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    Norway, most of the time
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    In addition to Sims I love Greek history, music, motorcycles, animals and books, and anything that leads me on the road to being a more complete person.

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  1. KyriaT

    Happy Birthday, Nonni!

    Happy birthday dear Nonni! You are simply the best!
  2. KyriaT


    Oh the pleasure of becoming older and forgetful!
  3. KyriaT

    The Sims 4 Released In 2014 - Is This Real?

    What!!!?! If this is true I will stick with Sims 3. Building and sharing is 95% of the fun for me.
  4. KyriaT

    Kyriat Says Hello

    Thank you all of you!
  5. KyriaT

    Kyriat Says Hello

    Thank you MaAlet - I'm looking forward to being here!
  6. KyriaT

    Kyriat Says Hello

    Hello all of you lovely people, I'm just popping by to introduce myself, especially for those of you who don't already know me, which is probably most of you At the moment I'm a bit on/off in the community, since I have some challenges in real life that takes a lot of energy. So please don't be offended if it takes a long time between my posts, it has to do with my life situation, that's all. I'm looking forward to get to know you, and I appreciate that you want to get to know me as well. The questions you've made seems a very practical and interesting way to present myself, so here we go: 1. How did you find your way to Affinity? I've known about Affinity for a long time, and can't really remember how I found/heared about it for the first time. As a new visitor and member I was invited by Nonni and Marbi, who know me from Anno Sims, where I was a creator/builder for many years, as was Marbi. I had the privilege to get to know Nonni there as well, through her very kind, perceptive and always interesting comments and lovely updates from Affinity. 2. Why did you choose the screen name you use? I have a Greek background and Kyria T means "Mrs. T" in Greek. T is the first letter in my first name. 3. When / How did you start playing the sims games? I started simming a loooong time ago, before the game had numbers attached. It was some time in the previous century, too long ago to even remember. 4. Who is your favourite creator for the sims 2? Why? There are so many, but if I have to pick one, It would probably be Sandy at ATS, since I can't resist downloading, even when I don't really "need" it in my game. But honestly I admire anybody who use their creativity, time and effort to make nice stuff and share it for free, just for the pleasure of making others happy. It's amazing how much wonderful stuff there is around. It doesn't matter if it's a modest little thing or an impressive piece of art, as long as it is made with love. Skills can be learned and developed, but true devotion will always shine through. 5. Which is your favourite EP and why? Pets. Because life without animals is not complete. Especially dogs. 6. Favourite Color: Red Number: 3 Animal: Dogs and elephants (But I love all animals, even bugs. At a distance...) Drink: Wine Food: Anything my husband is cooking, which he does a lot fortunately. Snack: Basically everything that is not good for me. But sometimes chocolate is able to alter my ego, Flower: Sweet Pea Music: Soul, if I must choose one category Season: Spring Time of day: Late night or early morning, which is the same, depending on my sleep pattern and life situation. 7. What is your biggest dream? To return to Greece and live there until I became a very very old lady, together with my very very old husband, and to have frequent visits from my daughter and her future children. 8. What do you fear the most? My own shortcomings, pain and loneliness 9. What is the most important thing in life for you? My daughter, my husband and my friends 10. What is the last book you have read / movie you have seen and what did you like about it? At the moment I'm reading the books of Eckhart Tolle, and I love the way he puts attention to the important things in life, and make me think. ("Forget about your life situation and pay attention to your life. Your life situation exists in time. Your life is now. Your life situation is mind-stuff. Your life is real.") I recently saw "Michael Clayton", and besides George Clooney's good looks I like the theme of the film; that even "week" people can be heroes and "crazy" people tell the truth. 11. Who do you admire / respect and why? In general I admire people who do good for others, weather it is to fight for justice, educate or simply caring for others. I can't pick one name, how could you rank Emily Davison over Aung San Suu Kyi or Nelson Mandela over Martin Luther King? Plus a bunch of others. But the one person that I truly admire and respect in my own life, is my sister, for her genuine love and support for others, despite (or because of?) the struggles in her life situation. 12. Which famous person would you like to meet and why? Cesar Millan, the dogwhisperer! I'm not kidding!! I find him very interesting, and I'm sure he and his pack of dogs could teach me to be a better pack leader and a more balanced human. And he is also a really handsome guy with good energy. So calm and assertive.... 13. Where in all places on earth you'd like to visit the most if you could and why? If I can see the ocean, it would be fine with me, that gives me peace of mind. My absolute favorite place on earth is, nevertheless, my home area in Peloponnese, Greece. 14. If you had an extra hour each day, you would... Write, sing or meditate 15. Do you have a special message for Affinity members? A special message would be this: Be good to yourself and others. You are unique and there is nobody who can do what you can do or be what you are. And secondly: I look forward to get to know you all, little by little, and to enjoy this wonderful place! Thank you for reading!