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  1. LoWiSa

    Antique Singer Sewing Machine

    Ohh, I was looking exactly for something like this! Thank you Rebecah, you made my day
  2. Updates 30th October There's two more updates I made recently. Neela Spellbrook from GoS Spooky Challenge and Bloody Mary dress recolors - if you want to take a look
  3. LoWiSa

    Infant & Toddler - No Puke Global Mod

    This mod is truly awesome! I'll try it in asap. Thank you Rebecah for making it and Nonni for great request
  4. LoWiSa


    Oh I like it! Most of my female teens are wearing skirt or dress. Your colours are beautiful. Thank you for making them available for teens.
  5. LoWiSa


    I like this maxis mesh but I don't really like the original colours (so I use defaults).These recolors are beautiful! Thanks a lot.
  6. LoWiSa

    Happy, Happy Birthday Lowisa!

    Nonni! You remembered me... you absolutely made my day! Thank you
  7. LoWiSa

    It Is Ermelind's Birthday!

    Happy belated Birthday Ermelind! I hope you had wonderful day
  8. LoWiSa

    It's Nonni's Birthday!

    Oh, I missed your special day... I wish you very happy belated birthday Nonni! I wish you all the luck and happiness of the world. Be healthy and strong. God bless you. Hugs, Anna
  9. LoWiSa

    MissionMouse-Recolours-SimplanX-Office Set

    Very lovely! I like the patterns so much, I really do. Thanks About curtains - I can't wait to add another set of them in game! I have lots of types and tons of recolors but still looking for more curtains. It's kind of addiction I think
  10. LoWiSa

    Merry Christmas!

    Enjoy the most beautiful and magical time of the year - even without snow. Here's windy and wet weather each every year, I am still dreaming about white Christmas which I knew, when I was a little girl... maybe next year Merry Christmas to you all!
  11. LoWiSa

    Birthday Wishes for Anna/LoWisa

    Great job! I am beyond impressed and amazed... Thank you for making my day better
  12. LoWiSa

    Birthday Wishes for Anna/LoWisa

    Really?! Wow! That would be amazing LilSister: MaAlet: Yes you left a message at my blog in right time. Thank you!
  13. LoWiSa

    Another Floral Bouquet - Sims 2

    What a beautiful painting! Thank you for sharing LilSister!
  14. LoWiSa

    Cheyenne London - Sims 2

    She's lovely! I like her ginger hairstyle. Thank you