SIMs3 and just weeks ago I hear about this. You may want to check out this website - I was stunned to see this site for The SIMs 4. I'm sure so many people are asking if this is the real thing or a hoax.
  5. phantomgremlock

    What's Happening In Your Sims 3 Game?

    Very interesting to see. I don't have SIMs3 yet, I'm waiting to see what SIMs4 is going to be like first. There seems to be some sneek-peeks on youtube and the internet already and it looks phenominal. Thanks for sharing all the creativity
  6. phantomgremlock

    Lightmagik Simproductions - Sims2

    Many blessings Rebecah and thankyou
  7. phantomgremlock

    Lightmagik Simproductions - Sims2

    Wow, thankyou Everyone You are all awesome. The signs are all buyable objects, as well as the fake windows/doors that light up at night.... simular to the doors and windows on the SIMs3 rabbit hole buildings. All these objects are for both the residential lots as well as community lots. I use the fake windows/doors mainly for empty lots. You can see them on the video in the residential neighborhood as welll as my downtown hoods. the skyscrapers and the one house are neighborhood objects. Just to add: Someone extracted several buildings from 'The SIMs 3' and made them available for 'The SIMs 2'. I'm certain I could add night lights to them if I took the time. I want to clone or upgrade the Neighborhood Street lights and add light reflection for the Neighborhood ground surfaces. This is one thing that has always bugged me about 'The SIMs 2'. If it can done in 'The SIMs 3' then it can be done in 'The SIMs 2'. Thankyou again - Hugs & Blessings
  8. phantomgremlock

    Lightmagik Simproductions - Sims2

    I'm not certain if this is the appropriate place to post this topic but here it goes You are most welcome to move this topic. As mentioned, I have been doing a lot of my own modding since the tools became available. I hadn't played SIMs2 for 3 years then last November of 2012, i started back at it again. Now that I'm back into it, I have been doing a lot of additional things as a modder. My greatest challenge is learning how to animate items for the game. What I have here is an example of the older items that i created several years ago. I tried to upload them to another sight but the Administrators were picky about 'Poly Count' so i kept my creations to myself until now. if you would like to have any of this in your game, please let me know. I could possibly upload them for you but I would like to update these items first. What I would like to do is see if I can reduce the poly count on the items if needed, add more details, revamp the neighborhood buildings. Have a great weekend - PhantomGremlock LightMagik SIMproductions On Youtube
  9. phantomgremlock

    Swimming In The Pond! Changed To T S 4 Chat

    Forgive me for the delay, most of my free time was spent working on video projects. I looked for this 'Pond Mod' and thought it was a mod that allows sims to swim. I haven't used it yet but when I looked into it today, this is a mod that allows sims to fish almost anywhere, not swim....sorry about that. You can find it here if you are still interested: I did look into ways of making ponds swimmable and there are some tutorials on Youtube for this. Sorry that I wasn't able to respond sooner, have a great weekend
  10. phantomgremlock

    Swimming In The Pond! Changed To T S 4 Chat

    If you mean SIMs2, I have a mod of such in my game. I think you can find it at modthesims. Good luck
  11. phantomgremlock

    What's Happening In Your Sims 2 Game?

    Beautiful photos, Everyone!! Thakyou for sharing
  12. phantomgremlock

    'hood Volcanoes And Tunnels By Sophie-David

    Very nice work!! :biggrin:
  13. phantomgremlock


    I enjoy seeing what others do too. I'l upload a video soon Blessings!
  14. phantomgremlock


    I apologize for the late reply Rebecah, Nonni and MaAlert. I have been using most of my free time on creating my first animation. This is why I have been away from the internet. Rebecah, I would be greatly honoured for anything you can share. perhaps we can do a compelation sometime in the future. Nonni, I just found your message in my inbox. I'm going to upload a video to Youtube shortly with samples of my work. I would love for you both to see it on Youtube. The video will include samples of (residential/community lot) signs and windows that light up at night and neighborhood buildings that light up at night as well. I have a lot of updating to do yet as I have been inactive for 3 years, just getting back into things. I also make custom accessories, animation pose boxes. MaAlet, it's a pleasure to meet you, I will post an update soon. i'd like to make certain all my files are updated first. I focused a lot on the neighborhood/community lot items as dark cities remind me of massive power failures. I used to live in cities, been to many of them. I only wish I was able to make streetlights show up as they do in Sims3. Hugs & Blessings Everyone!
  15. phantomgremlock

    Request: Reb Tutorial - How To Animate A New Textured Mesh

    I had the impression that Echo was male for some reason...oops!! I'm trying to get her flag tutorial finished yet and chime tutorial. Rebecah has a tutorial for making game objects which is why I requested a animation tutorial. We need one and I love her work. Rebecah's tutorial is here: