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  1. rizo

    Katy 76

    hi all and Merry Christmas! I hope everyone was able to spend Christmas in the way that was beautiful. (I went to see Star Wars.). I'd like to make a request to update Katy's Banking system, which I think is such a cool set of objects. In the years that I've been using it, I've always frustrated with advertising: owners and employees KEEP going to the register to get bank cards, etc and cutting in front of customers. I really wish that the advertising was non existent for owners/employees. Would someone be willing to change this (or even be willing to tell me how to nix this)? My bank owner won't stop shopping. He's defeating the purpose of owning a business. Augh!
  2. rizo

    PCSims Wine Set - Repaired and Updated

    thank you so much, Rebecah!
  3. rizo

    PCSims Wine Set - Repaired and Updated

    hi Rebecah-- I just wanted to say thank your reworking this set from Katy. I have a bunch of her work and I love them, even if there are glitches when I use them. I found a reworked version that xptl did, but am looking forward to testing out yours. I was wondering, if your updated version has new guid?
  4. rizo

    High Chair to Allow Toddler to Eat New Foods

    hi Rebecah--this high chair has always been one of my favorites from you. i have a question: the link to the other toddler foods takes me to the mts2 page for simotized's other foods, but there's no foods to download. would it be possible to upload them here?