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  5. What kind of clutter are you looking for?
  6. LOL! my goodness!
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  8. I've never played a theme neighborhood ... I've always started with a few families and let things take it's course. Perhaps my next neighborhood I may consider a theme of sorts. I've been playing the same neighborhood since 2014 and sometimes I get bored. I'm such a slow player; in three years I'm only 4 generation in and only 2 of the founders and a dog has died from old age. Fatimah has a few more days left and she is the last of the first generation. I think I'm ready for a change and I'll be able to purge my downloads folder from stuff I can't remove now without corrupting my game.
  9. LOL! Good to know that I wasn't alone
  10. Sorry to hear you haven't been well Dressing my dollies and doing their hair was one of my favorite things to do as a child. Although, my mother might tell you I loved them best when they were naked and bald.
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  12. I'm glad that the content is being kept on yahoo, I've joined several yahoo groups from site closings. I have several flash drives of saved content (almost 100 GB) and I make back-ups of my DL folder. When I'm financially able, I will invest in an external hard-drive. MSN hurt my feelings when they deleted content I had store on one drive. I had 15 gb's of storage for years and then they decided to lower the limit. I didn't respond in time as and they deleted it. However, I often downloaded things and saved it as attachments and emailed it to myself so I have all those emails saved in a separate folder. Then there's my box account and you can store things on Sims File Share as well.
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  14. Wow, congrats Marbi! How wonderful!
  15. Oh my! Apparently Felicia enjoyed the fight (and won), because she has a platinum mood. Glad you are up to playing again Marbi.