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    7660 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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    I didn't grow up believing in Santa Claus; I grew up understanding that Santa Claus was "make believe" character like Charlie Brown or Bugs Bunny. My mother who is now a retired teacher never liked the idea of parent's lying to their children about the existence of Santa; and she also issue with the concept of Santa having "god-like" attributes. My parents told my brother and I that any gifts we received either came from them, relatives or friends. Christmas was always about Christ and the meaning of his birth. It was an exciting time for us children at church because we always had a big Christmas production. The children's choir sang and we performed skits which included scripture recitations that we spent weeks memorizing. My mother would spent a lot of time baking and cooking and we always had nuts, fresh fruit and peppermint sticks in bowls around the house. Years later my mother would share with me that fruit, nuts and peppermint sticks was given to each child in a brown paper bag tied with a ribbon for Christmas because the family couldn't afford much else other than a big meal. MM I applaud you and your husband for the decision and the stance you taking. The scripture comes to mind is Romans 8:14, "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God". My mother has always taught my brother and I to live our truth and not to allow what other people feel or may think to dictate how we choose to live our lives.
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    Adorable! I'm always on the look-out for night clothes for my little Simmies.
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